Seddon Pennine Buses and Coaches

The vehicles on this site are actively tracked. The last registration record search was 4 March 2010.

The Seddon Pennine Series consisted of the following models:
Pennine IV Available in 9m, 10m, & 11m chassis. Front engined: either as Perkins 6.354 6 cyl., or Perkins "510" V8
Pennine V Available in 10m, 11m, & 12m chassis. Rear engined: either as Perkins 6.354 6 cyl., or Perkins "510" V8
Pennine VI Available in 9m, 10m, & 11m chassis. Front engined: Perkins T6.354 6 cyl. only. (Turbo-charged version of the 6.354 engine).
Penine VII Available in 11m & 12m chassis. Mid-engined: Gardner 6HLXB 6 cyl. only.
No Pennine 7 chassis were sold in New Zealand
The 6.354 engine is 5800cc and the 510 engine is 8840cc

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Abbots Motors

Abbots Motors fleet had 4 Pennines acquired new as well as ex-Bonnici 44 and the ex-Runciman Pennine IV

Two Pennine 4s all with Hawke Commander bodies
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
3592211/7/76HQ1748 Abbots Motors, Blockhouse Bay3HQ174817/7/84B50D (Gordon Bonnici)  
Abbots Motors Ltd, Papatoetoe3HQ178416/4/85.  
Otene Buses Ltd, Manurewa?HQ17845/3/87.  
Abbots Motors Ltd, Papatoetoe3HQ178414/8/91.  
Abbots Motors Ltd, Papatoetoe3HQ178421/7/93(Matchmarc Holdings Ltd, Wiri)  
East West Bus Lines Ltd, Avondale?SR740821/7/94.  
Transbay Coaches Ltd, Whakatane?SR740826/2/96.  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd?SR740827/2/01.  
Reporoa Valley Transport?SR740823/4/01Kevin Smith  
D M Ralph, Rotorua SR740816/11/06Reg on hold 07  
A J Lourie, Rotorua SR740812/6/08Reg on hold 07  
W M Rockell, Kerikeri SR740818/1/10Reg on hold 07  
5483191/6/71FT122 Abbots Motors, Blockhouse Bay5FT12217/7/84B46D (Gordon Bonnici)  
Abbots Motors Ltd, Papatoetoe5FT12216/4/85.  
Otene Buses Ltd, Manurewa?FT1225/3/87.  
Abbots Motors Ltd, Papatoetoe5FT12214/8/91.  
Abbots Motors Ltd, Papatoetoe5FT12221/7/93(Matchmarc Holdings Ltd, Wiri)  
Brothers Travel Ltd, Kaitaia?FT1221/11/94.  
Bowman Buses, Herekino?FT12217/1/95.  
Ray Charteris, Taumaranui?FT12231/1/95   
McGrath Buses, Taumaranui?FT12223/6/98.  
McGrath Buses Ltd, Taumaranui?FT1228/7/99.  
T G Hoskin & Y Spencer, Tauranga?FT12224/1/06   

One Pennine 5 with Hawke Commander body and Perkins 510 V8
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
74832311/11/72GC8077 Abbots Motors7GC807717/7/84DP46D (Gordon Bonnici)  
Abbots Motors Ltd, Papatoetoe7GC807716/4/85.  
Otene Buses Ltd, Manurewa?GC80775/3/87.  
Murdoch Otene, Manurewa?GC807710/4/91.  
Otene Buses Ltd, Mangamuka Bridge?GC807724/1/95.  
Bowman Buses, Kaitaia?GC807727/1/98Dennis Bowman  
Bowman Buses, Kaitaia?GC807724/1/00Bowmans 2000 Ltd  
M G Evans, Awanui?GC80772/4/01movan?  
J M & C A McLaughlin, Masterton?GC807723/12/03Movan  
J M & C A McLaughlin, Masterton?CGH93628/9/04Movan  
W & Kelly, Patea CGH93621/4/05Movan; reg on hold 06; To Masterton 08  
P F McMillan, Rangiora CGH93625/2/10Movan; reg on hold 06  

Abbots 4 was the NZMB body of Weld 12 ( a Pennine 5) rebuilt by Hawke and placed on a new chassis.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
45169219/8/74HC1282 Abotts Holdings Ltd, Papatoetoe4HC128217/7/84C44F  
Otene Buses Ltd, Mangamuka Bridge?HC128217/8/94.  
withdrawn from use?.17/11/00.  

Seddon Home

Bay Tours

Two Pennine IV 6 cyl coaches with Hawke Commander bodies. Note that according to David Jones the registrations got applied to the wrong bus. Motor registration records show 55270 as HM9603 and 55271 as HC1373
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?552701975HC1373No LTSA record...C40F  
?552711974 HM9603 Eastern Bus Co, Te Araroa4HM9603 by 1987C45F  
Eastern Travel (Jim Haerewa), Wairoa.HM9603c1990 minus seats an floor. Later at Napier  
I J Buckley, Waikawa Beach, Horowhenua.UT321717/12/96Movan  
J V McMillan, Rangiotu.UT321721/10/06Movan; lRTSA lists chassis as 52270  
M S Field, Levin UT321718/5/07Movan  

Seddon Home

Bonnici Motors

In 1967 Trans Tours acquired Bonnici Motors. Commencing in 1968 Bonnici Motors acquired eleven Seddon Pennine IV coaches. These had Hawke Cruiser bodies built by Bonnici at their New Lynn depot. The front and rear moulds were provided by Hawke. These were retired when 42 Hawke SuperCruser coaches were supplied in 1974-77.

