Leyland OCU Cub Bus

This bus chassis was produced by Leyland Redline, the name applied to the BMC trucks after the formation of British Leyland. It was developed from the Terrier truck chassis which sold in moderate numbers in New Zealand. Ironically by the time the Cub was marketed in New Zealand the T45 had replaced the Terrier truck. 5.7 litre diesel engine, 4350mm wheelbase

The vehicles on this page are actively tracked. The last registration record search was 1 February 2010.

Christchurch Transport Board

Two OCU335s with MMB B26D bodies.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
61059708813/4/84LD5651 Lewis Hodgson Motor Services Ltd, Te Awamutu LD56513/12/91   
Hamilton City Buses LD56517/9/93   
N A & D F Lincoln, Tauranga LD565126/9/99 Movan Reg on hold 00 
611CUNVN3536 5970877/6/84LT6490 Mountain Trekking Ltd, Queenstown LT649013/11/91   
M A Hall, Queenstown LT64905/2/92Movan 
registration lapsed  30/10/95  

Johnston's Blue Motors Ltd

Auckland Two OCU345s with CWI bodies.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
A1459708517/6/87NI5670 Barrier Travel (Paki Pye), Tryphena, Great Barrier Is NI567012/12/90 
Aotea Transport Services, Gt Barrier Is.NI567011/4/01 D L Palmer, Mt Roskill 
T M & A L Whyte, Te Aroha.NI567023/8/04 CoF exp 09/04 
M P Gallacher, Reporoa.NI567010/1/05 Reg on hold 
A K Farmer, Hamilton.NI567025/5/05 Reg on hold 
T M Coburn, Hamilton NI567018/1/06 Reg on hold 04 
A1559781917/6/87NI5671 Geoff Jewitt, Thames NI56714/4/91 
Kinloch Strathmore Ltd, Christchurch26NI56712/2/93   
Astro Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch391NI567115/1/97   
Red Bus Ltd, Christchurch213NI567124/11/00 never used 
Beau's Coachlines, Christchurch NI567111/7/02 M F Wilson (prev Enimen Coachlines)
G J Wilson; Greymouth NI567112/10/05Movan  


Last updated 26 September 2008