Leyland Leopard PSU3 Buses and Coaches

The Leyland Leopard is a medium/heavy weight underfloor engined chassis. An sp after the model designation indicates a special variation to the specification.
L1Bus Chassis 600 Engine, Synchro gearbox, 194in Wheelbase, 360in Chassis Built 1959-65
L2Coach Chassis 600 Engine, Synchro gearbox, 194in Wheelbase, 360in Chassis Built 1959-65 None of this chassis are believe to have been exported but Newlands 1 was registered as an L2
PSU3/1RBus Chassis 600 Engine, Syncro gearbox, 222in Wheelbase, 432in Chassis
PSU3/2RBus Chassis 600 Engine, Pneumatic gearbox, 222in Wheelbase, 432in Chassis
PSU4/1RBus Chassis 600 Engine, Synchro gearbox, 194in Wheelbase, 370in Chassis
PSU3A-E/2RBus Chassis 680 Engine, Pneumatic gearbox, 222in Wheelbase, 432in Chassis
PSU3A-E/4RCoach Chassis 680 Engine, Pneumatic gearbox, 222in Wheelbase, 432in Chassis
PSU3G/2RBus Chassis uprated 680 Engine, Pneumatic gearbox, 222in Wheelbase, 432in Chassis
PSU4B/4RCoach Chassis 680 Engine, Pneumatic gearbox, 194in Wheelbase, 370in Chassis

The PSU3 and PSU4 acquired letter suffixes as changes were made to the specification
PSU3A 680 Engine, gearbox changes
PSU3B New axles
PSU3C Uprated brakes
PSU3D Gear change slector mounted on Steering column. Earlier models have a pedestal
PSU3E Repositioned brake reservoirs

The vehicles on this page are actively tracked. The last registration record search was 11 April 2010.

Bonnici Coachlines Ltd

Bonnici Leyland Leopard

Photo: Graeme Farrar

In 1980 Bonnici Coachlines purchased 10 Leyland Leopard PSU3E/2R coaches with air-conditioned Hawke/Bonicietti Supercruiser C45F bodies for Trans Tours work. These buses continued the Bonnici tradition of acres of polished metal. With take overs and shake ups in the industry these passed as a fleet to Midland Motors and then to H & H Travel Lines. In 1984 seven were operating out of Christchurch (101 to 107) and three out of Auckland (108 to 110).
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
Initially registered to Bonnici Coachlines Ltd, Auckland
10179009618/8/80JQ7342 Trans Tours Operations Ltd101JQ734216/11/84.  
Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Auckland191JQ734228/6/85.  
Kapiti Charter Services Ltd, Paraparaumu.JQ73424/6/91.  
Kapiti Charter Service, Paraparaumu.JQ73424/6/91 Macdhui Contracting Ltd 
Mana Coach Services Ltd, Porirua.JQ734221/1/99.  
D H Fraser, Waikanae.JQ734211/2/00Movan  
J L Gardiner, Levin.JQ734219/6/02Movan  
D W Gardiner, Levin.JQ734215/8/03Movan  
J L Gardiner, Levin.DCW57311/1/06Movan; CoF exp 07/06  
registration lapsed  16/7/07   
102790082221/8/80JQ7360 Trans Tours Operations Ltd102JQ736016/11/84.  
Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Auckland192JQ736028/6/85.  
Hanham Buses Ltd, Albany16RS22492/12/92.  
Cesta Travel Ltd, Dunedin46RS224921/7/94.  
Southbus Ltd, Dunedin46RS224918/3/98.  
McGrath Buses Ltd, Taumaranui.RS224924/6/03CoF exp 05/09
10379009621980JX7204 Trans Tours Operations Ltd103JX720416/11/84.  
Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Auckland193JX720428/6/85 Believed exported to Sibluk, Raiwaqa, Fiji c1992  
Initially registered to Trans Tour Operations Ltd, Auckland
104PGY790154110/9/80JX7203 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Auckland194JX720328/6/85.  
Barriball Motors, Inglewood11JX720311/12/91 Midhirst Motors 1974 Ltd 
Barriball Motors, Inglewood11UM1116/8/96 Midhirst Motors 1974 Ltd
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku?CGS2301/11/04 Brian Taverner, chg plate 20/10/04 
TK Tours, Mangere138CGS23026/5/05 Thongsien & Thongyahn Keokotavang 
TK Tours Ltd, Mangere138CGS2305/1/06   
written off  25/9/09  
10579015443/10/80JX7223 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Auckland195JX722328/6/85.  
Pickering Motors Ltd, Opunake.JX722329/1/92.
Opunake Surf Inn JX722329/11/06 Opunake Tavern (2003) Ltd; CoF exp 01/07  
10679015423/10/80JX7222 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Auckland196JX722228/6/85.  
Barriball Motors, Inglewood5JX72032/12/92 Midhirst Motors 1974 Ltd 
Tranzit Group Ltd467UM517/10/06Reg on hold 07
H D & M Coughlin, Featherston UM51/6/07Movan  
10779015451980JY6467 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Auckland197JY646728/6/85 Believed exported to Sibluk, Raiwaqa, Fiji c1992
Initially registered to Bonnici Coachlines Ltd, Auckland
108PSU3E2R790154731/10/80JY6483 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Auckland198JY648328/6/85.  
Kapiti Charter Services Ltd, Paraparaumu.JY64834/6/91.  
Kapiti Charter Services, Paraparaumu.JY64837/7/98 Macdhui Contracting Ltd 
Mana Coach Services Ltd, Porirua62JY648320/1/99.
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku JY64836/7/04 Brian Taverner 
TK Tours, Mangere139JY648319/10/04 Thongsien & Thongyahn Keokotavang 
TK Tours Ltd, Mangere139CGL3555/1/06   
S H Bray, Massey, Auckland CGL35519/3/10Reg on hold 09  
10979015461980JY6495 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Auckland199JY649528/6/85 Believed exported to Sibluk, Raiwaqa, Fiji c1992 
110790154311/11/80 JY6501 Newmans Coach Lines Ltd, Auckland190JY650128/6/85.  
Ashburton Bus & Coach, Ashburton36JY65012/4/93out of use
J R Rule, Glenfield, Auckland.JY650123/8/05   
E M Lowe, Ngongotaha JY650111/11/06 Reg as truck; Reg on hold 07 