Bonnici 1 Photo: Peter Trevor
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
1436721969EA2194 Barriball Motors Ltd, Inglewood4EA219421/1/74Red & white Trans Tours colours C40F 6cyl
Barriball Motors Ltd, Inglewood4EA219415/3/90Midhurst Motors Ltd  
Barriball Motors Ltd, Inglewood4UM416/8/96Midhurst Motors Ltd  
Barriball Motors Ltd, Inglewood4WU54184/2/98Midhurst Motors Ltd  
MacWeld Services, Lepperton, Taranaki.WU54183/6/98reg lapsed 3/6/02  
2436731968EA2194 Barriball Motors Ltd, Inglewood2EA21548/4/76C40F 6cyl  
Barriball Motors, Inglewood2EA215415/3/90Midhurst Motors Ltd  
Barriball Motors Ltd, Inglewood2UM216/8/96Midhurst Motors Ltd  
K J Murray, Tokoroa.XD42361/7/98Movan  
D W Senior & J E Marsh, Renwick.XD42366/4/99Movan  
H D Head, Motueka.XD423620/4/05Movan; reg on hold 05  
34390411/7/69EF2173 M Pavlovich & Sons Ltd, Hamilton23EF217329/3/76V8 C44F  
Orewa Transport Ltd, Auckland.EF21734/7/77.  
Urlics Coaches Ltd, Auckland.EF21731/5/82.  
E D Bryant Ltd, Waitakaruru.EF217320/9/82.  
Murphy Buses, Thames.EF217327/2/91.  
J S Adams, Thames.EF217328/11/97Movan Reg on hold 97  
M G Houia, Waiomu, Thames.EF217314/11/08Movan Reg on hold 97  
4434051969EG6991 White Bus Service Ltd, Dannevirke2EG6991?Trans tour colours? V8; No LTSA record
8453636/7/70FG3422 Bonnici Coachlines Ltd, New Lynn8FG342219/6/74V8 C44F 
Turnbulls Coaches Ltd, Christchurch?FG34227/5/75  
Hawarden Garage & Transport Ltd22FG342227/6/75  
N G Adams, Chrsistchurch PQ404817/5/91Movan; chg plate 20/6/91 
B & M R Lees, Silverdale PQ404824/10/00Movan 
G F & V M D'Auvergne, Christchurch PQ40487/2/04Movan 
9453641970FG3093 Hawarden Garage and Transport Ltd, Hawarden, N Cant.23FG309327/6/75 Red & white Trans Tours colours V8 C44F
Karamea Motors, Karamea.FG309323/6/92. 
A R Mennie, Riverton.FG309318/10/02Movan 
1447174See M Pavlovich & Sons Ltd  
31473021971FP2043 United Passenger Services, Whangarei24FP2043c1975V8 C44F  
Newmans Coachlines, Whangarei092FP2043by 1984No LTSA record  
Rosetown Buses (G M Greaves), Te Awamutu4FP2043?"Punu Paki"  
32473011971FP2120 Allans Motors, Shannon.FP2120?V8 C44F; No LTSA record 
334805521/7/71FT1081 Turnbulls Coaches Ltd, Christchurch33?FT108124/5/74V8 C44F  
Bonnici Coachlines Ltd, New Lynn33FT10818/9/75.  
Allan Motors Ltd, Shannon.FT10811/6/76.  
Allans Coachlines Ltd, Masterton.FT108117/7/84.  
T A & W S Chamlers , Raumati Beach.FT108116/5/97Movan  
D G & E J Orchard , Paraparaumu.FT10817/11/06Movan; Reg on hold 08  
34515091972FW4104 Black & White Buses, Tauranga.FW4104?V8 C44F; No LTSA record 

Between 1972 and 1976 Bonnici Motors Ltd of Auckland purchased 42 Seddon Pennine IV coaches with C44F Hawke SuperCruiser bodies. Numbers 40 and 43 had 6 cylinder engines. The remainder were powered by Perkins 510 V8s.

These had a very distinctive style and are instantly recognisable. In a desperate bid to get some growth back into the economy Bill Birch and Rob Muldoon came up with series of "think big" projects in the early 80's. The merits of these projects were debated in some quarters at the time and history hasn't been kind to the projects. However operators with the contracts to transport the workers definately thought big and grabbed all the Bonnici coaches, which were certainly big.

Bonnici Motors Ltd became Bonnici Coachlines Ltd in 1974. There is no record of ownership of these coaches moving between Bonnici Coachlines Ltd and Midland Coachlines Ltd. By 1981 Midland Coachlines had gained control of Trans Tours and these buses seemed to move quite freely between the Midland and Trans Tours fleets.

Bonnici Seddons
From left two right: Seddon SuperCruiser 40, Ford D 5, Seddon SuperCruisers 49 and 50, Seddon Cruiser 9. Photo: Peter Trevor

The first four did not have the raised floor and step in the roof line of the other 38.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
355151429/6/72GC6643 Turnbull Coaches Ltd, Chrischurch35GC664324/5/74.  
Bonnici Coachlines Ltd, New Lynn, Auckland35GC66438/9/75Used for camping tours  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru35GC664316/10/80.  
Missing Link (Stuart & Heather Cadenhead), Christchurch??GC6643 15/11/01Isuzu 6BD power 
Missing Link (Stuart & Heather Cadenhead), Christchurch??MISEX 20/12/01  
Redwood Coachlines (Rodney Smith), Christchurch??BYW8908/4/04.
Missing Link (Heather Cadenhead), Christchurch??BYW89024/6/05Reg on hold  
P M & S Dugdale, Ashburton??BYW89015/12/06Movan; To Waimate 08
36515131972GM5406 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Timaru36GM5406?  
375250715/12/72GJ1047 Turnbulls Coaches Ltd, Christchurch37?GJ104724/5/74.  
Bonnici Coachlines Ltd, New Lynn37GJ10478/9/75.  
Matakohe Passenger Transport Ltd?GJ104720/7/81.  
Otene Buses Ltd, Mangamuka Bridge?GJ10472/6/87.  
registration lapsed..6/2/98.  
38525082/3/73GJ1261 Turnbulls Coaches Ltd, Christchurch38?GJ126124/5/74.  
Bonnici Coachlines Ltd, New Lynn38GJ12618/9/75.  
Hawke Coachwork Ltd, Takanini?GJ126120/8/80Damaged????  
Gubbs Motors Ltd, Warkworth8GJ126129/8/80.
Valley Services, Wangamata?GJ126118/11/83.  
Taitumu Travel, Coromandel?GJ126112/6/89Ken Taitumu  
Douglas Adams, Whitianga?GJ126119/6/89.  
Murphy Buses, Thames?GJ126127/1/95.  
G Everitt, Waihi?GJ12614/2/99Movan  
R C Everitt, Waihi?GJ126130/3/05Movan
J D Blair, Patutahi, Gisborne?GJ12617/3/07Movan; To Whangara 08; Reg on hold 08  

