Mount Cook Denning Coaches


MCD 511
Mt Cook 511. Photo Paul Williams


The buses on this site are actively tracked. The last registration record search was 4 March 2010.


In 1974 Mount Cook Coachlines imported two Denning buses. Mount Cook Landlines and Alan B Denning & Associates Pty Ltd of Queensland Australia entered into an agreement for Alan Denning to design coaches to be constructed by Mt Cook Group in Christchurch. The first buses were delivered in 1977.

These coaches were somewhat larger than those previously operated by Mount Cook. Between 1980 and 1984 I lived near the Basin Reserve in Wellington. Often on a Saturday morning while having a lie in I would hear the deep throaty roar of the Detroit Diesel powered MCD coach as it came round the Basin Reserve on its way to Mt Cook's Courtenay Place office to begin the daily service from Wellington to Auckland. Eat your hearts out Intercity - no Volvo ever made a noise as sexy as this.

Apart from 528 which started life with De Luxe Travel Lines in Blenheim all buses were supplied new to Mt Cook Group.

Model Numbers Mount Cook Denning had an inconsistent method of assigning model numbers to their buses. The Vehicle Information reports for the "600"s show this.

Photos for inclusion on the page would also be welcome.

Denning 509

Two C45F 3-axle Coaches imported in 1974. Longitudinally-mounted 283 hp Detroit Diesel V6 engines and Allison gearboxes. These coaches were air-conditioned.
#Chassis Nbr/VINDateOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
216D199-746/12/74GS9251 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Christchurch500GS925126/8/94 Initial reg Mount Cook & Southern Lakes Tourist Co Ltd. Renumber 500 c1978 
M D Brown, Christchurch.TAS814/6/94Tasman Coachlines? 
Plunkets Coachlines Ltd, Arrowtown?TK39375/7/95. 
Pickens Coach Lines Ltd, Christchurch.TK393711/2/99. 
McGrath Buses Ltd, Taumaranui.TK393710/2/05.
217D200-746/12/74GS9250 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown217TE198720/3/95. 
H & H Travel Lines, Invercargill.TE198721/5/97. 
McDermotts Coach Lines, Winton.TE19873/9/97. 
T E Barrett, Invercargill.TE198711/12/00Movan 
T E Barrett, Invercargill.RNR24718/3/02Movan No CoF 


Service Coaches


C42F 3 axle 12.4m Coaches built for Mount Cook Landlines scheduled services with Mark I coachwork. Detroit Diesel V6 engine and Allison Transmission. These coaches were air-conditioned and had a toilet.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
50101-17-06-775/7/77IK4663 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown501TE199520/3/95. 
H & H Travel Lines, Invercargill501TE199519/5/97. 
McDermotts Coach Lines, Winton501TE19953/9/97.
Good Time Tours, Christchurch501TE19955/12/07Steve Nottingham  
Philip J Riley, Dunedin501TE19952012For restoration and preservation at Otago Heritage Bus Society  
50202-12-10-777/10/77IK5552 Hawkes Bay Motor Co Ltd, Napier502IK555218/10/77 Initial registration to The Mount Cook & Southern Lakes Tourist Co Ltd 
The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown502IK555230/6/78. 
The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown502TE199620/3/95. 
H & H Travel Lines, Invercargill502TE199619/5/97. 
McDermotts Coach Lines, Winton502TE19963/9/97Reg on hold 2004
B L Hamilton & H M Kingsfordsmith, Invercargill TE199624/1/09Reg on hold 04 
52526-12-12-809/12/80JS8914 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown525TE203120/3/95. 
Kiwi Coaches Ltd, Tauranga525TE203113/6/97. 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga525TE203113/6/97Scrapped Dec 2002 
52627-26-03-8126/3/81JJ5322 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown526TE202320/3/95. 
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland526TE202314/5/98. 
Invercargill Passenger Transport Ltd, Invercargill98TE202323/11/98. 
Endeavour Touring Ltd, Clarkville, Canterbury10AFH6244/7/01Now C32F:Garry Palmer 
Endeavour Touring Ltd, Kaiapoi10BIKERZ25/5/05Chg plate 16/2/05 
Mandalay Touring Ltd, Kaiapoi10BIKERZ2007Chg of company name 
54141-02-08-842/8/84LQ8952 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown541TE207520/3/95. 
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland541TE207514/5/98. 
S R & E M Lowe, Ngongotaha TE20757/8/98Movan 
S R Lowe & C H Spry, Ngongotaha 5QQHP18/1/06 Movan;  
DWZ63621/5/07To Rangiora 2009
54242-24-10-8425/10/84LT6230 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown542TE207720/3/95. 
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland542TE207714/5/98. 
Invercargill Passenger Transport Ltd99TE207723/11/98. 
Beckley Coachlines, Ashburton?TE207717/9/03D W & G T Beckley 
54343-18-12-8412/84LL2043..RT1726. after an accident rebuilt as 572 later renumbered 600 
54444-02-04-852/4/85LY670 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown544TE204720/3/95. 
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland544TE204714/5/98. 
Coachlines Southland Ltd, Invercargill96TE204715/10/98Operated by IPT
54545-04-07-854/7/85MC7798 Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland545MC779814/5/98. 
Coachlines Southland Ltd, Invercargill97MC779815/10/98. 
Coachlines Southland Ltd, Invercargill97XS170325/1/99. 
Invercargill Passenger Transport Ltd, Invercargill97YH814611/8/99 Rebuilt VIN 7A85P000999050785 
Coachlines Southland Ltd, Invercargill97YH814617/8/99Operated by IPT
54646-09-09-854/9/85MC8844 Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland546MC884414/5/98Reg cancelled 17/8/99
Malcolm Little, Masterton.BSL52819/12/03Movan; To Upper Hutt 06 
NZ Coach Service, Upper Hutt BSL5289/3/10Movan; Boss Transport Ltd 



