Ford TSV Coaches

Tasman Special Vehicles in Cambridge built 11 buses based on Ford Chassis in the early 1980's. The chassis are Ford R1114 rails imported from England and then TSV fitted axles, suspension and motors either mid mounted or front mounted depending on the order. Most of the chassis built had mid mounted Isuzu 6BD1 motors fitted, but the Shaws had a front mounted motor.

The buses on this site are actively tracked. The last registration record search was 1 January 2010

TSV19HO17NURitchies Greenhaugh Ltd, Swanson2125/3/85LP363Demac B51F 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd2117/3/00LP363Cof exp 01/07 
registration lapsed 17/3/00LP363Cof exp 01/07 
023NRTSVOrewa Transport (1981) Ltd112/12/84LX6341Hawke Eurocoach C45F 
Parakai Travel Ltd55/10/88LX6341  
R J Le Breton, Christchurch?18/10/93LX6341  
Jenkins Motors, Gore?27/5/96UE8591R W Hall & R L Johnstone 
RJ Partnership, Gore?4/6/03UE8591R L & J P Johnstone 
024NR383426Newton Coachways251/11/84LW2196NZMB Tourliner C45F 
Citibus Newton5256/10/93LW2196Citibus Ltd 
B J Kitto, Dunedin 21/11/05LW2196Reg on hold 05 
025NRNewton Coachways261/11/84LW2197NZMB Tourliner C45F; LTSA chassis 383350 
Citibus Newton5266/10/93LW2197Citibus Ltd 
R B & A Trainor, Dunedin 27/10/05LW2197Movan 
PAC026Shaws Transport Ltd, Pukekohe148/5/84LM1762Hawke Hunter C__F 
Murphy Buses Ltd, ThamesS14?17/10/01LM1762Hawke Hunter B48F 
T J Fallon, Opoutere 9/3/05LM1762Reg on hold 05; To Oxford 2007 
M J Sharp, New Plymouth 24/10/08LM1762Reg on hold 09 
PAC027?Central Motorways Ltd, Alexandra2129/3/84LI7318MMB C49F 
Murphy Buses Ltd, Kerepehi4518/4/89LI7318  
Murphy Buses Ltd, Thames4531/10/96UP8712Refurbished by Kiwi 
PAC027Simpsons Buses, Huntly313/12/83LJ2757CWI Ranger DP48F (Simpsons Farms Ltd) 
Simpsons Buses, Huntly324/2/88NJ1879(Simpsons Farms Ltd) 
Simpsons Buses Ltd, Huntly4032/7/03NJ1879Go-Bus Transport; CoF exp 11/09
036NRNewton Coachways2828/11/84LW2356NZMB Tourliner C45F 
Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Albany5511/5/93LW2356  
Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Albany5530/10/96UQ5836  
Valley Charters, Rotorua 13/4/00UQ5836G R & K J Hawker
037NRNewton Coachways2728/11/84LW2357Tourliner C45F body 
Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Albany5611/5/93LW2357  
Alpine Scenic Tours, Taupo?21/6/94LW2357Pejay Marna Ltd 
Bay Bus and Coaches Ltd, Taupo?16/6/97LW2357  
Alpine Scenic Tours, Taupo?3/4/98LW2357Pejay Marna Ltd
Waipawa Buses Ltd20531/8/07LW2357 
085NRCambridge Travel Lines58/3/85MA489H & H C45F (Tauwhare Transport Ltd) Tag Axle
P A Collins, Porirua?8/6/09MA489Reg as truck; Reg on hold 09 
191NRTranzit Group451985MG8324CWI Tourliner 3 C45FA 
Kaipara Klipper, Dargaville?1991MG8324Edward McMillan 

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