38 coaches Hawke SuperCruiser RC44F
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
39525856/12/73GY7709 Bonnici Coachlines Ltd, New Lynn39GY770928/6/74.  
Allans Coachlines Ltd, Masterton3GY770930/6/81.  
Taki Johnson, Napier?GY770925/5/88.  
Johnsons Coach Lines, Napier?GY77091/9/88.  
D & R Haerewa, Napier?GY770913/2/91.  
Max Sturm, Wairoa?GY77095/7/96.  
Registration lapsed .26/2/01.  
G R Hedley, Frasertown BYW6011/4/04Movan  
A J & K S Hawthorne, Tauranga BYW6015/10/06Movan  
D S Banks, Christchurch BYW60113/1/09Movan  
40530306/12/73GY7710 Bonnici Coachlines Ltd, New Lynn40GY771028/6/74.  
Orewa Transport Ltd, Auckland?GY77106/4/81.  
Urlics Coaches Ltd, Auckland?GY77103/5/82.  
Allans Coachlines Ltd, Masterton?GY77102/4/85.  
Johnsons Coach Lines, Napier?GY771022/5/87.  
D & R Haerewa, Napier?GY771013/2/91.  
Registration lapsed .11/10/97.  
D P Benson, Hastings AWQ1147/10/02Movan; reg on hold 07  
W M Burgess, Napier AWQ11418/9/08Movan 
41525876/12/73GY7712 Orewa Transport Ltd, Milford Auckland.GY77121/9/80.  
Urlic Coaches Ltd, Auckland4GY77123/5/82.  
C E King, Milford, Auckland.GY77125/3/90.  
B Hall, Russell.GY771217/7/92.  
B & M Transport (B A Hall), Russell.GY771224/3/95.  
G A & E J Trass, Kaikohe.GY77126/11/97Movan?  
Ian Trass, Martinborough.GY771222/4/98Movan?  
F Backhouse-Smith, Kaikohe.GY77125/5/03Movan Reg on hold 00  
42525866/12/73GY7711 Bayes Bros Dairy Flat Ltd 14GY77114/2/82 previous name of Bayes Coachlines  
Nalla Holdings Ltd, Palmerston North.GY77111/6/87 operated by Madge 
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North.GY77114/3/94.  
Transbay Coaches, Whakatane.GY771124/6/98.  
Whakatane Coachlines Ltd, Whakatane.GY771117/8/98.  
M G & J M Curran, Browns Bay.GY771112/7/01Movan; Reg on hold 05; To Kerikeri 08
435303126/3/74HA7731 D J Koni Motor Services Ltd, Manunui, Taumarunui.HA77311/2/826 cyl  
R J & L J Chateris, Hastings.HA773119/9/90 Reg lapsed 1997; Operated in Taumarunui  
R F & M A Sears, Manurewa.ALP80318/2/02Movan  
S I & H J McIver, Torbay, Auckland.ALP80331/1/06Movan; Reg on hold 07/06  
445258426/3/74HA7732 Abbots Motors Ltd, Papatoetoe1HA77329/9/80  
M Pavlovich & Sons Ltd, Frankton.HA77328/3/84  
Abbots Motors Ltd, Papatoetoe1HA773226/3/84  
Douglas Roy Bonnici, Blockhouse Bay.HA773217/7/84   
Abbots Motors Ltd, Papatoetoe1HA773216/4/85  
Otene Buses Ltd, Blockhouse Bay.HA77325/3/87   
R E Martin, Mangere.HA77328/12/88Reg on hold 05 
M A Trevathan, Takanini HA77324/9/09Reg on hold 05 
455521726/3/74HA7733 Turnbulls Coaches Ltd, Christchurch45?HA773330/7/75  
Bonnici Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch45HA77338/8/77  
Shaws Transport Ltd, Pukekohe?HA77338/12/81.  
A G Brougham Buses Ltd, Pukekohe?HA773318/12/86.  
G T Tupaea, Napier?HA773315/1/90.  
Attwin Holdings Ltd, Napier?HA773329/1/90.  
Demspey Buses Ltd, Raetihi?HA773312/6/92.  
R & T Passenger Service, Taihape?HA773318/3/02T M & R J Johnston  
R F Gill, Mangakino HA77335/4/05Movan  
R G Koridon, Tirau?HA77333/7/06CoF Exp 12/06
J G Banks, Rotorua HA773328/1/08Movan; To Kelston, AK 09; Reg on hold 08  
465521826/3/74HF5265 Turnbulls Coaches Ltd, Christchurch.HF52659/7/75   
Bonnici Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch46HF52658/8/77.  
Whangarei Bus Service Ltd, Whangarei101HF526512/12/80"Taniwha"  
White Bus Service Ltd, Dannevirke.HF526530/6/82.  
Corporation of Development Finance, Hamilton.HF526529/9/86leaser  
Murphy Buses, Kerepehi.HF526512/11/87Todd Murphy  
Murphy Buses, Kerepehi.HF526525/10/90I W & N J P & T D Murphy  
W H Fuller, Palmerston North.HF526513/7/93.  
Palmerston North Coach Line Ltd, Palmerston North.HF52657/3/97.  
B R Thomas, Thames.HF526518/7/01 converted at some time to Isuzu BDIT motor; Reg on hold 03  
475522116/9/74HF5459 Turnbulls Coaches Ltd, Christchurch47?HF545915/7/75   
Bonnici Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch47HF54598/8/77 to Midland c1981? 
H & H Travel Lines Ltd, New Plymouth47HF545928/6/83.  
M D & L F Buick, Invercargill.HF545924/1/94Movan  
M P & D J Ryan, Westport.HF545911/8/04Movan  
48552221/10/74HH2941 Turnbulls Coaches Ltd, Christchurch48?HH29417/5/75.
Bonnici Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch48HH29418/8/77.  
Leopard Coach Lines Ltd, Darfield?HH294118/12/81.  
Nelson Suburban Bus Co, Nelson?HH29419/2/84.  
Buller Motorways Ltd, Westport?HH29419/2/84CoF exp 11/03  
Seabarn Whanau Investments Ltd, Westport HH294124/4/06Reg on hold 03  
49552209/12/74HI538 Turnbulls Coaches Ltd, Christchurch49?HI53822/7/75   
Bonnici Coachlines Ltd, Auckland49HI53810/3/81   
Vickers Passenger Service Ltd, Balclutha?HI53825/11/81   
A J Lugg, Chrischurch?HI53822/6/84   
Confederate Coachlines Ltd, Chrischurch?HI5381/2/85   