C45F 3 axle 12.4m coaches built for Mount Cook Landlines scheduled services with Mk I coachwork. Powered by Detroit Diesel V6 engine and Allison Transmission. The coaches were air-conditioned.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
5033-01-12-771/12/77IK6186 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown503TE198520/3/95.
The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown503TU149020/12/95Refurbished 1995 
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland503TU149014/5/98. 
Southern Lakes Touring Ltd, Christchurch?TU149028/4/02Jeong Dae Oh 
L M Dugmore, Christchurch TU149028/9/09  
5044-30-01-781/2/78IS4321 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown504TE199920/3/95. 
H & H Travel Lines, Invercargill504TE199919/5/97. 
McDermotts Coach Lines Ltd, Winton504TE19993/9/97. 
T E Barrett, Invercargill TE199926/2/08Movan?; CoF exp 06/08 
53333-14-09-8216/8/82KQ9664 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown504TE203920/3/95. 
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland533TE203914/5/98. 
Endeavour Touring Ltd, Clarkville, Canterbury6TE203920/3/01Garry Palmer 
Endeavour Touring Ltd, Clarkville, Canterbury6ACZ5146/7/01Garry Palmer 
Endeavour Touring Ltd, Kaiapoi6ACZ51425/5/05  
Mandalay Touring Ltd, Kaiapoi6ACZ5142007Change of Company name 
Endeavour Touring 2007 Ltd, Methven6ACZ51417/10/07  


Composite Coaches


C25F 3 axle 12.4m Composite Coaches with air-conditioned Mark I bodies for use by Mount Cook Landlines. Detroit Diesel V6 engine and Allison Transmission. The engine was located between the axles giving a huge space for all that freight which was the reason for running the night services these buses were mostly used for. By 1986 toilets had been fitted to these coaches reducing seating to 21.
#Chassis NbrOriginal RegDate RegCurrent Owner#Current RegDate Comments
505005-12-12-78JD348713/12/78 S & M Lowe, Rotorua.JD348716/12/94Movan; to TK3950 4/7/95 
S & M Lowe, Rotorua.LOWE220/12/95to BGL125 22/5/03 
G I Orange, Prebbleton, Canterbury.BGL12511/6/03Movan  
M K MacDonald, Christchurch HOOROO5/12/07Movan 
506006-01-03-79JD50932/3/79 John Dynes Family Trust, Mt Maunganui.ROLLON2/11/94Change plate 26/2/97 


