Nissan Scorpion RX102

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Dunedin City Transport

In 1972-74 Dunedin City Transport purchased 15 Nissan Scorpion RX102 buses with Emslie B41D bodywork.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
153RX102/62711/10/72GG2511 J L de Reeper, Otarata.GG25117/5/90Movan
J J de Reeper, Winton.GG251117/11/94Reg on hold 02/05
154RX102/62611/10/72unknown Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru(Greenhalgh, Swanson)2HS413211/10/72This is a 1975 plate.
A O Myers, Dunedin.HS41326/9/03Movan
L M Howard, Waikouaiti,Otago.HS41328/12/05Movan Reg on hold 04
155RX102/6255/4/73GP1652 Bus Travel Ltd, New Lynn33GP165219/5/92.
Philip Fry, Huia33GP165219/1/96.
Commercial Coach Lines Ltd, New Lynn33GP165217/6/96.
Murphy Buses, Thames.GP165220/7/99.
M Carpenter, Te Aroha.GP16522/4/02Movan?
A Simpson, Waihi.GP165227/1/04Movan?
M P Wi, Taupo.GP165222/1/05Movan
W M Palmer, Whangarei.GP165229/8/07Movan; Reg on hold 08
156RX102/6301973GG7028 Bus Travel ltd, New Lynn...Scrapped for spare parts
157RX102/6246/7/72GD6849 Newton Coachways, Dunedin32GD68499/2/84.
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga.GD684928/8/85.
G Bagshaw, Pukekohe.GD68495/5/98Reg on hold 00
158RX102/62823/8/72GG7027 P King, Oamaru.GG702710/1/89Movan
D M King, Oamaru.GG702711/6/08Movan; Reg on hold 08
R M Clements, Timaru.GG70272/2/10Movan; Reg on hold 08
159RX102/63814/5/73GP2006 Bus Travel Ltd, New Lynn22GP200619/5/92.
Philip Fry, Huia22GP200619/1/96.
Commercial Coach Lines Ltd, New Lynn22GP200617/6/96.
Commercial Coach Lines Ltd, New Lynn22OC2PUS28/7/00.
A J Burr, TaupophotoDPB27421/11/06 Movan; chg plate 20/10/06; Reg on hold 12/06
160RX102/6346/6/73GP2205 Peninisula Motor Service Ltd, Timaru160GP22056/4/83 owned by Ritchies. Operated in Dunedin
S A Oostermann, Epsom.GP220522/1/03.
Smash Palace, Oamaru.GP220511/2/03 
P H Barrett, Benhar, Balclutha.GP220511/2/03Reg on hold 03
161RX102/6321973GP6036 Commercial Buses, New Lynn37GP6036. Please apply to the Transport Registry Centre, in writing, for details about this vehicle
162RX102/6331973GP6333 Manurewa PTC26GP6333.No motor reg record; location unknown
163RX102/6391973GP6703 Newton Coachways Dunedin31.GP6701No motor reg record; location unknown
164RX102/6298/10/73GP6950 Newton Coachways, Dunedin30GP695027/4/84.
Bayline Group Ltd, Tauranga.GP695028/8/85.
B Pratt, Katikati.GP69505/5/98Movan Reg on hold 03
F Godsell, Katikati.GP695028/5/08Movan Reg on hold 03
C L Godsell & M E Warthon, Katikati.GP695026/9/08Movan Reg on hold 03
165RX102/63521/11/73GP7924 Bus Travel Ltd, New Lynn34GP792419/5/92.
Philip Fry, Huia34GP792419/1/96.
Commercial Coach Lines Ltd, New Lynn34GP792417/6/96Reg on hold 97
registration lapsed  5/5/09 
166RX102/63612/12/73GP8142 Bus Travel Ltd, New Lynn39GP814219/5/92.
Philip Fry, Huia39GP814219/1/96.
Commercial Coach Lines Ltd, New Lynn39GP814217/6/96.
S W Mills, Waipukurau.GP81428/1/99Movan?
J W Thomspon, Motueka.GP814219/2/02Movan; Reg on hold 06; To Nelson 2007
H R Davis, Nelson GP814223/1/09Movan; Reg on hold 06
167RX102/63711/2/74GP8427 Bus Travel Ltd, New Lynn36GP842719/5/92.
Philip Fry, Huia36GP842719/1/96.
Commercial Coach Lines Ltd, New Lynn36GP842717/6/96.
Murphy Buses, Thames.GP842720/7/99.
Airfirst Produce Distribution Ltd, Manurewa.GP842730/10/00No COF
The Crate Carrying Company, Manurewa.GP84275/6/01Same address, No COF
B Jones, Tauranga.GP84277/7/03Transfer not completed

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Shears Coachlines Ltd

Two coaches with Hawke Commander C40F bodies.

Shears Coachlines Nissan

Peter Trevor

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDateComments
The initial registration of FH979 was to H E Melhop Ltd, Nissan agents in Dunedin and Invercargill
?RX102/6077/9/70FH979 Shears Coachlines Ltd, Auckland1FH97913/7/71.
Turnbulls Coaches Ltd, Dunedin?FH97913/7/71.
Herb Hindmarsh, Gisborne?FH97916/1/74.
Kiwi Ranch Trust, Rotorua?FH9797/1/80.
Bruns Charter Service, Waipukurau?FH9794/3/85.
B A Colquhoun, Napier?FH97924/12/02Movan; to Hastings 2007; To Havelock North 2008; To Clive 2010
2608?1970FH988 Star Mini Tours, Kaitaia...No LTSA record
Hokitika Tours & Charter...Sold by 1991
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