Bedford J Bus

I am not actively researching these buses but I will add them as I find them.

The small number of buses still registered will be tracked until next change of ownership to an individual. The last registration record search was 22 January 2010


30cwt. Until July 1967 this chassis was designated J1

Alan Shields

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?CDD0B9N76362341/12/69EE8174 Shaws Transport Ltd, Pukekohe?EE817417/12/74Forward control 
Murphy Buses Ltd, Thames?EE817430/8/88"Murphys Law" 
K D & T L Owen, Paeroa EE817413/11/97Movan
P L & R S Horne, Rotorua EE817413/2/06Movan 
S E Wilton, Woodville EE817412/8/08Movan 
R J Burrows, Putaruru EE81747/5/09Movan 
Information not available EE817410/10/11Movan 


#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
??1961? history till 1995 unknown???Forward control VIN 7A8160C1095022633 
R L Faye, Oamaru TW281215/12/95Movan 
K A & B F Donaldson, Turua TW28129/7/96Movan 
D J Campbell, Thames TW28123/9/96Movan
P C Findlay, Thames TW281216/9/09Movan 


3 ton chassis with 214 cu in petrol engine. Until July 1967 this was the J2S. Wheelbase 3025mm (119in)

Department of Education

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
510CDJ1BHZ76025789/4/80JQ1581 D J Koni Motor Services Ltd, Manunui?JQ158110/2/89Hawke 31p/24s 
Charteris Motors, Taumarunui?JQ158119/9/90  
Charteris Motors, Taumarunui?JQ158128/10/92reg address is Hastings 
D E Beckett, Coromandel JQ15813/7/97Movan 
B C Beckett, Morrinsville JQ15811/10/97Movan 
D F Dudson & R Cordes, Whangaparoa JQ15812/4/01Movan 
A M Wright-St Clair, Waihi JQ15813/9/04Movan
520CDJ1BHZ76134239/4/80JQ1591 Charles Dobson, Rolleston?JQ159110/4/90Hawke 31p/24s 
Strongman Coachlines, Coromandel?JQ15918/7/98Nigel & Jocelyn Strongman; 21+5p/16+5s 
J K Hobbs, Hamilton?JQ15917/11/07  
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3 ton chassis with 214 cu in petrol engine. Until July 1967 this was the J2LZ . Wheelbase 3632 mm (143 in)

Department of Education

J2LZ school buses
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
620CDJ3BIN76945311/1/71GD2859 Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North529GD285915/7/88NZMB AK 46p/36s 
A J Candy, Nelson GD285928/3/95Reg on hold 
T K Eteveneaux, Wellington GD285917/3/09reg on hold 95 
626CDJ3BGZ760645210/4/78IT4978 R Maata, Taihape?IT497819/6/891977 Chassis; NZMB PN 46p/36s 
V M & J A Cooper, Hunterville?IT497829/1/93  
Alpha Buses Ltd, Feilding?IT497811/11/94  
Charter & Shuttle Services, Gisborne10IT497817/2/97Bruce Wilcox 
NK Whitley, Gisborne IT49787/11/02Movan 
M F Hatten, Gisborne IT497826/11/02Movan; reg on hold 03
670138778/1/60DV4278 Harry Warren Motors Ltd, Seddon?DV427828/8/791959 Chassis; NZMB Ch 40p/31s 
Delta Coachlines, Blenheim?JD58125/12/84Date of plate chg unknown 
Starborough Transport Ltd, Seddon?JD58126/11/86  
M J Evans, Picton JD58125/7/89  
F H Evans, Picton JD581224/5/90  
G E Moore, Picton JD581213/3/92  
C J Moore, Picton JD581223/3/92  
G E Moore, Picton JD581212/3/01Reg on hold 01 
Information not available JD581218/12/10Reg on hold 01 
682CDJ3B3N77313976/6/75HR31 Bruns Charter Services Ltd, Waipukurau26HR3128/11/881974 Chassis; NZMB 33p/27s 
L W Freemantle, Hastings HR3111/2/00Movan 
C F MacDonald, Manurewa HR3111/11/08Movan; reg on hold 09 
695CDJ3BGZ760645924/4/78IT6406 Bruns Charter Services (Peter Brun), Waipukurau27IT640628/11/881974 Chassis; NZMB 33p/28s 
Bruns Charter Services Ltd, Waipukurau27IT64065/9/96  
D & M Davison, Marton IT640613/10/04Movan 
I T & S L Tennent-Brown, Marton IT64067/3/09Reg as truck 
698CDJ3BGZ760727124/4/78IT6403 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd333IT640326/3/901977 Chassis; NZMB 40p/36s 
D K Hartley-Forest, Dunedin IT64032/12/02Movan 
Information not available IT640312/4/10Movan; Reg on hold 10 
700CDJ3BGZ760727324/4/78IT6401 Maurice Hall, Kihikihi?IT640123/11/781977 Chassis; NZMB 40p/36s 
Lewis Hodgson Motor Services Ltd, Te Awamutu?IT640127/6/89as Dealer? 
Three Way Motors Ltd, Piopio10IT640130/6/89B24F
710CDJ3B2N77149051/5/73GL9921 Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North530GL992120/10/881971 chassis; NZMB 46p/36s 
Whakatane Coachlines Ltd735?GL992123/8/98  
River, Thames735GL99217/5/01Movan 
B J & R E Smart, Manukau735GL992124/1/02Movan; reg on hold 09
716760727022/5/78IT6811 G A Kyle, Papanui IT68112/11/881977 CDJ3BGZ; NZMB 40p/36s 
Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Darfield1IT68118/3/89  
Torlesse Travel Ltd, Darfield?IT68114/8/95  
V R Gardner, Nelson?IT68112/5/05  
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5 ton truck chassis. Until July 1967 this model was designated J4