Leylands Home

Car Haulaways (NZ) Ltd

Car Haulaways had two Leopard chassis that were used for car transporters out of their Takanini depot from 1966-71. These were a big step up from the rest of the fleet of Ausitn or Morris forward control trucks. The chassis were greatly modified - especially L40252 which was built as a PSU3/2R coach chassis. The motor registration records show the vehicles belonging to Car Haulaways (NZ) Ltd, Cable Price Corp and Plamerston North motors before passing to the first PSV owner. DB5539 is shown as belonging to Cable Price Corp and passing to Car Haulways ownership only on the day it was resold to Palmerston North Motors. I suspect these two entries have been reversed when earlier records were captured and the vehicles were traded in to Cable Price when replaced. I have omitted the Cable Price and Palmerston North Motors ownership from these records as I only show dealer owners if the vehicle has remained with them for some time. The LTSA records show FQ6986 and HM4303 as the first plates in 1966. I believe these plates were first used when the chassis were registered as buses in 1971.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
?L40251DB553826/10/66 Leslie Coaches, Gordonton4FQ69862/8/71E J Geddes; PSU3/1R  
Leslie Coaches Ltd, Gordonton4FQ69866/9/76Hawke C??F  
Barriball Motors, Inglewood8UM82/3/81 Midhusrt Motors (1974) Ltd
H Wikiare & B M Darling, Rotorua XS327015/2/99 Movan; chg plate 26/1/99 
K G Marshall, Ekatahuna XS327010/7/04 Movan; Bedford 500 motor 
?L40252DB553913/7/66 Piddock & Ridley Ltd, Cambridge.HM430310/11/71 PSU3/2R Hawker Hunter C45F 
Leslie Coaches Ltd, Gordonton.HM43034/3/77.  
Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Darfield32HM43036/1/81 Conquest front 1985
Harris Tranzlines Ltd, Papakura8OM198524/12/90.  
Harris Tranzlines Ltd, Papakura?OM198517/3/92 Matchmarc Holdings Ltd, Wiri (Finance company) 
K Smith, Otahuhu?OM198526/3/93   
Lowndes Holdings Ltd, Herne bay, Auckland?OM198521/2/97   
I Zwies, Mt Roskill?OM19856/8/01   
N & S Carter Ltd, Ranui, Auckland?OM198514/9/01Cof exp 03/02  
T A Perkins, Tuapeka Mouth, Balclutha?OM198526/5/02 Reg on hold 02 
Registration lapsed  4/6/07   

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Dunedin City Council Transport Department

Twelve PSU3A/2Rsp buses with Emslie bodies. 168-175 are B41D and 176-179 are B45D
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
1687501460HT25091/10/75 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd81HT25098/4/93.  
B J Ritchie, Waitati.HT250917/7/03Movan  
D I & G R McKenzie, Oamaru.HT250923/5/05 Movan; Reg on hold 05  
1697501462HT270910/11/75 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd82HT27098/4/93.  
DOI, Harringtons Pt Rd, Dunedin.HT270922/7/03Movan?  
O B Simpson, Dunedin.HT27097/12/05Movan
S A Howie, Paraparaumu HT270929/9/07 Movan; To Otaki 08; Reg on hold 08. To Waikanae 09  
1707501461HT30476/1/76 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd83HT30478/4/93.  
L N Skurkovina, Rakaia.HT304719/11/02Movan  
I G Lambie, Ashburton.HT304727/3/03Reg on hold 03
1717501459HY347510/2/76 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd84HY34758/4/93.  
J Jones, Geraldine.HY347521/7/03Movan  
D M Halford, Mangonui HY347516/12/03 Movan 
1727501554HY36752/3/76 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd85HY36758/4/93.  
J O Digby, Cattle Valley, Fairlie.HY367531/1/03 Reg on hold 02  
1737501553HY41184/5/76 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd86HY41188/4/93.  
Ivor Lambie, Ashurton.HY411810/2/04Reg on hold 02
1747501556HY62186/8/76 Dunedin City Council Transport Dept174NM490210/12/87.  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd87NM49028/4/93.  
Ivor Lambie, Ashburton.NM49021/12/03Reg on hold 02
1757501555HY65784/10/76 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd88HY65788/4/93.  
D W Thompson, Invercargill.HY65783/10/03.  
M T Teirney, Oratia.HY657825/9/04   
B P Dougherty, Mosgiel.HY657825/9/06Reg on hold 05  
1767603734?IH479420/1/77 W J Squire, Mosgiel SQW1RE4/9/03Movan
1777603735IH479320/1/77 Motor Coach Museum, Foxton177IH479320/1/03.
Motor Coach Museum, Foxton408BYW3976/4/04 Body from WCT 408; Reg on hold 07  
1787603737IH479020/1/77 Cesta Travel Ltd32IH479016/3/93.  
R B Kenyon.IH479021/9/98No CoF  
Registration lapsed..2/12/02.  
1797603736IH478920/1//77 NZ Trolley Bus Museum Trust, Foxton179IH478928/4/92.  
NZ Trolley Bus Museum Trust, Foxton179CNL8749/3/05  
NZ Coach Services179CNL87425/9/07 Malcolm Little; Reg on hold 06  
registration lapsed  13/10/08   