Rangiora Coachlines Ltd?HI53812/9/85   
D J Spicer, Christchurch?GDAY2U10/5/90Change plate 28/05/90  
Kaikoura Tours Ltd?PT234312/3/91Change plate 12/3/91  
D W Senior, Renwick?PT234312/3/04Movan
50552199/12/74HI537 Turnbulls Coaches Ltd, Christchurch.HI53728/7/75.  
Bonnici Coachlines Ltd, Parnell50HI53710/3/81.  
B D Batchelor, Kaiapoi.HI5372/2/82Movan?  
Manson Distributors, Christchurch.HI5372/2/82Movan? reg cancelled 4/10/96  
L R Dennis, Motueka.UU712920/12/96Movan. Reg lapsed 4/7/98  
G H Head, Motueka..7/10/99Movan. Not registered  
515918619/11/75HN7091 Travefar Coaches Ltd, Rangiora.HN70913/12/81.  
A J M Cresswell Ltd, Cambridge.HN70911/2/83.  
Couper Motors Ltd, Putaruru.HN70917/8/86.  
J A Dunn, Pukekohe.HN709124/11/87Postal address Cambridge  
C & J Jonkman, Ngaruawahia.HN70917/9/00Movan with Mahons Amusements  
C Jonkman, Pahiatua HN709115/9/05Movan; Reg on hold 06  
A L & E C Hayward-Smith, Blenheim HN70912/6/09Movan  
525918519/11/75HN7090 Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Whangarei110HN70907/7/83To Midland Coachlines  
W T Hindmarsh, Patutahi, Gisborne.HN70909/12/85.  
Te Wharakura O Arawhenua, Invercargill.HN709018/6/93.  
A C Clarke, Grasmere, Invercargill.HN709012/9/02Movan  
S C & M M Nicol, Invercargill.HN70903/10/05Movan; Reg on hold 06  
60591834/2/76HP2093 W Dodd Motors, Woodend, Christchurch.HP20931/2/82.  
W N Dodd, Woodend, Christchurch.HP209313/6/90.  
N & S Carter Ltd, Ranui, Auckland. HP20937/9/90.  
P Versloot, Christchurch.HP209315/4/97Movan; Reg on hold 05  
615918410/12/75HN7141 Buller Motorways Ltd, Westport.HN71412/6/82Reg on hold 06  
625918210/12/75HN7142 Ruapehu Transport Ltd, New Lynn.HN714217/6/82.  
Te Karaka Bus Co, Te Karaka, Gisborne.HN714222/3/85.  
Te Karaka Bus Co, Te Karaka, Gisborne.BUS27116/2/04Reg on hold 08
63591814/2/76HP2092 Newmans Coachlines, Whangarei111HP20923/9/82.  
Rosetown Buses (G M Greaves), Te Awamutu14HP209218/7/91"Rumble Guts"  
Dobson Motors Ltd, Te Kuiti.HP209219/1/94.  
D R & A C Bognuda, Wanganui.HP20926/7/99 Registration lapsed 14/10/02 
645988317/3/76HP2193 Wadsworth Motors Ltd, Tapawera, Nelson.HP219313/12/95 This record looks suspiciously incomplete.
H Takaroa, Dunedin.HP219328/4/06Movan; Reg on hold 07; To Hokitika 08  
655988217/3/76HP2194 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Whangarei112HP219420/9/82Did this go to Midland?  
Rosetown Buses (G M Greaves), Te Awamutu23HP219418/7/91"Tangata Whenua"  
Dobson Motors Ltd, Te Kuiti.HP219419/1/94.  
R J Charteris, Hastings.HP219420/6/94.  
McGrath Buses, Manunui8HP219423/6/98Failed CoF 01/02  
S J Durbin, Kakahi HP219411/12/06Reg on hold 02  
scrapped  15/5/09  
66598845/5/76HQ3408 H & H Travel Lines Ltd, New Plymouth166HQ340828/6/83Did this go to Midland?  
R & D Haerewa, Onekawa, Napier.HQ340829/5/87.  
H D Heffernan, Onekawa, Napier.HQ340823/7/98Reg lapsed 30/7/01  
67598855/5/76HQ3409 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Whangarei113HQ340920/9/82Did this go to Midland?  
Nelson Tourist Services Ltd, Motueka.HQ340917/4/86.  
Te Karaka Motors Ltd, Te Karaka, Gisborne.HQ34092/3/92.  
C G Garrett, Morrinsville.HQ340913/6/03Movan No CoF  
A N Harwood, Hamilton.HQ340915/3/04Movan Mo CoF  
G W Wykes & T M Mueller, Huntly.HQ340924/5/04Movan; To Paeroa 10  
68602241976HQ3523 Midland Coachlines68?HQ3253 ..  
H & H Travel Lines, New Plymouth968HQ35231983    
Mount Cook Group Ltd, Christchurch.OE867113/12/89.  
Rosetown Buses (G M Greaves), Te Awamutu4OE867118/9/92 "Arahanga"  
Hamilton City Buses Ltd.OE867119/1/94.  
R W Greenland, Tiniroto.OE86711/7/98Movan  
R W Greenland & L Houghton, Tiniroto.OE86714/3/99Movan Cof exp 04/04  
R W Greenland, Tiniroto.OE867131/8/05Movan; To Gisborne 10
696022515/6/76HQ3522 Midland Coachlines69?HQ3252.Converted to 3-axle C20FX for Starliner  
H & H Travel Lines, New Plymouth287HQ352231/8/93 Acquired with Starliner service  
Mount Cook Group, Christchurch4HQ352220/3/89 Operated by Edgewater Adentures on Wanaka-Tarras connection
M G Napper, Wanaka.HQ35223/10/90Movan?  
S L Goldsworthy, Blenheim.HQ352220/3/95Movan?  
Highlander Holdings Ltd, Alexandra.HQ35224/2/03Movan  
B W Sutherland, Dunedin.HQ35222/6/07Movan; Reg on hold 08  
706022619/7/76IC1235 H & H Travel Lines, New Plymouth270IC123531/8/83Acquired from Midland  
C W Withers, New Plymouth.IC123530/6/86.  
Withacar Rental Ltd, New Plymouth.IC123523/8/93.
Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd, Stratford48IC123529/8/95.  
Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd, Stratford48UI4818/6/96.  
C P Wilkie, Hastings.UI4830/4/97.  
Karamu Coachlines Ltd, Hastings.UI4816/1/98.  
M L Allen, Napier.UI489/8/02.  
J E & M S Oliver, Otane, Hawkes Bay.UI482/2/04Movan; To Waipukurau 08
