Fiat 130NC

Fiat 130NC / Hawke ex Timaru CT

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Only 5 Fiat buses have ever been imported into New Zealand. All were 130NC models imported in 1977. Four were equipped with Hawke bus bodies for Timaru City Transport. The fifth was supplied to E C Reesby Ltd of Rotorua with a coach body. E C Reesby later acquired the others from Timaru.

002795HawkeB45D Timaru City Council1HQ325624/8/77.
E C Reesby Ltd, Ngapuna, RotoruaR65HQ32568/7/85.
D B Herbert, Putaruru.HQ325622/7/99Movan
G & M Joslin, Katikati.HQ325625/2/02Movan
002799HawkeB45D Timaru City Council2IL83306/9/77.
E C Reesby Ltd, Ngapuna, RotoruaR66IL83308/7/85.
H & P Mellor, Rotorua.IL833018/5/01Movan
002797HawkeB45D Timaru City Council3HQ32614/10/77.
E C Reesby Ltd, Ngapuna, RotoruaR67HQ326112/5/86.
Kawerau Coaches (G Harvey), Kawerau265HQ326113/1/98.
Kawerau Coaches (G Harvey), Kawerau265BUS26516/2/04reg on hold 08

Fiat 130N
Kawerau Coaches 265 Photos: Mike Butler

002798HawkeB45D Timaru City Council4HQ326519/10/77.
E C Reesby Ltd, Ngapuna, RotoruaR68HQ326515/5/86.
Kawerau Coaches (G Harvey), Kawerau264HQ326519/1/96.
Kawerau Coaches (G Harvey), Kawerau264BUS26416/2/04Reg on hold 07
withdrawn from use  18/6/08 

Fiat 130N
Kawerau Coaches 264 Photos: Mike Butler

002791HawkeCnnF E C Reesby Ltd RotoruaR37IF114619/5/77.
D B Herbert, Putaruru.IF11461/11/00Movan
M Rangihuna, Gisborne.IF114631/12/07Movan

Fiat 130N

Fiat 130N
Fiat IF1146 Photos: Don Roberts


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Original Timaru fleet details from Sean Millar "New Zealand City Bus Fleets" 1981