Leylands Home

28 PSU3E/2R buses with NZMB/Hess aluminium 45seat bodies. 180 and 181 were DP45D, the remainder B45D
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
1807804584JH8573/5/79 Citibus Ltd180JH85729/7/91.  
Newlands Coach Service Ltd52JH85710/7/92.  
Newlands Coach Service Ltd52NCS5211/10/96.  
Mana Coach Services Ltd152NCS522/11/98.  
withdrawn from use152NCS522/11/98body to Mana 71 Volvo B10M  
1817804583JH8563/5/79 Citibus Ltd181JH85629/7/91.  
Newlands Coach Service Ltd53JH85615/1/93.  
Newlands Coach Service Ltd53NCS5311/10/96.  
Mana Coach Services Ltd153NCS532/11/98.
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku153NCS5326/3/03Brian Taverner  
J & S Buses, Papakura153NCS5312/2/04James Taia
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku NCS5325/7/06 Brian Taverner; Reg on hold 07 
1827804313JI754912/6/79 Citibus Ltd182JI754929/7/91.  
Newlands Coach Service Ltd57NCS576/10/93To NCS57 30/9/93  
Mana Coach Services Ltd157NCS572/11/98.
Tavs Coach Lines, Waiuku157NCS5726/3/03Brian Taverner  
J & S Buses, Papakura157NCS5712/2/04James Taia
J L Stanners, Masterton NCS5720/2/06Movan. To Paeroa 07; To Waihi 09  
1837804312JI754812/6/79 Citibus Ltd183JI754829/7/91.  
Newlands Coach Service Ltd54JI754815/1/93.  
Newlands Coach Service Ltd54NCS5411/10/96.  
Mana Coach Services Ltd154NCS542/11/98.  
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga16NCS5421/3/03Ken Frew Holdings Ltd
D M Herbert, Te Puke NCS5418/4/06Reg on hold  
W S Newman, Tauranga NCS5412/6/08Reg on hold 06  
1847804133JI76417/79 Citibus Ltd184JI764129/7/91.  
Newlands Coach Service Ltd58NCS583/11/93New plate 8/11/93  
Mana Coach Services Ltd158NCS582/11/98.
A & M Little, Masteron.NCS5810/10/02.  
Tranzit Group Ltd184BGG6345/5/03Leased from A & M Little, Upper Hutt
Neils Coach Service, Upper Hutt184BGG6342006 owned by Audette & Malcolm Little  
New Zealand Coach Services, Upper Hutt184BGG6342007 owned by Audette & Malcolm Little
New Zealand Coach Services, Upper Hutt184BGG63419/9/08 Boss Transport Ltd 
K A Collier, Cambridge BGG6348/3/10Boss Transport Ltd 
1857804134JI764226/6/79 Citibus Ltd185JI764229/7/91.  
Alpine Coachlines, Wanaka?JI764224/12/02Good Sports Ltd  
Redbus Ltd, Christchurch224JI764228/1/03.  
Malcolm Little, Masterton.JI764221/2/05   
Malcolm Little, Upper Hutt.JI764222/7/05 
Neils Coach Service, Upper Hutt.JI76422006Malcolm Little  
New Zealand Coach Service, Upper Hutt185JI76422006Malcolm Little
New Zealand Coach Services, Upper Hutt185JI764219/9/08 Boss Transport Ltd 
1867804136JK282313/12/79 Citibus Ltd186JK282329/7/91.  
Redbus Ltd, Christchurch216JK282330/1/03.  
A & M Little, Upper Hutt JK28231/12/05   
Neils Coach Service, Upper Hutt JK28232006A & M Little  
New Zealand Coach Service, Upper Hutt186JK28232007A & M Little  
New Zealand Coach Services, Upper Hutt186JK282319/9/08 Boss Transport Ltd 
1877804135JK282213/12/79 Citibus Ltd187JK282229/7/91.  
Newlands Coach Service Ltd51JK782210/7/92.  
Newlands Coach Service Ltd51NCS5111/10/96.  
Mana Coach Services Ltd151NCS512/11/98.
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga15NCS5121/3/03Ken Frew Holdings Ltd
D M Herbert, Te Puke NCS518/5/06   
D M Herbert & B Wilson, Te Puke NCS5113/2/07 Mobile Machine; To Tauranga 08; reg on hold 08  
1887902623JK292423/1/80 Citibus Ltd188JK292429/7/91.  
Redbus Ltd, Christchurch217JK292430/1/03.  
A & M Little, Upper Hutt JK29241/12/05A & M Little  
Neils Coach Service, Upper Hutt JK29242006A & M Little  
New Zealand Coach Service, Upper Hutt188JK29242006 A & M Little
New Zealand Coach Services, Upper Hutt188EFK1919/9/08Boss Transport Ltd 
A G Driscole, Takanini 0TTD21/12/09Boss Transport Ltd 
1897902910JK297818/2/80 Citibus Ltd189JK297829/7/91.  
Redbus Ltd, Christchurch218JK297830/1/03.  
A & M Little, Upper Hutt JK29781/12/05   
B M Pope, Paraparaumu JK297815/2/06Movan; Reg on hold  
H C Gush, Paraparaumu JK297829/6/07Movan; Reg on hold 06  
T R Rae, Paraparaumu JK29781/4/09 Movan; Reg on hold 06 
1907902624JK299422/2/80 Citibus Ltd190JK299429/7/91.
1917902625JK301029/2/80 Citibus Ltd191JK301029/7/91.  
Otago Road Services Ltd, Dunedin35AQW9357/6/02.  
1927902622JK304614/3/80 Citibus Ltd192JK304629/7/91.  
Redbus Ltd, Christchurch219JK304630/1/03.  
Neils Coach Service, Upper Hutt JK304614/9/06A & M Little  
New Zealand Coach Service, Upper Hutt192JK30462007A & M Little  
New Zealand Coach Service, Upper Hutt192JK304619/9/08Boss Transport Ltd  
1938002386KE656924/7/81 Citibus Ltd193KE656929/7/91.  
Tourism Milford Ltd.KE656912/9/96The Milford Sound Hotel  
Tourism Holdings Ltd.KE656927/1/00Milford Sound  
Milford Sound Development Authority Ltd.KE656931/8/00.
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North116KE6569 9/9/02 
1948002387KF977529/7/81 Citibus Ltd194KF977529/7/91 
1958002388KF977623/7/81 Citibus Ltd195KF977629/7/91.  
Redbus Ltd, Christchurch220KF977630/1/03.  
NZ Trolley Bus Museum Trust, Foxton KF977613/7/06 No CoF 
New Zealand Coach Service195KF977612/3/07 M & A Little, Upper Hutt
New Zealand Coach Service, Upper Hutt195KF977619/9/08 Boss Transport Ltd 
1968002389KE659430/7/81 Citibus Ltd195KF977629/7/91.  
Otago Road Services Ltd, Dunedin39ARR79521/6/02 Reg on hold 07 
1978002390KE659330/7/81 Citibus Ltd197KE659329/7/91.  
Otago Road Services Ltd, Dunedin38ARR79421/6/02.
1988002391KE659230/7/81 Citibus Ltd198KE659229/7/91.  
Newlands Coach Service Ltd65KE65921/10/99.  
Newlands Coach Service Ltd65NCS6511/10/96.  
Mana Coach Services Ltd165NCS652/11/98.
The Farm House, Rotorua NCS6514/12/04Bao-Huei Wang  
Good Time Tours, Kaiapoi NCS6515/4/09Steve Nottingham  
1998002392KE66227/8/81 Citibus Ltd199KE662229/7/91.  
Redbus Ltd221KE662230/1/03CoF exp 07/03  
M S Pooley, Halswell, Christchurch.KE662214/12/03No CoF  
K A Tuffery, Christchurch KE66229/3/04Movan; Reg on hold 07; To Oxford 10  
2008002393KE663411/8/81 Citibus Ltd200KE663429/7/91.  
Otago Road Services45ARR79721/6/02CoF exp 02/10  
2018100548KE67567/9/81 Citibus Ltd201KE675629/7/91.  
Mana Coach Services Ltd, Porirua21KE67561/10/96.
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga?KE675630/1/04Ken Frew Holdings Ltd  
ABC Tours Ltd, Midhirst, Taranaki?KE67568/2/08   
2028100549KI37621/9/81 Citibus Ltd202KI37629/7/91.  
Otago Road Services30BMZ5445/8/03 KI376 till 9/9/03
Scrapped  7/9/07  
2038100590JZ92668/10/81 Citibus Ltd, Dunedin203JZ926629/7/91. 
Citibus Ltd, Dunedin203DHN25726/5/06.
G Cayford, Dunedin DHN2575/3/10Unconfirmed 
2048100591KJ66528/10/81 Citibus Ltd204KJ66529/7/91.  
Otago Road Services31BMZ5495/8/03chg plate 10/9/03; Reg on hold 07  
2058100592KJ7045/11/81 Citibus Ltd205KJ70429/7/91.  
Mana Coach Services Ltd, Porirua22KJ7041/10/96.
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga14KJ70416/2/05Ken Frew Holdings Ltd
G E Nowell, New Plymouth KJ70428/10/08Reg on hold 08 
2068100593KJ76725/11/81 Citibus Ltd206KJ76729/7/91.  
Redbus Ltd, Christchurch222KJ76729/7/91.  
T R Winstanley & T M Cane, Darfield KJ76729/4/06 Reg on hold 06  
2078100594KL246526/11/81 Citibus Ltd207KL246529/7/91.  
Newlands Coach Service Ltd66NCS661/10/96chg plate 11/10/96  
Mana Coach Services Ltd166NCS662/11/98.
Nimon & Son Ltd, Havelock North66NCS669/3/06   