Note that both 68 and 71 have chassis nbr 60227 on reg papers
716022719/7/76IC1234 Guthreys Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch.IC123431/8/83Acquired from Midland  
C W Withers, New Plymouth.IC123425/10/89.  
Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd, Stratford47IC123426/1/96.  
Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd, Stratford47UI4718/6/96.  
C P Wilkie, Hastings.UI4730/4/97.  
I C Cave, Rotorua.UI4710/12/97.  
D J Bowman, Kaitaia.UI4723/1/98.  
Bowmans 2000 Ltd, Kaitaia.UI4724/1/00.  
R & L Marshall, Taipa, Northland.UI471/2/01Movan  
Masons Gourmet Express, Kaitaia.UI4727/2/04Movan Reg on hold 04  
T E Mason, Papakura UI477/7/09Movan Reg on hold 04  
72 and 81 are both shown as chassis 60233. One of then was 60223.
726023311/8/76IC1310 H & H Travel Lines, Auckland172IC131010/8/87To Midland? changes of ownership pre-1987 not on Motor reg.  
Eastern Buses, Te Araroa.IC131010/8/87John Haerewa  
Eastern Buses (1999) Ltd, Te Araroa.IC131017/11/99Reg lapsed 4/6/00
736023211/8/76IC1311 Guthreys Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch.IC131131/8/83Acquired from Midland  
G E Cooper, Waitara.IC131111/12/86.  
Barriball Motors Ltd, Inglewood3IC131113/12/88.  
Barriball Motors, Inglewood3IC131115/3/90Midhirst Motors (1974) Ltd  
Barriball Motors Ltd, Inglewood3UM316/8/96Midhirst Motors (1974) Ltd  
K J & F Blair, Stratford.BQR20510/11/03Movan; Reg on hold 05; To Matakana 09  
74602281/9/76IE2054 Midland Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch74? IE20541981LTSA show initial Midland  
H & H Travel Lines, Auckland174 IE20541983.  
R J Moore Ltd, Riverton.IE205426/1/89First change of owner on Motor reg  
M F Bailey, Riverton.IE205413/11/98Movan  
R P & L M Jones, Invercargill.IE205414/12/99Movan; Reg on hold 09; To Otautau 10  
75602291/9/76IE2055 Midland Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch288? IE20551981Converted to 3-axle C20FX for Starliner  
H & H Travel Lines, Invercargill288IE20551983 Acquired with Starliner service  
Midland Coachlines Ltd, Invercargill.IE205515/11/84You figure?  
W E R Smith, Riverton.IE20559/10/91Movan  
K A & J S Pascoe, Cromwell.IE205515/11/01Movan  
M S Lawry, Levin.IE205511/1/07Movan
S J Watton & C Insley, Paihia.IE20556/6/08Movan; Reg on hold 09  
76602301/10/76IE2141 Midland Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch76? IE21411981LTSA shows initial reg to Midland  
H & H Travel Lines, Invercargill176IE21411983.  
Mt Cook Group Ltd, Christchurch.IE214125/10/89.  
Rosetown Buses (G M Greaves), Te Awamutu13IE21417/5/92"Aratika"  
Hamilton City Buses Ltd, Hamilton.IE214127/1/94.  
Mosgiel Coachlines, Dunedin.IE214122/11/94R W Mitchell  
F N Mitchell, Dunedin.IE214124/9/03Movan  
77602311/10/76IE2140 H & H Travel Lines Ltd, New Plymouth177IE214028/6/83 Acquired from Midland  
Rosetown Buses (G M Greaves), Te Awamutu10IE21407/5/92"Wahine"  
Hamilton City Buses Ltd, Hamilton.IE214027/1/94.  
Valley Coachlines, Balclutha.IE214010/11/94W L Reid  
P R Howell & R R Scott, Invercargill.IE214017/4/01 Movan  
K F & P R Hume, Cromwell.IE214010/5/07Movan; Reg on hold 09  
78602343/11/76IE2297 H & H Travel Lines Ltd, Auckland178 IE22971983New to Midland ?  
Rosetown Buses (G M Greaves), Te Awamutu17IE22977/5/92"Arahura"  
Hamilton City Buses Ltd, Hamilton.IE229727/1/94.  
Mosgiel Coachlines, Dunedin.IE229722/11/94R W Mitchell  
J A Carter, Christchurch.IE229729/8/02Movan No CoF  
Des Grey Motors Ltd, Dunedin.IE229714/10/02Dealer?  
R H Kahuroa, Invercargill.IE229721/1/04Dealer?  
M G Lowe, Wyndham.IE229720/2/04Movan Reg on hold 01  
79602353/11/76JF8171 H & H Travel Lines Ltd, Auckland179 JF817128/6/8383New to Midland  
L G Oakman, Shirley, Christchurch.JF817126/2/92.  
Collins Solomon & McCarthy Ltd, Turangi.JF81712/2/93.  
Katikati Bus Company Ltd, Katikati.JF817118/5/93.  
Cozzie Coaches Ltd, Tauranga.JF81717/10/94.  
K J Field, Waioeka Gorge, Opotiki.JF817125/6/97Movan; To Gisborne 08; Reg on hold 08  
81602331976IE2296.... No LTSA record 
845922429/11/77IQ4197 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Whangarei118 IQ419721/6/83LTSA show new to Midland Coachlines  
M J Hanham, Ashburton.IQ41979/3/93Bus & Coach Services  
A M Love & C Lammas, Stillwater.IQ41978/7/96.  
A S Mackay & F M Gray, Chrsitchurch.IQ41978/7/96.  
J H Frost-Evans, Palmerston North.IQ419728/4/03Reg on hold 03; To Rotorua 08; To Queenstown 09; To Wellington 10  
855922229/11/77IQ4198 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Whangarei290 IQ419821/6/83Reg new to Midland Coachlines  
Weir Bros, Hawera.IQ419828/1/92.  
B & P Shuttle, Rotorua.IQ419818/11/97.  
A P Gerrard, Rotorua.IQ419830/12/98Movan  
D L Ray, Christchurch.IQ419813/4/07Movan; Reg on hold 09  

