Nissan Diesel CP210

Buses on a a truck chassis. The chassis were built in New Zealand and have New Zealand VINs but the country of origin is shown as Japan. GVW 15,000kg. 7.5 litre Nissan Diesel motor. Wheelbase 6.1 metres

This is an incomplete list still under construction
7A8DH400903002742CPC14BT-02742Hanhams Buses Ltd, Albany4114/5/03BGP878Kiwi C53F
Hanhams Buses Ltd, Albany35217/6/05BGP878 
7A8DH400905002743CPC14BT-02743Turley Motors, Te Aroha2010/6/05CSL431Kiwi C53F
7A8DH400904002744CPC14BT-02744Commuter Tours4920/8/04CEZ699Kiwi C53F
7A8DH400904002746CPC14BT-02746Hanhams Buses Ltd, Albany4214/7/04CDR892Kiwi C53F
Hanhams Buses Ltd, Albany35417/6/05CDR892 
7A8KT2K0903002748CPC14BTL-02748Turley Motors, Te Aroha91/5/03BGL105Kiwi C53F
7A8DH4M0903002749CPC14BT-02749Hanhams Buses Ltd, Albany409/5/03BGP858Kiwi C53F
Hanhams Buses Ltd, Albany35117/6/05BGP858 

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Last updated 22 March 2010