MAN 22.240/SL243 Buses and Coaches

Although the Christchurch and Auckland Buses were all delivered in 1990 and chassis numbers are part of the same series, the Auckland buses were registered as model SL243 and the Christchurch ones as 22.240.

Asia Pacific Tours Ltd

Auckland. Australian import

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
 WMA4740468W0267511996  Asia Pacific Tours Ltd, Auckland.CEH8211/8/04Coach Design C57F 
Greenline Motors 1992 Ltd, Morrinsville41CEH8211/7/05 

Auckland Regional Authority

CWI B53D bodies. 1101-1130 were owned by Auckland Regional Council and operated by ARA. 1101-1130 buses passed to Transportation Auckland Corporation Ltd ( TACL trading as Yellow Bus Company) when that company was formed on 12/6/91. 1131-1139 were delivery to TACL/ Ownership of TACL has passed to Stagecoach and Infratil company NZ Bus since then.

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
110138701068/8/90PG8701     Shore 
110238701078/8/90PG8702     Shore 
110338701088/8/90PG8703     Shore 
110438701098/8/90PG8704     Shore 
110538701108/8/90PG8705 Northbus, Whangarei1105PG870515/3/11(North City Bus Ltd); TACL Wiri 
110638701118/8/90PG8706     Waka Pacific, Wiri 
1107387011810/9/90PI9547     Waka Pacific, Wiri 
1108387011910/9/90PI9548 Transportation Auckland Corporation Ltd1108SR10397/6/94Waka Pacific, Wiri 
1109387012010/9/90PI9549     Waka Pacific, Wiri 
111038701211/11/90PM772 Runicman Motors, Upper Hutt1110PM77215/3/11North City Bus Ltd 
111138701221/11/90PM773 Runicman Motors, Upper Hutt1111PM77315/3/11North City Bus Ltd 
111238701231/11/90PM774     Waka Pacific, Wiri 
111338701241/11/90PM775 Runicman Motors, Upper Hutt1113PM77515/3/11North City Bus Ltd 
111438701254/12/90PN8766     Waka Pacific, Wiri 
1115387012614/3/91PS3379     Waka Pacific, Wiri 
1116387012714/3/91PS3380     North Star, Shore 
1117387012812/2/91PS2953 Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt1117PS29532012 North Star, Shore 
1118387012912/2/91PS2954     North Star, Shore 
1119387013012/2/91PS2955 Transportation Auckland Corporation Ltd1119EUK6596/1/09North Star, Shore 
1120387013112/2/91PS2956     North Star, Shore 
1121387013214/3/91PT6621     North Star, Shore 
112238701339/4/91PT6849     North Star, Shore 
112338701349/4/91PT6850     North Star, Shore 
112438701359/4/91PT6851     North Star, Shore 
1125387013630/4/91PT7113 Transportation Auckland Corporation Ltd1125JAL7746/10/93Shore 
Runicman Motors, Upper Hutt1125YY871715/3/11North City Bus Ltd; Moved to Upper Hutt 2009 
1126387013730/4/91PT7114     North Star, Shore 
1127387013830/4/91PT7115     Waka Pacific, Wiri 
1128387013930/4/91PT7116 Runicman Motors, Upper Hutt1128PT711615/3/11North City Bus Ltd 
1129387014030/4/91PT7117     Waka Pacific, Wiri 
1130387014130/4/91PT7118 Wellington City Transport Ltd1130PT711822/7/99Stagecoach Wellington 
Transportation Auckland Corporation Ltd1130PT711814/4/04did not return to Auckland 
Runicman Motors, Upper Hutt1130PT711815/3/11North City Bus Ltd ; since 2009 
1131387014226/6/91PX3609 Wellington City Transport Ltd1131PX360922/7/99Stagecoach Wellington 
1132387014326/6/91PX3610 Wellington City Transport Ltd1132PX361025/6/01Stagecoach Wellington 
1133387014426/6/91PX3611 Wellington City Transport Ltd1133PX361125/6/01Stagecoach Wellington 
1134387014526/6/91PX3612 Transportation Auckland Corporation Ltd1134TD266011/1/95  
Wellington City Transport Ltd1134TD266031/10/03Stagecoach Wellington 
Transportation Auckland Corporation Ltd1134TD266011/8/05Go West, Swanson 
Wellington City Transport Ltd1134TD266011/1/12still in Go West Silver/Green 
1135387014626/6/91PX3613 Wellington City Transport Ltd1135PX361331/10/03Did it ever come to Wellington? 
Transportation Auckland Corporation Ltd1135PX361319/9/06Go West Swanson 
Wellington City Transport Ltd1135PX361311/1/12still in Go West Silver/Green 
1136387014726/6/91PX3614 Wellington City Transport Ltd1136PX361411/1/12Swanson 
1137387014826/6/91PX3615 Wellington City Transport Ltd1137PX361511/1/12Swanson 
1138387014926/6/91PX3616 Wellington City Transport Ltd1138PX361611/1/12Swanson 
1139387015026/6/91PX3617 Wellington City Transport Ltd1139PX361711/1/12still in Go West Silver/Green; Swanson 

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Christchurh Transport Board

Christchurch. CWI B53D bodies. All buses passed to Red Bus Ltd when that company was formed on 3/4/92.

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
674387010426/9/90PE6941     CoF exp 11/90 
67538701055/9/90PE6639     CoF exp 11/90 
677387011311/10/90PI3064 Go-Bus Transport Ltd, Tauranga539PI306427/9/11  
67938701158/11/90PM4208 Red Bus Ltd, Christchurch679ARN59914/6/02  
680387011627/11/90PN3865 NZ Coach Services, Lower Hutt680PN386518/5/11Boss Transport Ltd 

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