A C22F 3 axle 12.4m Composite Coach with Mk I coachwork. As new it had a Detroit Diesel engine and Allison transmission Circa 1987 it was repowered by a 330bhp Deutz B/FL513 engines and ZF automatic transmissions. Like all other MCD coaches it was air-conditioned. At some time a toilet was installed reducing capacity to 21 seats.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
53636-22-08-8322/8/83LD7338 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown536TE206420/3/95. 
Coachlines Southland Ltd, Invercargill77TE20647/5/98Operated by IPT 
R R K de la Boessiere536TE20647/8/02Movan Reg on hold 2001 


Tour Coaches


C45F 2 axle mid-engined 11.3m air-conditioned Tour Coaches with MkI bodywork. Detroit Diesel V6 engine and Allison Transmission.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
5077-01-04-7814/4/78IS9602 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown507RY60916/5/94. 
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland507RY609114/5/98. 
Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch45RY609130/3/00Scania DS9 motor
Counties Automatic & Differential Specialists Ltd , Drury, Auckland.RY6091 19/4/04seats removed 
K R Ensor , Drury, Auckland.RY60919/11/05  
P J Adams, Kaitaia.RY609120/4/07Reg on hold 06 
5088-25-05-7814/4/78IW1118 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown508SI13977/12/93. 
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland508SI139714/5/98. 
Te Anau Holiday Park Ltd508SI139714/5/98Operates as Track Net 
Te Anau Holiday Park Ltd508NOMOA1/12/03Operates as Track Net
Tracknet Te Anau Ltd508CPG811/3/05Chg plate 9/4/05 
Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Maraenui, Opotiki.CPG8130/6/05 
5099-04-07-7813/7/78IY6170 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown509TE200020/3/95. 
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland509TE200014/5/98. 
TK Tours, Mangere, Auckland?TE200014/5/98T Keokotavong 
TK Tours Ltd, Mangere, Auckland?TE20005/1/06  
Tararua Programmers Ltd, Masterton TE20001/3/10(The Phoenix Trust) 
51010-04-08-7816/8/78IY7076 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown510TE202120/3/95. 
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland510TE202114/5/98. 
Harrison Panelbeating & Towing, Kaitaia.TE202114/6/01Movan Reg on hold 2001
51111-08-09-7811/9/78JA5448 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown511IY707613/6/79Initial reg Mt Cook, Napier
The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown511TE202220/3/95. 
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland508TE202214/5/98. 
Te Anau Holiday Park Ltd.TE20224/11/99Operates as Track Net 
D A Parsons & A R Jarman, Invercargill.TE20227/2/05Movan; Reg on hold 06 
512012-04-10-781978JA6179....Burnt out 1983 