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Eastbourne Bus Company

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
4800464ET40441968 broken down for spares by Eastbourne Bus Co.NO56011990 PSU4/1R NZMB B41F 
6600346CQ14061962 Cesta Travel33CQ14061993L1 NZMB B39F  
Hanhams Buses, Albany33?CQ14061997? Body transferred to a new chassis 
117001524FH12251970 Eastbourne Bus Co26??PSU4/1R Hawke B41F  
Pickering Motors Ltd, Opunake36?1989PSU4/1R Hawke B41F  
19600348CQ14191961 Community Transport Services19CQ1419.L1 NZMB B39F  

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Gisborne District Council

Two Leopard PSU3D/4R buses with Hawke DP45D bodies. Chassis numbers shown are those that are believed to be correct and not those on LTSA record
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
77603855IU93333/7/78 Thomas Te Kahu, Gisborne?IU93339/8/91later 856  
Clark Pacific Ltd, Kawakawa42IU933311/6/98CoF exp 04/02  
withdrawn from use  11/3/05   
87608859IU93343/7/78 Thomas Te Kahu, Gisborne?IU933410/9/91later 857  
Clark Pacific Ltd, Kawakawa44IU933411/6/98.  
J S Matene, Tautoro, Kaikohe IU933415/8/05Reg on hold 05  

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Greyhound Buses Ltd, Wanganui

One L1 with NZMB B39D body
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
26600347EQ43951960 No LTSA record... Still with Greyhound in 1991. Gone by Tranzit takeover 

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Invercargill City Council Transport Department

