Leyland Panther buses

The Leyland Panther was a rear engined single deck chassis introduced in 1964. The PSUR1/1 was a stepped chassis designed for bus bodies. The PSUR1/2 was a straight through chassis designed for coaches. However one of the Luxury Landliner coaches was built on a bus chassis. Initially the O.600 engine was standard with the O.680 optiona. The PSUR1B from 1970 had the O.680 engine as standard. Air suspension was optional. I believe all the New Zealand Panthers had air suspension.

The buses on this site are not tracked. Data is as at 15 January 2012

Dunedin City Transport

10 PSUR1B/1R with Emslie B41D body
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
143700114712/11/70DQ4516 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru143DQ45162/10/91 
Information not available DQ451615/1/04Reg on hold 00
14470024731/2/71DQ8965 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru144DQ89652/10/91 
Information not available DQ896523/5/00Reg on hold 99
Information not available DQ89657/4/08Reg on hold 99
Information not available DQ896512/9/11Reg on hold 99
145700247416/2/71DQ9070 Information not available DQ907019/3/93  
Information not available DQ907017/9/93 
Victoria Auto Court, Wanganui DQ907015/2/94Dealer
Information not available DQ90709/2/96Movan?
Information not available DQ907026/4/96Movan?
Information not available WC41137/4/97Movan?
Information not available YR209530/10/99Movan?
Information not available YR209516/12/99Movan
146700247203/71DQ9155 Movan DQ91551991No LTA record
14770024772/6/71DM3562 Captain Cook Tavern, Dunedin DM35629/3/92 
Captain Cook Tavern Ltd, Dunedin DM356219/7/95 
Information not available DM356216/10/98reg on hold?
Information not available DM356229/12/03reg on hold?
Information not available DM356220/2/06reg on hold?
Information not available D04N0W19/11/08Movan; chg plate 2/6/10
14870024755/6/71DP6432 Doubledecker Bus Charters DP643219/3/93 
Explorer Bus Ltd, Henderson?DP643214/6/93 
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai?DP643226/11/99CoF exp 01/04
Information not available DP643215/7/03 
Information not available DP643215/3/04Unconfirmed
Information not available DP643218/5/05Unconfirmed
registration lapsed  18/5/06 
Information not available  20/3/06Unconfirmed
149700247610/8/71DM3929 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru149DM39292/10/91 
Information not available DM39291/9/98 
Information not available DM39295/10/11Movan
Information not available DM392911/10/11Movan
150700247815/10/71DM4459 Motor Coach Museum Trust, Foxton150DM445925/7/90 
Information not available DM44595/1/99 
Information not available DM445920/3/00Movan
15170024791/12/71DM8465 Otago Road Services Ltd, Green Island4DM846530/12/87 
scrapped  6/11/97 
15270024711/2/72DM8889 Otago Road Services Ltd, Green Island15DM888930/12/87 
Information not available DM888930/6/98 
Information not available DM888911/3/99 
Information not available DM88895/2/02Reg on hold 02
Information not available DM88895/12/07Movan Reg on hold 02


Luxury Landliners

Miramar. 2 coaches with McWhinnie C32Ft bodies used between Auckland and Wellington.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
5L6552230/11/67DD5054 Mt Cook Landlines5DD50541/11/77PSUR1/1R
Hawkes Bay Motor Co5DD5054?C40Ft
L Atherfold, Cambridge DD50546/5/81 
Classic Coach Co Ltd, Mangere?DD505416/7/92reg on hold 93
Information not available DD505421/6/01reg on hold 93
Information not available DD505425/11/08under restoration; reg on hold 93
6L36765/3/68DH8045 Mt Cook Landlines6DH8045?PSUR1/2RT
Hawkes Bay Motor Co6DH8045? 
Leslies Coaches, Gordonton3DH80451/12/79 body to ex ABC Royal Tger.
Leslies Coaches (Ten Seventy Ltd), Gordonton313/12/84LF4719 Chassis modified with tag axle. Hawke Supercruiser C49F body.
Information not available LF47193/4/06Movan
Information not available LF47195/1/10Movan; CoF exp 03/11


Midland Motorway Services Ltd

Chrstchurch. 2 PSUR1/2RT coaches for Starliner service between Christchurch and Dunedin with own built C32FT bodies
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
90L423521966DW7092 Movan DW7092?later Midland 390 No LTA record
89L4235314/10/66DW6354 Leopard Coachlines, Darfield33DW635418/12/81 
Information not available DW635420/5/87Movan?
same owner as above WS332712/12/97Movan?
Information not available WS33272/8/02Movan
Wayne Little WS332731/10/06Movan


Nimon & Sons Ltd

Havelock North. 2 PSUR1/1R with Hawke bodies.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
14L6552317/8/70FH916 Information not available FH9167/11/00DP43D
Information not available FH91623/1/01 
Information not available FH9167/5/04Movan. Reg on hold
Information not available FH91631/7/06Movan. Reg on hold 04
15L6552423/4/71FN9182 Information not available FN918220/3/00DP43D
Information not available FN918227/11/00 
Information not available FN91826/11/03Movan reg on hold 05
registration lapsed  12/6/06 
Information not available  19/6/06Movan. Not registered


Last updated 18 January 2012