C45F 3 axle 11.3m rear engined air-conditioned Tour Coaches with Mk I coachwork. Detroit Diesel V6 engine and Allison Transmission. 528 was delivered new to De Luxe Travel Lines and acquired by Mount Cook Group in 1981. At some time 516 and 517 were fitted with toilets reducing seating capacity to 42.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
51313-01-11-781978IS9154..SW7964.Rebuilt as 602 
51414-02-04-7930/3/79JD5447 Mid Canterbury Transport, Ashburton49SZ590622/7/94. 
Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch.SZ590613/1/99. 
2000 New Zealand Ltd, Auckland.SZ590625/3/02  
M & A Little, Upper Hutt.SZ59062/12/05Reg on hold 04 
registration lapsed  5/2/10  
51515-14-05-7910/5/79JI6405 Just Fun Tours NZ Ltd.JI64058/8/91. 
Newton Coachways Ltd, Dunedin514JI640529/9/93. 
Citibus Ltd, Dunedin514JI64056/10/93operate as Citibus Newton 
Citibus Newton Ltd, Dunedin514SU29026/8/94 
D A Malcolmson, Dunedin SU2904/4/08reg on hold 08 
51616-02-07-794/7/79JI6836 Hawke's Bay Tours & Travel Ltd, Napier.JI683612/8/91. 
Metro Rentals, Napier74JI683616/12/93. 
C R J Jefferies, Whitby, Wellington?UQ620813/12/96. 
B R & D Lunam, Rotorua?UQ620831/12/01Movan 
B R & D Lunam, Rotorua?DENING23/12/03Movan 
51717-26-07-798/8/79JI8749 Southstar Tours Ltd, Mangonui, Northland.JI87494/10/93. 
Southstar Tours Ltd, Mangonui, Northland.SW715030/9/94. 
Endeavour Touring Ltd, Clarkville, Canterbury802SW71509/10/00   
Endevour Touring Ltd, Kaiapoi02SW715025/5/05 
Mandalay Touring Ltd, Kaiapoi02SW71502007Change of company name  
Endeavour Touring 2007 Ltd, Methven02SW715017/10/07   
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga517SW715018/7/08Operates in Tui Coachlines livery
Bus with Us, Waitakaruru?SW715018/2/11Christopher Coxhead  
51818-06-09-799/79JI9674 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown518TE202420/3/95Rebuilt as 605 
51919-09-10-799/10/79JI9915 Michael Broermann, Christchurch.JI874915/9/92. 
Mid-Canterbury Transport, Ashburton?JI874918/7/95. 
Mid-Canterbury Transport, Ashburton?UL505618/10/1996Designline front 
Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch43?UL505613/1/1999 
Southern Lakes Touring Limited, Christchurch805UL505631/3/01Jaydee Oh; Reg on hold 07 
A L Harnett, Kaiapoi UL505622/9/09Reg on hold 07 
52020-26-10-792/11/79JJ7954 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown520TE202520/3/95Deutz F6L Engine in 1987 
H & H Travel Lines, Invercargill.TE202519/5/97. 
McDermotts Coaches Ltd, Winton520TE202513/9/97. 
P A & P J Blackburn, Otatara, Southland.TE202531/3/03Movan; Reg on hold 03 
P J Blackburn, Invercargill.TE202531/1/09Movan; Reg on hold 03 
52121-18-12-7912/79JK2395 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown521TE202420/3/95Rebuilt as 604 
52223-12-05-805/80JM2338..SZ1193. Rebuilt as 603
52324-20-07-805/80JN9330 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown608TE202920/3/95Rebuilt as 608 
52425-24-09-8016/9/80JO1051 Norman Dolamore, Gore.JO10513/11/92. 
Mid-Canterbury Transport, Ashburton48JI87496/4/94. 
Mid-Canterbury Transport, Ashburton48UK496331/7/1996. 
Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch?UK49633/2/1999. 
Southern Lakes Touring Limited, Christchurch.UK496331/3/01Jaydee Oh; Reg on hold 05 
B L Hamilton, Invercargill UK496312/9/09  
52728-14-05-8115/5/81KB1794 Mid Canterbury Transport, Ashburton44RO63410/7/92. 
Bus & Coach Services (M J Hanham), Ashburton24RO63419/8/99.
52822-01-12-791981JF8880 The Mount Cook Group Ltd528JF888010/6/87 De Luxe Travel Lines, Blenheim till 1987; 10 Speed Spicer gearbox; rebuilt as 601 
52929-08-10-815/8/81KB6841 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown529TE203320/3/95. 
Kiwi Coaches Ltd, Tauranga529TE203313/6/97. 
Bayline Ltd, Tauranga529TE203326/9/97.
Bus with Us Ltd, Waitakaruru, Thames??TE203310/4/06.
53030-20-10-8127/10/81KF4620 Bruce Thornley, Woodend, Christchurch530KF462012/12/91Owner driver for Mt Cook 
Newton Coachways Ltd, Dunedin516KF462028/8/93. 
Newton Coachways Ltd, Dunedin516SH224023/11/93. 
Beckley Coachline, Ashburton?SH224029/8/05D W & G T Beckley 



