Ansair Transett Buses

The Ansair Transett was a big window light weight rear engine city bus with glide away doors using Ford V8 running gear. Five are believed to have come to New Zealand but only 2 were public service vehicles.

The buses on this site are actively tracked. The last registration record search was 20 March 2010

Billy Higgs & Sons Ltd

Wellington. They were used on the NAC contract for services between Paraparumu Airport and NAC's city office in Customhouse Quay. Frank Just writes "No 21 Was sent to NZ and efforts to sell it existed. It was tried by NZR (my Dad, Foreman) on the Onslow Road trip and was rejected due to the lack of sufficient power (Ford V8 engine). Billy Higgs had recently got the NAC contract, Wellington/Paraparaume etc. the DC3ís had about 32 seats so this Ansair was quite good. I found that the braking would overheat and was not to be trusted, the top speed was just over 40 MPH. Going north you would stop where the rail line crossed the highway north of Paekakariki and then find difficulty in getting into any gear due to the twist of the rods between the front and the gearbox at the rear. It paid to stop well before the crossing on the straight, put it in gear, then move forward where the twist happened. The Ford motor lasted about 35,000 miles and then needed a new one, this happened again so the motor was replaced by a 6 cylinder Dodge until it was sold."

Billy Higgs Wilco Ansair 29 and Transett 21 or 22. Photo Graeme Bennett
Billy Higgs Ansairs

Transett ex 21 and Wilco Ansair ex 29 at Rogers Okaiawa. Photo Graeme Bennett
Rodgers Okaiawa Ansairs

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
21RE8710/51s.562 (56) Billy Higgs & Sons Ltd21s.391961   
Rogers, Okaiawa ??   
22RE6518/10/51s.563(56) Billy Higgs & Sons Ltd22s.401961   
Kanes Motors Ltd, Oamaru?EV597414/6/66  
G F Rhodes, Sockburn EV597417/12/70Movan? 
M J Milne, Christchurch EV59749/3/71Movan? 
D E Burrough, Christchurch EV597414/2/74Movan 
B G Blyth, Runanga EV597424/11/81Movan 

Automatic Totalisators Ltd

3 used as mobile totalisators by TAB at horse races.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
?9F931951?   NI517817/12/87Movan; earlier EZ237?  
M B Dick, Albany NI51783/12/96Movan  
M B Dick & S M Richards, Albany XP607121/12/98Movan  
L R Maxwell, Cambridge XP607113/8/04Movan; Reg on hold 05; To Waharoa 09  
?RE9219/8/52? Totalisator Agency Board On-Course Division, Auckland LN96516/7/81Wingatui  
J Laming, Christchurch LN9654/10/84Movan  
Wompi Syndicate, Kaiapoi LN96514/11/84Movan  
I J Richan, Picton WOMPI5/12/03Movan  
Vicky & Shane Te Huia, Blenheim WOMPI28/2/07Movan  
Vicky & Shane Te Huia, Hastings WOMPI2008 Isuzu 6BD1 Turbo, 10 Speed Split Diff Transmission; reg on hold 07  

Former TAB Transett LN965 at Kaiapoi. Photo Stan White
Former TAB Ansair Transett

A TAB Transett Totemobile. Photo Merv Smith
TAB Ansair Transett

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Last updated 22 June 2010