Mercedes Benz 1319 Composite

The 1319 is a forward control truck chassis. Newmans had two composite coaches built on 1319 chassis.

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Newmans Coach Lines Ltd

Two front engined composite coaches with NZMB Commuter I C20Fv bodies. The NZMB Commuter I is a bus body adapted for these coaches. Both later converted to C39F

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
761L032VNR9509212/3/75HR9061 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd461HR9061.Whangarei
Koti August, Ruatahuna.HR906122/4/91 
Tavs Coachlines, Waiuku.HR906114/3/96 
registration lapsed. 16/10/00 
S K Monk, Auckland EHG6626/1/08movan
76295079412/3/75HR9062 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd462HR9062.Nelson
Cesta Travel Ltd, Dunedin26HR906210/2/92.
P A & A Souter, Southbridge HR906227/11/96movan
D M Dacombe, Rangiora HR906221/9/04movan
G A Wilson, Rangiora HR90625/1/08movan
D M Dacombe & D B Cromwell, Rangiora HR906225/2/08movan
G A & G A Wilson, Rangiora HR906230/4/08movan
J M & P Salmond, Upper Moutere HR906212/5/08movan; CoF exp 11/08

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Last updated 7 February 2010