C49F 3 axle 12.4m rear engined air-conditioned Tour Coaches with Mk I coachwork. Detroit Diesel V6 engine and Allison Transmission. These bore the inscription "JumboLiner" and were toilet equipped.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
53131-16-12-8112/81JW1274 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown606TE203220/3/95Rebuilt as 606 
53232-06-06-822/7/82KP4530 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown532TE203720/3/95. 
H & H Travel Lines, Invercargill532TE203719/5/97. 
McDermotts Coaches Ltd, Winton532TE20373/9/97.
53434-02-12-828/12/82KU5709 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown534TE204020/3/95. 
H & H Travel Lines, Invercargill534TE204019/5/97. 
McDermotts Coaches Ltd, Winton534TE20403/9/97.
J R & K Walker , Tangiteroria TE204029/1/20. 
53535-04-03-8328/2/83KU6252 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown535TE206120/3/95V8 Deutz in 1988 
Kiwi Coaches Ltd, Tauranga535TE206113/6/97. 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga535TE206126/9/97.
Withdrawn from use  28/03/06  
53737-20-05-837/83KP4714 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown607TE203820/3/95Rebuilt as 607 
53838-06-10-8310/83LE1095 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown538TE206520/3/95. 
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland538TE206514/5/98 Rebuilt by Designline or Coachwork Canterbury with Conquest front  
Tourist Transport Fiji Ltd DI1416/98Exported
53939-14-12-8313/12/83LK2803 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown539TE206820/3/95. 
Kiwi Coaches Ltd, Tauranga539?TE206813/6/97. 
Tui Coachline Ltd, Mt Maunganui539TE20688/7/97Part of Bayline Group 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga539TE20681/10/02.
National Transport and Toy Museum, Wanaka539TE20682014  
54040-04-05-844/5/84LL2519 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown535TE207020/3/95. 
Kiwi Coaches Ltd, Tauranga540TE207013/6/97. 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga540TE207026/9/97.
Bus with Us Ltd, Waitakaruru TE207027/8/07. 



C49F 3 axle 12.4m Rear Engined "Jumboliner" Tour Coaches with Mk II coachwork. Detroit Diesel V6 engine and Allison Transmission. These coaches had a toilet and air-conditioning.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
54747-28-09-8529/10/85MK429 Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland547MK42914/5/98.
K M Coachline, Hornby Christchurch547MI258615/3/01. 
K M Coachline, Hornby Christchurch547AFS46728/9/01Rebuilt by Coachwork Canterbury 
Andrew & Justine Beckley, Leeston?AFS4674/7/05.
54848-20-12-8513/1/86MI2586 Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland548MI258614/5/98. 
Southern Lakes Touring Ltd?MI258628/4/02. 
Southern Lakes Touring Ltd?AZA9621/11/02Jeong Dae Oh 
B L Hamilon, Invercargill?AZA96210/8/09Reg on hold 09 
54949-14-02-8612/3/86MI2940 Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland549MI294014/5/98. 
Coral Johnston, Woodend, Christchurch?MI294024/1/01. 
Endeavour Touring Ltd, Clarkville, Canterbury09ADU72317/9/01. 
Endeavour Touring, Woodend Christchurch09ADU72329/10/01Coral Johnston 



C50FT 3 axle Rear Engined "Jumboliner" Tour Coaches with Mk II coachwork. Duetz engines and ZF Transmission.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
55050-12-05-8622/5/86MM4419 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown550TB10621/2/95. 
Tourism Holdings Ltd550TB106214/5/98. 
Daikanae Investments Ltd, Pakuranga?TB10626/11/02. 
Auckland Bus Co, Greenhithe?TB106220/4/04Michael Painter
S J Ogles, Titirangi?TB106220/12/06  
55151-18-10-8617/10/86MS7040 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown551UR46438/11/96Refurbished 1996 
Tourism Holdings Ltd551UR464314/5/98. 
Bayline Group Ltd551UR46431/7/02. 
Bayline Group Ltd551AWG43525/9/02.
55252-16-12-8619/12/86NB4720 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown552ST82582/8/94Refurbished 1994 
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland552ST825814/5/98. 
Invercargill Passenger Transport Ltd128ST825816/4/01 
55353-26-05-8726/5/87NB4832 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown553TU14824/12/95Refurbished 1995 
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland553TU148214/5/98. 
Invercargill Passenger Transport Ltd129TU148216/4/01"Mt Hutt"
55454-28-07-8729/7/87NI3643 Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland554NI364314/5/98. 
Invercargill Passenger Transport Ltd130NI36436/4/01.
55555-26-08-872/9/87NI3620 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown555SI147016/12/93Refurbished 1994 
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland555SI147014/5/98. 
Invercargill Passenger Transport Ltd131SI14706/4/01. 