Four PSU3E/2R vehicles all with Hawke Hunter bodies but a variety of seating.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
187900959JM956421/1/80 Mana Coach Service024JM956424/1/89DP45D  
McGrath Buses Ltd, Taumaranui?JM95641/7/02.  
N A Bulmer, Eltham JM95647/2/06Reg as truck on hold 06  
D M Locker, Papakura JM95647/12/09Reg as truck on hold 06  
217901548KD750623/4/81 Invercargill City Transport6KD7506.DP45 to C44F as 6
Dunedin City Transport208KD750626/9/88.  
Citibus Ltd, Dunedin208KD750629/7/91later 500  
Redbus Ltd223KD750630/1/03fire damaged Feb 2006
N Inns, Christchurch KD750621/7/06Reg on hold 06  
247900960JL33895/2/80 Mana Coach Service025JL338930/6/89DP45D  
McGrath Buses Ltd, Taumaranui?JL338920/11/02reg on hold 08  
JT684 was first reg to NZ Motor Corp. Used as an LPG Demonstrator. When was it converted back to diesel?
 7900823JT68410/6/80 Invercargill City Council Transport Dept25JT68423/12/81 B47D
Cesta Travel19JT6842/7/91Wellington  
Wellington City Transport Ltd482JT6848/2/93acquired with Cesta routes  
Cityline NZ Ltd, Lower Hutt482JT68425/6/93 
Wellington City Transport Ltd482JT6841/7/97Stagecoach Wellington  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd482JT68416/5/02Stagecoach Auckland  
Hanhams' Buses Ltd, Albany19BTG45412/1/04 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd326BTG45417/6/05Auckland; CoF exp 12/08  

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Six PSU3G/2R vehicles all with Hawke Hunter bodies but a variety of seating.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
38100721KS6042/6/82 Hawarden Garage & Transport53KS60430/11/90C44D;
M I Bennett, Sheffield KS6044/9/09 Reg on hold 09 
178201344LC796717/8/83 Newlands Coach Service Ltd, Wellington44LC769717/9/90B44D to B47F  
Newlands Coach Service ltd44NCS448/8/96.  
Mana Coach Services Ltd, Porirua144NCS442/11/98.  
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North44NCS4412/05.
198201346LH56427/10/83 Invercargill Passenger Transport Ltd9LH56428/8/91B44D; CoF exp 12/08
208100723LA5234 1/3/83 Inverargill City Transport Ltd20LA52348/8/91B44D
Wellington City Transport Ltd481LA5234 20/3/92Stagecoach Wellington
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd481LA523416/5/02Stagecoach Auckland  
Cityline NZ Ltd, Lower Hutt481LA523431/10/03   
Hanhams Buses Ltd, Albany28BTG45312/1/04   
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd334BTG45317/6/05Rotorua; Cof exp 9/08
228100720KS6052/6/82 Newlands Coach Service Ltd, Wellington45KS60517/9/90B44D to B47F
Newlands Coach Service45NCS458/8/96   
Mana Coach Services Ltd, Porirua145NCS452/11/98   
R Appleby, Papakura NCS453/11/05Reg on hold 06  
238201345LH56311983 Wanganui District Council.READIN1991B44D; Mobile Library; No LTSA record  

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Leopard Coach Lines Ltd, Darfield

This coach was built on the chassis of Maidstone & District 3471 first registered 12/72 as GKJ 471L with Marshall B45F body. The chassis arrived in New Zealand in 1984 via Australia.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
77201646LT641829/3/85 Geoff Brown Truck Sales.LT641811/4/95CWI C45F PSU4B/4R  
Corgi Company, Picton.LT641827/2/96David Steele  
Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Arowhenua, Invercargill.LT641812/9/97 W K Walker; Reg on hold 07  
S W Wainui, Invercargill.LT641813/5/07Reg on hold 07  

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Madge Char-a-banc Motors Ltd, Palmerston North

One L1 with NZMB B37F body
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
3600657ER969016/10/62 Madge Coach Lines Ltd103ER9690c1991.  
S M Greaves, Palmerston North.ER96902/2/95Movan?  
D A Bryce, Woodville.ER969016/2/98Movan?  
M C Hodson & N G Woodhouse, Dunedin.ER969020/2/04Movan CoF exp 08/04  
B A Smith, Brighton, Dunedin.ER969020/10/04Movan No CoF  
R D & F A Lamb, Brighton, Dunedin.ER969012/12/04Movan  
H S Knierum, Dunedin.ER969020/3/06Movan; Reg on hold 08  
D Thompson, Dunedin.ER969019/1/10Movan; Reg on hold 08  

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Meehan Motors Ltd, Poririua

One L1 with Hawke DP47F body
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
9L02800ET88081964 Destroyed by fire..late 60s.

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Midland Edwards Coachlines

PSU3A/4R with Midland DP45F body

Midland Edwards Leopard

Midland Edwards Leyland Leopard 101 Photo John Wolf

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
101900784DI352916/10/69 Midland Coachlines Ltd301DI352912/6/72later 001  
Mainline Coachways Ltd, Milford, Auckland451DI352911/11/82.  
Shaws Transport Ltd, Pukekohe21DI35295/10/84.  
Murphys' Buses, Thames23DI352925/2/86.  
J K Fitzpatrick & G D Hopa, Morrinsville?DI352911/3/02 Movan; Cof Exp 02/03 
J K Fitzpatrick, Morrinsville?DI352923/12/05 Movan; Reg on hold 03 
G L Patterson, Wainuiomata DI352925/7/08 Movan; Reg on hold 03 
102900783DI39421969 Mainline Coachways Ltd, Auckland452DI39421982Later Midland 302, 002; No LTSA record  