Two 1977 Seddon Pennine VI coaches with Hawke SuperCruiser C44F bodies.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
825528827/9/77IM5874 H & H Travel Lines Ltd, New Plymouth182 IM587428/6/83.  
Invercargill City Transport Ltd, Invercargill.JF81719/10/91.  
Coachlines Southland Ltd, Invercargill.JF817124/10/91.  
Invercargill Passenger Transport Ltd, Christchurch.JF817120/5/93.  
J G Munro, Christchurch.JF817120/4/94Movan  
J G Munro, Christchurch.AGE31811/10/01Movan; CoF exp 09/09  
835528727/9/77IM5873 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Whangarei289 IM587321/6/83Acquired from Midland Coachlines  
Parakino School, Wanganui.IM58733/7/91.  
J Peeti, Parakino, Wanganui.IM58737/9/05Movan?  
R J Nicoll, Mangere Bridge, Auckland.IM58737/1/06Movan?  
A J O'Regan, Carteron.IM587315/1/07Movan; Reg on hold 07  

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Commercial Buses Ltd

Ten Pennine IV Coaches. 20 and 21 had Hawke Commander B45D bodies.The remainder had NZMB standard omnibus bodies with 42 or 45 seats.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
348410?1/5/72GC6512 Auckland Regional Authority171GC651218/4/77B45D  
Hanhams Buses, Albany5GC65121980?B45D  
5484091/5/72GC6513 Auckland Regional Council172GC651318/4/77B45D
R John Kennedy, Orewa1GC651327/3/80.  
Bayes Bros Dairy Flat Ltd16GC651311/5/82.  
P & S E Marrow, Kaukapakapa.GC651324/12/98Movan  
L A Ward, Lower Hutt.GC65139/12/03Movan  
WARDZ17/2/04Movan Cof exp 12/04  
Wards RV Accessories, Lower Hutt.WARDZ17/5/05Movan; L A & N E Ward  
I D & J M Watt, Tangimoana.ELY49424/9/08Movan  
74832016/9/71FT8118 Auckland Regional Authority173FT811818/4/77B42D
Hanhams Buses, Albany4FT811827/3/80.  
R N Cannell, Takaka.FT811828/9/90Movan?  
P W Le Frantz, Upper Moutere.FT81189/4/01Movan; Reg on hold 05  
9483211971FT8127 Auckland Regional Authority174FT812718/4/77B42D; No LTSA record; became a horsefloat
Ray Vincent Ltd?FT812727/3/80Dealer  
No LTSA record?FT81271980Horsefloat in Cambridge  
17471814/8/70FH4447 Auckland Regional Authority175FH444718/4/77B42D
Hardy's Passenger Service, Patumahoe2FH444712/5/80Keith Hardy  
John McCulloch, Te Kauwhata?FH44476/8/82.  
Carleys Transport Ltd, Te Kauwhata?FH444725/10/95.  
K L & J A Miller, Waipawa?FH444711/3/97Movan  
L Cooper, Hector?FH444717/7/07Movan; To Seddonville 08; Reg on hold 08; To Upper Moutere 10  
18471804/8/70FH4448 Auckland Aregional Authority176FH444818/4/77B42D
Hardy's Passenger Service, Patumahoe9FH444812/5/80 Keith Hardy & Heather Evelyn  
Parakai Travel Ltd?FH444819/12/85.  
McLeod Motors Helensville Ltd?FH444818/10/93.  
B E Hollands, Torbay?FH444822/8/02Movan; Reg on hold 07; To Kumeu 08
19471764/8/70FH4449 Auckland Regional Authority177FH444918/4/77B42D; LPG
Waipawa Buses Ltd12FH444912/5/80.  
A D Whyte, Hastings.FH444914/4/05.  
205382227/8/73GM7713 Auckland Regional Authority178GM771319/4/77B42D Hawke
Turley Motors, Te Aroha?GM771327/3/80.  
R J & E A Evans, Paeroa?GM771322/2/02Movan  
215382310/9/73GN7357 Auckland Regional Authority179GN735719/4/77B42D Hawke
Greenhalgh Coachlines Ltd, Swanson18GN735727/3/80taken over 1981
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd18GN735717/3/00.  
Go-Bus Transport Ltd, Te Awamutu?GN735718/7/01.  
W Harding & D Malloch, Picton?GN73574/9/01Cof exp 02/02  
D R Malloch, Masterton?GN73571/4/06Movan; To Wellington 09  
D C Scott-Wood & M M Squire, Wellington EQP5536/1/10Movan  
24471774/8/70FH4450 Auckland Regional Authority180FH445018/4/77B42D; No LTSA record
Lancaster Motors Ltd, Christchurch FH44502/4/80Dealer  
Redwood Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch?FH44501980   

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Howick & Eastern Buses Ltd

One Pennine IV bus NZMB B41D body.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
29519191972GC9729No LTSA record....  

Four Pennine VI buses. Number 1 , 15 and 51 and Hawke Commander B51D bodies. 30 had an NZMB B46D body. 51 was Eastern Buses number 11 before the two fleets were merged in 1983 - 40 years after Tom Hadfield acquired Howick Bus Company.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
1560187/5/75HL9035 Raymond Phillips, Papakura.HL903527/10/89.
Shaws Transport Ltd, TakaniniS23HL903529/8/94.
A M Blackman, Waihi.HL903513/1/06.  
D D Murray, Waihi.HL90355/7/07Movan  
S M Birch, New Plymouth.HL903522/1/08Movan  
15560197/5/75HL9034 Whanagrei Bus Services Ltd.NS74398/2/90.  
Athol Cave, Whangarei.NS743924/5/94.  
Bowman Buses, Kaitaia1NS743913/1/97.  
Dobson Motors Ltd, Te Kuiti6NS74395/6/97Stationed at Tokoroa
Kevin Higgs, Porirua.NS74392/7/03Movan; Reg on hold 05  
Dave Hoare, Titahi Bay&nsbp;NS74397/9/10Movan; Reg on hold 05  
30519214/7/73GM4977 Shaws Transport Ltd, Pukekohe.GM497713/7/88 
Shaws Transport Ltd, Pukekohe.OH298214/4/89   
Harkers Passenger Services Ltd, Wauiku.OH298230/9/98   
I R Mitchell, Glenbrook.OH289211/4/00Movan  
destroyed in warehouse fire.28/11/01    
51560621975HL9036No LTSA record...   

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Midland Coachlines Ltd. Christchurch

Eleven Pennine IV Coaches with Midland bodies. 140-142 were composite coaches. After Bonnici Coachlines were acquired by Midland many of the Bonnici fleet also served with Midland. These mostly remained registered to Bonnici Coachlines so LTSA records do not show the transfer to Midland.