C50FT 3 axle 12.4m Rear Engined "Jumboliner" Tour Coaches with Mk III coachwork. Duetz engines and ZF Transmission. As with the MkII these coaches had toilets and were airconditioned.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
55656-01-10-871/10/87 NM6810Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland556NM681014/5/98.
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland556YX414214/7/00. 
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland556AFQ80822/7/02. 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga556AFQ80826/9/01.
55757-15-12-8716/12/87NL9983 Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland557NL998314/5/98. 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga557AWG4318/8/02.
55858-11-04-8818/4/88NU3160 Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland558NU316014/5/98. 
Cityline (K A & D Roberts), Dunsandel, Canterbury.NU316024/7/02. 
Cityline (K A & D Roberts), Dunsandel, Canterbury.BME76617/9/03. 
Cityline (K A & D Roberts), Dunsandel, Canterbury.BUC96019/2/04 remodelled front after accident damage 
Cityline Christchurch Ltd.BUC9604/8/06  
A C Anderson, Wanganui.EHC95328/1/08  
55959-19-07-8821/7/88NW9379 Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland559NW937914/5/98. 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga559AWG4308/8/02. 
56060-11-10-8814/10/88NW9772 Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland560NW977214/5/98. 
Event Entertainment Ltd, Mosgiel, Dunedin .NW97726/11/02. 
LJ Brown Properties Ltd, Mosgiel, Dunedin .NW977217/2/03Same address. legal lettering says JB Farms Ltd
The Farmhouse, Kaharoa, Rotorua.NW977226/5/07Bau-Yeun Wang 
56161-14-11-886/12/88NZ6361....rebuilt as 595 
56262-28-08-8930/8/89ON8946 Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland562ON894614/5/98. 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga562ON89461/7/02Accident damaged 2002 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga562DBG96618/11/05New front by Kiwi
59561-14-11-8811/10/96UO2984 Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland595UO298414/5/98rebuild of 561 
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga595UO29841/7/02.


600 Series

C50F 12.4m 3-axle rear engined coaches rebuilt from 500 series coaches between 1989 and 1995. These coaches were all air-conditioned and had toilets installed. With the exception of 600 these vehicles were converted to Scania DS9 V8 engines with Scania automatic gearboxes. The dates of conversion are not from a primary source. Where dates are have been received with some accuracy the date out of the shop is shown.
6nn#5nn#Chassis NbrConver YearRegLater Owner#Later RegDateComments
57254343-18-12-8416/2/93 RT1726 The Mount Cook Group Ltd, Queenstown600RT17261996Re-reg on rebuild 
Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland600RT172614/5/98. 
Petricevich, Kaitaia20RT172629/7/02Commuter Tour Services Ltd
60152822-01-12-7916/2/93SI1421 Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland601SI142114/5/98Re-reg on rebuild; Kiwi Experience 
Tourist Transport Fiji Ltd ET75117/6/05Exported
60251313-01-11-787/9/94 SW7964 Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland602SW796414/5/98Re-reg on rebuild 
Tourist Transport Fiji Ltd.EB64825/11/02Exported to Fiji; White livery
60352223-12-05-8010/11/94SZ1193 Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland603SZ119314/5/98Re-reg on rebuild 
Tourist Transport Fiji Ltd.EB64720/12/02Exported to Fiji 
60452121-18-12-791995 TE2026Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland604TE202614/5/98Kiwi Experience 
Tourist Transport Fiji Ltd..EU1041/7/05Exported; Feejee Experience
60551818-06-09-791995TE2024 Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland605TE202414/5/98Kiwi Experience
Tourist Transport Fiji Ltd.ER08916/9/04Exported
60653131-16-12-811996TE2032 Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland606TE203214/5/98Johnstons colours 
Endeavour Touring, Woodend, Christchurch?TE20323/4/02Coral Johnston 
60753737-20-05-831996TE2038 Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland607TE203814/5/98Australian Pacific? 
Endeavour Touring, Methven7TE20382/5/02James MacAndrew
60852324-20-07-801996TE2029 Tourism Holdings Ltd, Auckland608TE202914/5/98Kiwi Experience

MCD house bus
546 Rebuilt as a movan. Photo Graeme Inwood


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