MAN SG Buses

The SG is an articulated bus based on the SL series chassis.

The buses on this site are actively tracked. The last registration record search was 21 January 2012


Okato Bus Lines

All imprted from Australia

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?18712101216 1979      Action Canberra 542, Surfside Buslines 660, Bacchus Marsh Coaches, Sunbury Bus Service 
Okato Bus Service Ltd, New Plymouth10ALT99130/1/02CAC AB77D "Spida"; Imported 2/11/01 
Tranzit Group Ltd583ALT9911/7/08  
?18711971204 1979     Action Canberra 536, Surfside Buslines 608, Kiama Coachlines 
Okato Bus Service Ltd, New Plymouth34CLT67926/1/05CAC AB74D "Kiama"; Imported 26/3/03 
Tranzit Group Ltd569CLT6791/7/08  
Leopard Coachlines Ltd20CLT67917/3/09  
?18709341005 1977     Perth 12 then Sunbury Bus Service 39 
Okato Bus Service Ltd, New Plymouth37AJS55330/11/01Peneburg-Goppell AB73D "Biega"; in service Oct 2002 
Tranzit Group Ltd552AJS5532/7/08  
Leopard Coachlines Ltd21AJS55317/3/09  

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Auckland Regional Council

20 buses with Hawke AB76D bodies. The depot shown is where the bus was stationed in 2004.

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
200178100010001KS12581/7/82     Shore 
200278100020002LA593614/3/83     Shore 
200378100050005LA593714/3/83     Shore 
200478100040004KR60185/5/83     Roskill; original plate LC7014 
200578100080008LC70155/5/83     Roskill 
200678100030003LC70165/5/83     Roskill 
200778100060006LC70175/5/83     Wiri 
200878100070007LC70185/5/83 Written off  8/6/11Wiri 
200978100090009LC793615/6/83     Wiri 
201078100100010KL678612/7/83     Wiri 
201178100110011KL678712/7/83     Wiri 
201278100140014KL678812/7/83     Wiri 
201378100190019KL681223/8/83 withdrawn from use  16/3/11City 
201478100130013KD407823/8/83     City 
201578100170017KD407723/8/83     City 
201678100160016KD959414/10/83     City 
201778100150015KD959614/10/83     Wiri 
201878100120012KD959714/10/83     Roskill 
201978100200020KD959814/10/83     Papakura 
202078100180018KD959914/10/83 Auckland Regional Authority2020PE159212/7/90Papakura 

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Auckland Regional Council

14 buses with CWI AB76D bodies. The depot shown is where the bus was stationed in 2004.

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
202189100010001NY874316/9/88 Transportation Corporation Auckland Ltd2021GBF98625/8/11Swanson 
202289100020002NY98918/11/88     Swanson 
202389100030003NY98928/11/88     Swanson 
202489100040004NY98938/11/88     Orewa 
202589100050005OW675231/1/90     Shore 
202689100060006PB81842/5/90     Shore 
202789100070007OW675331/1/90     Swanson 
202889100080008OT63526/12/89     Orewa 
202989100090009OT63536/12/89     Orewa 
203089100110011OT63546/12/89     Orewa 
203189100100010OT63516/12/89     Orewa 
203289100120012OW675431/1/90     Orewa 
203389100130013OT63506/12/89     Orewa 
203489100140014OT63496/12/89     Orewa 

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