Midland Seddon
A Midland bodied Seddon Pennine Coach. Photo from OB Monograph 6
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
9471781/6/71FR4932 McDermotts Coaches Ltd, Winton.FR493211/7/78C40F  
Newmans Coachlines Ltd288FR49329/6/83.  
John Sturm, Te Hoe.FR493223/7/91.  
Simpsons Bus Service, Te Kauwhata.FR49325/4/95Simpsons Farms Ltd  
Go-Bus Transport Ltd.FR493222/5/97.  
Hamilton City Council.FR493218/6/98Employment Initiatives  
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku.FR49324/10/01.  
J & S Buses, Papakura.FR49327/5/02James Taia  
Alpha Omega Buses, Mangere.FR493222/3/05Gordon Snow; off road from 09/05
D R & G R Boswell,Hikuai.FR493227/8/07   
10483261971FS3768 Newmans Coachlines Ltd, Whangarei114FS376821/6/83C48F V8  
Cunninghams Passenger Services Ltd, Westport.FS376822/8/85.  
Ray Vincent Ltd, Penrose.FS376822/5/87.  
L R Passenger Service, Papatoetoe.FS376828/4/88.  
Clevedon Charter Coaches Ltd, Clevedon.FS37683/10/89.  
David Morunga, Mangere.FS376812/9/91.  
Drury Truck Spares.FS379827/1/93Damaged  
registration lapsed..29/10/95.  
11505851972FS8206No LTSA record...C48F V8  
125088628/3/72DU2374 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Whangarei115DU237421/6/83C48F V8  
Clevedon Charter Coaches Ltd.DU237415/5/90.  
Matchmarc Holdings Ltd, Wiri.DU237415/5/92Otene Buses?  
Otene Buses Ltd, Mangamuka Bridge.DU23741/11/94CoF exp 10/01  
withdrawn from use. 29/4/05   
14515682/8/72GF961 McDermotts Coaches Ltd, Winton9GF96111/7/78C40F  
Waynes Coachlines Ltd, Queenstown.GF96127/5/78.  
registration lapsed..1/8/98.  
Ian George, no address.GF96121/10/98CoF exp 11/02; At Welcome Bay Tauranga 2007
15515721/9/72GF1297 Guthreys Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch?GF129728/7/83C48F V8  
Vickers Capital Coachlines, Wellington?GF129718/1/88.  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd?GF129722/6/89.  
Redwood Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch?GF129711/11/03.  
T N Goulden, Christchurch?GF129724/6/05CoF exp 12/06  
Missing Link Bus Co, Yaldhurst?MISEX12/5/07H C & S J Cadenhead  
16515715/10/72GF1631 Guthreys Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch?GF163128/6/83C48F V8  
Vickers Capital Coachlines, Wellington?GF163118/1/88.  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd?GF163122/6/89.  
Redwood Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch?GF163115/5/03.
S R Abernethy, Okuku, Canterbury?GF163123/6/06 Race car transporter  
T M Catlow, Christchurch T0RACE14/4/08Race car transporter; Reg on hold 08  
19515677/12/72GF5579 Shaws Transport Ltd, Takanini.GF557920/6/78C40F  
R & T Bogaard Ltd, Pukekohe.GF557930/1/01Movan?  
J P Newton, Te Puke.GF55797/4/02Reg on hold 04; To Maketu 10  
1404535612/12/71DJ6490 Midland Coachlines Ltd140?DJ649012/6/72C20Ftv V8 New to Midland Edwards, Auckland  
Bruns Charter Services Ltd, Waipukurau8DJ649031/10/78.  
J A Maguire, Feilding.DJ649022/6/05Movan  
E J Munday, Feilding.DJ649021/12/05Movan  
141453551971DJ8868No LTSA record...C20Ftv V8  
142483272/8/71FR5564 O L Jenkins Motors Ltd, Gore.FR55648/7/80C20Ftv V8  
Robert Christie, Balclutha.FR556427/6/89.  
Allan Buchanan, Invercargill.FR556419/9/97.  
R C & G W Merrin, Kaiapoi.FR55643/7/01Movan  

Four Pennine V Coaches with Midland C45F bodies. All these coaches had V8 engines
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
5471731/10/71FR8341 Hawarden Garage & Transport Co Ltd.FR834110/3/78C40F  
Te Karaka Bus Company.FR83413/4/87   
registration lapsed..28/5/01   
P J Land, Kaiti..19/9/01Movan?  
N S Land, Kaiti.BBF10420/1/03Movan?  
P J Land, Kaiti.BBF1046/12/04Movan?  
L B & P S Dent, Huntly BBF10416/9/06Movan  
R Richards, Hamilton BBF10430/5/08Movan  
registration lapsed  14/8/09Movan 
6471721/11/71FS1194 Whangarei City Council22FS11947/6/78C40F  
Cambridge Travel Lines.FS119420/8/87Tauwhare Transport Ltd  
C F & B J Innskeep, Cambridge.FS119421/11/00Movan; To Opotiki 08  
7471741971FS2779No LTSA record...C40F  
84717520/12/71FS4175 Hawarden Garage & Transport Co Ltd..FS417510/3/78C40F  
Raymond Holgate, Christchurch.FS417530/8/91.  
Bus & Coach Services, Ashburton.FS417525/8/93Michael Hanham  
B V & R D Rusbatch, Mosgiel.FS417523/6/95Movan?  
Eccles Concrete Cutting, Balcutha.FS417519/10/98Movan?  
D R Richardson, Balcutha.FS417515/8/01Movan?  
Clutha Homes 200 Ltd, Balcutha.FS417512/3/02Movan  

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Mt Cook Landlines, Christchurch

Three Pennine IV Coaches with NZMB bodies. These had V8 510 engines. The company was still Mt Cook & Southern Lakes Tourist Co Ltd when these vehicles were delivered.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
161515102/2/72FS4764 Mt Cook Freightlines Ltd, Timaru769FS46742/6/82C40F  
Mt Cook Group Ltd, Timaru769FS467416/11/84.  
Charter Trucks Ltd, Christchurch.FS467425/11/93.  
A R B Hamilton, Auckland.FS467415/4/96Movan  
T J Hodge, Mamaku.FS467415/10/98Movan; Reg on hold 99  
registration lapsed  27/8/09  
162515112/2/72FS4765 Mt Cook Freightlines Ltd, Timaru770FS47652/6/82C40F  
Mt Cook Group Ltd, Timaru770FS476516/11/84.  
Allan Buchanan, Invercargill.FS476529/3/94.  
P Cranstoun, Lumsden.FS47659/12/99Movan?  
J M Davies, Dunedin.FS476522/12/01Movan  
R R Marsom, Hamilton.FS476516/4/07Movan; To Motueka 10  
1635151224/2/72FS5121 Hawkes Bay Motor Co Ltd63FS51211/11/74C45F
Mt Cook Group Ltd, Pahiatua63FS5121.Pahiatua  
Pahiatua Passenger Services (1984) Ltd.FS512111/6/84.  
Allan Buchanan, Invercargill7FS51212/10/90.  
P T Hereaka, Invercargill.FS51216/6/04no CoF  
R W Barrett, Invercargill.FS512117/1/05no CoF  
A P Dee, Invercargill.FS512122/2/05no CoF  
K H Bull, Makarewa, Invercargill.FS51214/11/06no CoF  

