Nissan Diesel CB31N

This is an incomplete list still under construction

3 axle chassis with Fairfax body

204 GVW 21tonnes 11.7 litre Nissan Diesel motor. 6500mm wheelbase

208 GVW 22tonnes 11.7 litre Nissan Diesel motor. 6470mm wheelbase

Go-Bus 204 approaches Bethlehem College in Tauranga. Photo Mike Butler 17 February 2009
Nissan CB31N Fairfax B60F
JNB0CB31N00000752Go-Bus Transport Ltd, Hamilton2084/5/99YA9207B56F
JNB0CB31N00000831Go-Bus Transport Ltd, Hamilton20416/2/00YX1267B60F

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Last updated 26 February 2010