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New Plymouth City Council

Six Leopard PSU3E/2R with a variety of bodies.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
57800537IX330325/8/78 Goldstar Bus Lines Ltd, Hamilton5IX330330/7/91Hawke B46D
Wellington City Transport Ltd479IX330311/3/92.
Whakatane Coachline Ltd?IX330326/7/00no CoF  
registration lapsed  23/12/06   
127900820JB58629/4/80 New Plymouth City Council12ND627915/1/87NZMB/Hess B46D  
Goldstar Bus Lines Ltd, Hamilton12ND627930/7/91   
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd453ND627911/3/92Swanson  
The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai180ND62792/3/04 "Purple Wind" 
W Henry, Riverhead CLU2011/3/92reg on hold 06  
registration lapsed  28/4/07   
147900821JB58639/4/80 Goldstar Bus Lines Ltd, Hamilton14JB586330/7/91NZMB/Hess B46D  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd452JB586318/3/92.  
SP Aitken, Aranga, Dargaville.JB586319/8/03.  
Registration lapsed..18/10/04.  
207800536IX7734 15/8/78 Goldstar Bus Lines Ltd, Hamilton20IX773430/7/91Hawke B46D
Wellington City Transport Ltd480IX773411/3/92.
Wellington City Transport Ltd480ADS12119/7/01 Portable stage registered as truck
217800538JB450411/12/78 Goldstar Bus Lines Ltd, Hamilton21JB450430/7/91Sratford B42D  
Madge Coachlines, Palmerston North305JB450425/6/92.
Madge Coachlines, Palmerston North305TN486515/8/94.  
G E Lynch, Palmerston North TN486519/9/06Reg on hold 08  
227800539JB450511/12/78 Goldstar Bus Lines Ltd, Hamilton22JB450530/7/91Stratford B42D  
Madge Coachlines, Palmerston North306JB450525/6/92.
Madge Coachlines, Palmerston North306TL239724/7/95.  
A E Rope, Kawerau TL239717/5/05Movan  
B D Hull, Papamoa306TL239724/4/06 Reg as truck; Reg on hold 07  

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Newlands Wellington Coach Services Ltd

Newlands Coach Service owned five Leyland Leopards from new. A number of ex-Wellington, Dunedin and Invercargill Leopards have also been used
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
1600658ET446427/9/65 C G Vogt, Tauranga.ET446413/8/80Hawke C41F L2 "Scenicruiser"  
G R Christiansen & S Tukaokao, Te Puke.ET446413/4/99Movan  
G R Christiansen & S Tukaokao, Te Puke.AKU94328/12/01 Movan. reg on hold 02 
5L40399EU556627/9/65 Mr Robinson, Stokes Valley.EU556613/8/80 Hawke C36D PSU3/2R "Highway Liner" 
K M Dean, Glen Eden, Auckland.EU556617/6/93Movan  
registration lapsed..30/10/95.  
T R June, Hastings.UF639115/5/96Movan  
M J June, Hastings.UF639111/9/96Movan  
S J Dempsey, Hastings.UF639127/11/96Movan  
D I Britton & M J Strickett, Clive.UF639117/10/03Movan  
N T Gray, Taradale.UF639115/4/04Movan  
J Gray, Taradale.UF639121/4/04Movan; Reg on hold 08  
257603853IR92098/2/79 Newlands Wellington Coach Service Ltd39IR92094/12/86 NZMB C45F PSU3D/4R; renumbered to allow Silver Jubiulee Hino CN275 to be 25 
Newlands Wellington Coach Service Ltd39IR92093/4/89 reverted to orginal number 
Newlands Wellington Coach Service Ltd25NCS258/8/96 
Mana Coach Services Ltd125NCS252/11/98.  
G W Inglis, Paraparaumu NCS2525/3/03Movan; Reg on hold 07 
S L Inglis, Raumati Beach NCS2524/10/08Movan 
308100722KX28827/12/82 Newlands Coach Service Ltd30NCS308/8/96 Hawke Hunter DP47F PSU3E/2R  
Mana Coach Services Ltd, Porirua130NCS302/11/98 
Tranzit Group Ltd30NCS309/9/02A & M Little, Masterton
Tranzit Group Ltd30BGG6335/5/03Leased from A & M Little  
Neil's Coach Service, Upper Hutt30BGG6332006A & M Little, Masterton  
New Zealand Coach Service, Upper Hutt30BGG6332007A & M Little, Masterton; Reg on hold 08
New Zealand Coach Service, Upper Hutt30BGG63319/9/08Boss Transport Ltd  
368201347MC6129/5/85 Newlands Coach Service Ltd36NCS368/8/96CWI Ranger DP49F PSU3G/2R  
Mana Coach Services Ltd, Porirua136NCS362/11/98.
T K Reimann, Auckland NCS361/10/07Reg on hold 08  

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The North Shore Transport Co Ltd

Takapuna one PSU3/2R with NZMB DP44D body
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
142L40400DB517414/10/65 Auckland Regional Authority942DB517416/4/73.
G A Betti, Auckland.DB517426/2/86Movan  
J M McCutcheon, Napier.DB51749/10/90Movan  
B N McKenzie, Whangamata.DB517427/2/03Movan; To Tauranga 08  

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Palmerston North City Corporation

LTSA records show the chassis number as 7603735 but this chassis is Dunedin 177.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
297603854JB50388/12/78 Palmerston North Passenger Services Ltd29JB503818/2/91 NZMB C45F PSU3D/4R 
Shannon Auto Services Ltd129?JB50382/3/92.  
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North129JB50384/3/94.  
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North129ZN45804/10/00.
A T Brown, Palmerston North  5/11/07reg on hold 08  

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Turnbull Coaches Ltd, Dunedin

One L2 with Midland DP36F body. This bus was registered to Central Coaches Ltd, Dunedin until 1995 but operated by Turnbull Coaches then Ritchies (who took over Turnbulls c1974) during that period.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
22L02801DK454110/6/64 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd27DK4541c1974.
R W Gray, Motueka.DK454119/5/95No CoF  
R P Wilkinson, Granity.DK454129/2/96No CoF  
registration lapsed..31/8/97.  

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Wellington City Corporation Transport Department

Sixteen PSU3/2R buses with NZMB B41D bodies. These buses earned the nickname Breadvans owing to the similarities with the body work on Tip Top bakeries breadvans of that period built on BMC chassis. The chassis on these buses was shortened to about 400 inches with a 210 inch wheelbase.