One Pennine VI Coach with NZMB body
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
171519207/12/72GF5610 Hawkes Bay Motor Company.GF561017/7/80C45F  
Weir Bros, Hawera.GF56104/5/81.  
Rose Coach Lines, Dannevirke5GF561020/8/98With Viking Tours Ltd (same operator) in 2002  
E McGregor, Dannevirke.MADGIK3/9/02Movan  
R J & S J Monk, Mourea, Rotorua.MADGIK31/1/07Movan; To Hamilton 08; To Ashburton 09  

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Newlands-Wellington Coach Service Ltd

One Pennine V Coaches with NZMB C45F body.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
15483241973GU3869 Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd, Stratford9 GU386922/9/81C40F  
JAMO91/5/97to BAF243 10/12/02
R G Simons, Stratford?BAF24320/12/02Reg on hold 03  

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Nimon & Son Ltd, Havelock North

Two Pennine IV Coaches with Hawke Commander B50D bodies.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
175227411/11/74HH8124 C L Searle, Masterton.HH812418/5/05C40F; Movan; Reg in hold 07; To Auckland 08; To Kaiaua 10
205922312/10/77IP4124 C A Benny, Hastings.IP41241/3/06C40F; Reg on hold 06; To Havelock North 08; to Clive 10

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M Pavolovich & Sons Ltd

This V8 Seddon Pennine IV coaches with Hawke Cruiser C44F body spent its first few years alternating between Pavlovich in Hamilton and Bonnici in Auckland.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?4717925/8/70EG9430 Bonnici Motors Ltd, New Lynn14EG943027/10/71.  
M Pavlovich & Sons Ltd?EG943016/9/72.  
Bonnici Motors Ltd, New Lynn14EG94303/1/73.  
M Pavlovich & Sons Ltd?EG943028/6/73.  
Orewa Transport Ltd, Auckland?EG943014/10/75.  
Blueline Motors Buses Ltd, Hamilton?EG94305/3/81.  
Blueworth Buses, Hamilton?EG943011/5/87CJ Worth Ltd  
Patea Rugby Football Club Inc?EG94307/6/94.  
R T Neale, Hawera?EG943023/3/99Movan; Reg on hold 00; To Waitara 08  

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Ivan Runciman

This Seddon Pennine IV bus was Abbots Motors Number 8. Any information about the first two owners would be welcome.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
?4831820/8/71FQ9883 Ronald Wood, Papatoeotoe?FQ98837/5/76DP51F  
Abbots Motors Ltd, Papatoeotoe8FQ98835/7/77.  
Abbots Motors, Blockhouse Bay8FQ988317/7/84Gordon Bonnici  
Abbots Motors Ltd, Papatoeotoe8FQ988316/4/85.  
Otene Buses Ltd, Mangamuka Bridge?FQ98835/3/87.  
Registration cancelled?.17/11/00.  

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Ken Webb Ltd

Two Seddon Pennine VI coaches with Hawke Commander Bodies
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
3546911973GY1875 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Whangarei093GY18753/9/80C45F  
Hanhams Buses, Albany16GY1875by 1985C45F  
8560636/10/76HQ1788 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Whangarei098HQ17883/9/80C44F  
Carleys Transport Ltd, Te Kauwhata.HQ178825/10/95.  
C J MacGillivray.HQ17881/2/02.  
NR & SL Shepherd.HQ178811/2/03.  
C J MacGillivray.HQ17886/5/03Reg lapsed 3/5/04  

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Weld Motors Ltd, Palmerston North

Four Pennine Vs. Number 12 was on the Rangitikei River bridge at Bulls when it collapsed. The body was then modifed by Hawke and placed on a new chassis to become Abbots 4 (see above).
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
1483256/7/73GU9594 Shaws Transport Ltd, Pukekohe.GU959421/6/89NZMB C45F V8  
Harkers Passenger Services Ltd, Waiuku.GU959430/9/98.  
Star Farms, Waiuku.GU95944/12/00M J F van der Star  
registration lapsed..22/3/04.  
12483221972G08850 written off..15/6/73NZMB C45F V8  
145255121/3/74HE4418 Eastern Coachlines (Robert Haerewa), Napier.HE44185/4/89NZMB B49F  
D Mangin, Norsewood.HE441823/7/98Reg on hold 97  
15525501974HT6986No LTSA record... Stratford MB DP53F  

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Whenuapai Bus Co Ltd

Four Pennine IVs. 18 and 19 were rebuilt by the comapny as Corsairs
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
15308027/9/74HH2838 Whenuapai Bus Co 1980 Ltd1HH283816/4/80Hawke Commander B50D
Whangarei Bus Services?HH283826/1/83.  
Adams Bus Services, Whangarei?HH283824/5/94.  
Adams Travelines Ltd, Whangarei?HH28386/12/96.  
B N Thornburn, Whangarei?HH283817/11/99Reg on hold 00  
reg lapsed  25/6/07   
105304620/3/73GK4339 Whenuapai Bus Co 1980 Ltd10GK433916/4/80NZMB B50D
Barriball Motors Ltd, Inglewood10GK433910/8/81   
Barriball Motors, Inglewood10 GK433915/3/90Midhurst Motors 1974 Ltd  
UM1016/8/96to YE3498 20/6/99
G J & G L Allen, Tauranga?YE34982/7/99Movan  
L P Hodge, Te Kuiti?YE349814/5/04Movan; at Te Awamutu Camping Ground; CoF exp 03/09  
16485137/11/72GH588 Whenuapai Bus Co 1980 Ltd16GH58816/4/80NZMB B50D
A J M Cresswell Ltd, Cambridge?GH58820/1/82   
James Dunn, Pukekohe?GH58812/5/86Reg on hold 99  
175308127/9/74HH2839 Whenuapai Bus Co 1980 Ltd17HH283916/4/80Hawke Commander B50D "Manu-Rire"
Parakai Travel Ltd?HH283912/6/84.  
McLeod Motors Helensville Ltd?HH283920/11/89.  
A G Clist, Huapai?HH283917/12/01Movan  
A G Clist & H P Lawn, Huapai?HH283912/5/03Movan; To Otautau 09; Cof exp 08/09  
18515691973GM2344 Used to build Corsair18KX97781982NZMB B51D no LTSA rcord
19515701973GM2944 Used to build Corsair19KX96701982NZMB B51D no LTSA rcord

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White Bus Service Ltd, Dannevirke

One Pennine IV with NZMB B48F body.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
114851717/3/72GB4153 Rebuilt see Nissan RBS Waipawa 85..1/12/99NZMB V8  

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