Department of Education

J4LZ school buses
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
8771380423/4/63G14.670 Department of Education877EV42711966NZMB Ak 62p/50s 
Department of Labour, Manukau?EV42715/1/82  
Cambridge Travel Lines22EV427120/9/83Tauwhare Transport Ltd 
R I Kelland, Hamilton EV427126/7/94Movan 
K S Maseyk, Hamilton EV427130/6/95Movan 
registration lapsed  1/10/96  
K S Maseyk, Onehunga XH42983/9/98Movan VIN 7A816091098138042 
registration lapsed  7/3/05  
938J4LZ21652032/4/64EV7684 Department of Education854EV76841975NZMB Ak 62p/50s 
Mt Cook Freightlines Ltd?EV76841/8/81Fairlie? 
F W McDowall Ltd - Mt Cook?EV768419/12/95Fairlie? 
MacKenzie College, Fairlie EV76844/6/96  
M K Coles, Wellington EV76844/6/96Movan 
C M Telford, Dannevirke EV768426/2/97Movan 
registration lapsed  1/7/97  
C M Telford, Dannevirke WR884312/12/97Movan; VIN 7A816091097165203 
M Berg & J Karsten, Wellington WR884325/6/03Movan 
M Berg, Wellington WR884330/8/03Movan
Bedford Home


6 ton truck with Bedford 300 cu in petrol engine. UNtil July 1967 this model was designated J5

New Zealand Post Office

Invercargill. This vehicle started life as a lines truck in Southland. The LTA description as Bedford Hiab suggests it had a Hiab hydraulic arm attached in its early life and was used for erecting telephone poles. The NZMB body probably came from a Department of Education J4LZ school bus
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?CFN3BDZ760099825/5/84LQ5665 Telecom Corp NZ Ltd?LQ566521/8/87  
Telecom South Ltd, Christchurch?LQ566530/6/89  
Kaikorai Valleys Caravans & Cars, Dunedin?LQ566529/5/91Dealer 
Harris Transport Otago Ltd, Dunedin?LQ56657/6/91  
N S Hyslop, Mosgiel?LQ566517/11/93  
Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd, Stratford3LQ566529/6/95NZMB B35F 
Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd, Stratford10CLC21014/1/05  
Tranzit Group Ltd, Stratford410CLC21017/2/05 
Mt Taranaki Adventures, Kaponga?CLC21010/5/07G F Rupapera 

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