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
382L63393CV778714/8/67 No LTSA record....
383L63390CV778814/8/67 No LTSA record....
384L63389CV778914/8/67 Diane Collinson, Porirua.CV77899/3/88.
D & D Transport, Porirua384CV778919/6/89 Community Transport Services 
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North384?CV77898/2/94.  
Wayne Judkins.CV778915/9/03No CoF  
Roy Cottle, Ngongotaha.CV778911/5/04Reg on hold 02  
385L63392CV7790 14/8/67 K A Ellett, Tauranga.RU94675/5/93Movan
C E Chappell, Kawakawa.RU946721/5/93Movan  
R D Blundell & T R Smith, Thames.RU946726/11/98Movan  
R A Belcher & D Tata, Waiuku.RU94678/3/01 Movan; Reg on hold 
R D & D J Munro, Waiau Pa, Pukekohe RU946710/1/07 Movan; reg on hold 01 
386L63395CV779114/8/67 No LTSA record....
387L63541CV786418/8/67 Community Transport Service, Porirua387CV786424/12/86.
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North387?CV78648/2/92.  
Courteny Trust, Levin.CV78644/10/99Movan Reg on hold 03
388L63394CV79761967 Wayne Little...Stored at Featherston
389L63396CV83098/9/67 Community Transport Service, Porirua389CV830924/12/86.  
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North389CV83098/2/94.  
G Christensen, Putorino, Hawkes Bay.CV830910/2/00 Movan Reg on hold 01; To Napier 08
390L63542CV86451967      History 1986-1995 unknown
S K Harper, Featherson FSTON15/11/95   
S K Harper, Featherson AYM11521/11/02  
P G Andrews, Masterton AYM11519/3/03 Race car transporter. Reg on hold. Parked at Clareville showgrounds
P G Andrews, Naeanae AYM1152007 Race car transporter. Reg on hold. 98 
B J Cremen, Eketahuna AYM11526/9/08 Movan. Reg on hold. 98 
391L63544CV86461967 No LTSA record....
392L63719EB8910/11/67 Community Transport Service, Porirua392?EB8924/3/88.
David Collinson, Porirua392?EB8919/6/89D & D Transport?  
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North392?EB898/2/94.  
G B Cawsey, Palmerston North.EB8922/12/98Movan; Cof exp 05/01  
T A Kelland.EB899/12/05 Movan; No Cof; At Fielding Motor Camp
G R Daysh, Palmerston North.EB8913/12/07 Movan; Reg on hold  
M J Dempsey, Feilding.EB8929/8/08 Movan; Reg on hold 01; To Palmerston North 10  
393L63720EB9031968 Motor Coach Museum Trust, Foxton393WZ720929/4/98CoF exp 09/04
Withdrawn from use  13/9/05   
394L63391EB4561/12/67 R G White, Hastings.NT31010/5/88To NT310 29/7/88; Movan?
V S Reynolds, Napier.NT3102/7/91Movan  
T Kiernan, Tauranga.NT31022/6/94Movan  
C de Silva & G J Candish, Whangaparoa.NT31027/5/96Movan;CoF exp 03/01  
J P Elliot, Wanganui.NT31028/8/02Movan;No CoF
R T Clince, Wanganui.NT31011/2/05Movan  
H H Clark, Wanganui NT31011/3/08Movan; CoF exp 05/08  
395L63543EB9041968 Community Transport Services395EB904..
Wayne & Malcolm Little, Masterton395TX755715/1/96.  
registration lapsed..2/2/98.  
Wayne Little, Masterton.ZJ259611/8/00Reg on hold 05. To Foxton 09
396L63718EB9055/1/68 White Enterprises Ltd, Hastings.EB90510/5/88.
B G White, Napier.EB90529/7/92Reg on hold 91  
397L63721EB9061968 Omnibus Society397SM727328/3/94Reg on hold 04

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16 PSU3C/2R buses with Hawke Hunter B40D bodies.

