Mercedes Benz MB0302 Coach

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Billy Higgs & Sons Ltd, Wellington

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
1501190229/1/71FN6535 Guthreys Coachlines Ltd, Wellington15FN65351976NZMB C45F body
Guthreys Coachlines Ltd, Wellington15NK141424/11/87.
Kowhai Charters, Napier.NK141415/8/90Jack Cooper
Kowhai Charters, Napier.NK141422/8/90Patricia Cooper
R K A Barkman, Nelson.NK141429/11/91 
Kowhai Charters, Napier.NK141416/4/02Jackie & Patricia Cooper
R K A Barkman, Nelson.NK141414/8/02 
Nelson Pie Cart Ltd.NK14147/10/02Mobile Machine
M Stosser, Nelson.NK141411/8/04Mobile Machine
R R Baker, Blackball NK141410/8/07Mobile Machine; Reg on hold 08
information not available NK141428/1/10Reg on hold 08
scrapped  18/11/11 

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Hawkes Bay Motor Company Ltd

In 1971 Mt Cook purchase 4 Mercedes Benz coaches with air-conditioned NZMB C41F bodies. Two more followed in 1972.

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
90118721/9/71FX327 Kapiti Charter Services Ltd, Paraparaumu.FX32712/5/88  
MacDhui Contracting Ltd, Paraparaumu.FX3277/7/98Kapiti Commuter 
MacDhui Contracting Ltd, Paraparaumu.BUSFUN29/12/98Kapiti Commuter 
Kapiti 4 Seasons Tours, Paraparaumu.BUSFUN10/6/03T Fitzgeorge & G Vandyke, Te Horo
100118561/9/71FX326 Hawkes Bay Motor Co Ltd39FX3261974  
Leslie Coaches Ltd, Gordonton8FX3261/11/77"Tawhoumarea" 
Hindmarsh Bus Charters, Patutahi, Gisborne?FX32628/7/88  
Warman's Passenger Transport, Te Kopuru, Northland?FX3262/9/92  
Ranui Buses Ltd, Gisborne?FX32613/12/02  
withdrawn from use..13/12/02  
30 and 31 were first registered to HBMC subsiduary Pahiatua Passenger Services Ltd
3001191525/2/71EO3529 Mt Cook Group Ltd30EO352917/3/71  
Kapiti Charter Services Ltd, Paraparaumu?EO352912/5/98 
MacDhui Contracting Ltd, Paraparaumu?EO35297/7/98Kapiti Commuter 
Mana Coach Services Ltd, Paraparaumu?EO352920/1/99  
B O'Neale, Carterton EO352923/10/03Reg on hold 04 
C J Hayes, Greytown EO352920/12/05Reg on hold 04 
T G Pickering, Martinborough EO352927/2/09Reg on hold 04 
310118891/3/71EO3542 Mt Cook Group Ltd31EO354217/3/71  
Kapiti Charter Services Ltd, Paraparaumu.EO354212/5/98  
MacDhui Contracting Ltd, Paraparaumu.EO35427/7/98Kapiti Commuter 
MacDhui Contracting Ltd, Paraparaumu.BUSFUN29/7/98Kapiti Commuter 
MacDhui Contracting Ltd, Paraparaumu.XR113229/12/98Kapiti Commuter 
Mana Coach Services Ltd, Paraparaumu.XR113220/1/99  
K J Tither, Paraparaumu.XR11329/11/99Movan 
4601231518/12/72FX3064 Kapiti Charter Services Ltd, Paraparaumu FX30646/6/91 reported at Kapiti from 1988 
Wairarapa Coach Lines, Featherston.FX306422/4/93  
Beck Transport Holdings Ltd, Waiuku FX306431/7/99  
Information Not Available FX30648/7/06  
Scrapped  13/12/07  
4701233018/12/72FX3065 Information not available. 1/11/77  
Kapiti Charter Services Ltd, Paraparaumu. 12/5/88  
Kapiti Charter Services, Paraparaumu. 7/7/98 (MacDhui Contracting Ltd) Cannibalised for parts 1990's 
Registration lapsed  25/09/00  

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Mt Cook & Southern Lakes tourist Co Ltd

In 1973 two toilet equipped air-conditioned NZMB coaches were purchased for use on the Auckland-Wellington Landliner service.

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
5001228416/2/73FX3402 The Mt Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown50TE198220/3/95C29FAt later C32F
H & H Travel Lines, Invercargill750?TE198219/5/97 
McDermotts Coaches Ltd, Winton750?TE198219/5/97 
D S & H Peterson, Invercargill TE198217/1/02Movan
H Price, Winton TE198216/4/03Movan
5101229916/2/73FX3403 Taupo Passenger ServicesMB2FX34031992 C29FAt later C32F; gone from Taupo by 8/98

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M Pavlovich & Sons Ltd, Hamilton

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
160118383/3/72GB6113 Leslie Coaches, Gordonton11GB611328/6/79(Ten Seventy Ltd)
Ranui Buses Ltd, Opotiki121GB61131/6/04 
G J Carter, Christchurch GB611325/7/08Movan
S C Frost, Timaru GB611320/10/08Movan

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Last updated 11 January 2012