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
4017600211HZ271212/11/76 Wellington City Transport Ltd401HZ271221/8/92 Loaned to Newlands Coach Service for a few years in late 70s
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt401HZ27123/8/00.  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt401HZ271229/1/03 (North City Bus Ltd)
R & T Passenger Services, Taihape HZ27124/4/06R W Johnston 
T G Compton, Carterton HZ27125/5/09reg on hold 
R & M Maskell Ltd, Carterton HZ27121/7/09  
4027600212HI197416/12/76 Wellington City Transport Ltd402HI197421/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt402HI197415/1/01.  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt402HI197429/1/03(North City Bus Ltd)
S B Stock, Tauranga HI197425/2/05.  
B J Ritchie, Waitati, Dunedin HI19741/4/08Reg on hold 08  
4037600214GA680618/2//77 Wellington City Transport Ltd403GA680621/8/92Stagecoach Wellington  
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt403GA68063/8/00.  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt403GA680629/1/03(North City Bus Ltd)
F T Goldbert, Rotorua.GA68069/2/05.  
Roto Vegas Com Ltd, Rotorua.GA680615/4/05 
R J Davies, Upper Moutere.GA680627/5/06 Reg on hold 06; To Motueka 08 
4047600213FL34928/2/77 Wellington City Transport Ltd404FL34921/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Whakatane Coachlines Ltd.FL3494/5/98No CoF  
registration lapsed..5/9/98  
4057600443FL35028/2/77 Wellington City Transport Ltd405FL35021/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
withdrawn from use..6/8/98.  
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North116.1999 Body to Volvo #14 2001
4067600444HE265623/3/77 Wellington City Transport Ltd406HE265621/8/92Stagecoach Wellington  
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt406HE26563/8/00.  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt406HE265629/1/03(North City Bus Ltd) CoF exp 1/05
J C Ridout, Tauranga.HE265623/5/05Movan?  
D A Lynn, Wanganui.HE26568/2/06Movan?  
E T Clifford, Kaikohe.HE26565/9/08Movan 
4077600445HE265723/3/77 Wellington City Transport Ltd407HE265721/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Cityline NZ Ltd, Lower Hutt407HE265729/6/93.  
Wellington City Transport Ltd407HE26571/7/97Stagecoach Wellington  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd407HE265728/8/03Stagecoach Auckland  
Dippie Family Trust, Whakatane HE26576/7/04Movan  
S G S Holdings Ltd, Rotorua HE265718/6/07Movan; reg on hold 07  
A J Lourie, Rotorua HE265716/3/09Movan; reg on hold 07  
P J Neville, Kaikohe HE26579/9/09Movan; reg on hold 07  
4087600446HQ3899 19/4/77 Wellington City Transport Ltd408HQ389921/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt408HQ389915/10/01.  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt408HQ389929/1/03(North City Bus Ltd)  
withdrawn from use..1/9/03.  
Motor Bus Museum, Foxton... Body fitted to DCT177 which is now run as 408
4097600929HQ39072/5/77 Wellington City Transport Ltd409HQ390721/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt409HQ390715/10/01.  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt409HQ390729/1/03(North City Bus Ltd)
City Connections, Ngaruawahia2HQ39079/5/05 BA Southee
Wanaka Transport & Toy Museum HQ39078/8/08 G Rhodes; reg on hold 08 
4107600930HQ393019/5/77 Wellington City Council Transport Department410PW845018/6/91.
Wellington City Transport Ltd410PW845021/8/92 Stagecoach Wellington 
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd410PW845028/8/03 Stagecoach Auckland 
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North786PW845012/4/05 Operated by Transbay Coaches, Whakatane 
R D & M A Price, Whangaparoa PW845027/10/05 Reg on hold 05; To Auckland 08; To Paparoa 09 
4117600931HQ393927/5/77 Wellington City Transport Ltd411HQ393921/8/92 Stagecoach Wellington 
registration lapsed..11/10/97. 
Whakatane Coachlines Ltd.WU274127/1/98.  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd631WU274127/2/01Rotorua  
S P Hoebergen, Hamilton.WU274129/7/03Movan  
M C & T Smith, Tuakau.WU27419/5/05Movan; reg on hold 05 
N G Norris, Paeroa.WU274112/8/08Unconfirmed; reg on hold 05 
P T Wray, Pokeno.WU27413/10/08Movan; reg on hold 05 
4127600932IL45191/7/77 Wellington City Transport Ltd412IL451921/8/92Stagecoach Wellington  
Cityline NZ Ltd, Lower Hutt412IL451929/6/93.  
Wellington City Transport Ltd412IL45191/7/97Stagecoach Wellington
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd412IL451928/8/03Stagecoach Auckland  
withdrawn from use..21/3/05.  
4137600937IL45181/7/77 Wellington City Transport Ltd413IL451821/8/92Stagecoach Wellington  
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt413IL451815/10/01.  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt413IL451829/1/03(North City Bus Ltd)
A R Hann, Kaponga.IL451810/2/05Movan  
4147600938IK78023/8/77 Wellington City Transport Ltd414IK780221/8/92 Stagecoach Wellington
Newlands Coach Service Ltd63NCS6320/12/96.  
Mana Coach Services Ltd163NCS632/11/98.  
Jamieson Motors (Taranaki) Ltd, Stratford.NCS6314/12/01.  
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga40NCS6311/2/03Ken Frew Holdings Ltd  
M D West, New Plymouth NCS6326/4/05   
4157600939IL44616/9/77 Wellington City Transport Ltd415IL446121/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Poneke Football Club Inc, Kilbirnie415P0NEKE2/8/99.
4167600940IK78013/8/77 Wellington City Transport Ltd416IK780121/8/92 Stagecoach Wellington
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt416IK780115/10/01.  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt416IK780129/1/03(North City Bus Ltd)  
Cityline NZ Ltd, Lower Hutt416IK780131/10/03CoF exp 01/05  
Nicholas Coaches, Whakatane.IK78019/5/05John Dippie; Reg on hold 05 
registration lapsed  14/1/08  
John Dippie, Whakatane.EQE7021/8/08Reg as truck 
G P Holden, Papakura.EQE7022/8/08 Reg as truck; VIN 7A8B1150808600940; To Temuka 09; Geraldine 10  

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62 PSU3E/2R buses with Hawke Hunter B40D bodies. 479-482 were ex-New Plymouth and ex-Invercargill buses

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later Reg DateComments
4177705749IU94343/8/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd417IU943421/8/92Stagecoach Wellington  
Cityline NZ Ltd, Lower Hutt417IU943429/6/93.  
Wellington City Transport Ltd417IU94341/7/97Stagecoach Wellington
withdrawn from use..23/9/03. 
4187705748IU94333/8/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd418IU943321/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga?IU943330/1/04Ken Frew Holdings Ltd  
R A & A S Pussell, Ngaruawahia?IU943322/4/05 Movan CoF exp 03/07  
4197705751IU94323/8/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd419IU943221/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Cityline NZ Ltd, Lower Hutt419IU943229/6/93.  
Wellington City Transport Ltd419IU943221/7/97Stagecoach Wellington
Cityline NZ Ltd, Lower Hutt419IU943228/8/03.  
D W Drew, Wellington IU943212/4/05   
City Connections, Ngaruawahia?IU943212/9/06 Brian Southee CoF exp 08/07 
N Z Coach Services, Lower Hutt?IU94328/1/09 Unconfirmed 
registration lapsed IU943225/2/09   
4207705750IU94313/8/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd420IU943121/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North118IU943116/8/01.
T T Cairns, Wainuiomata IU943117/7/07CoF Exp 03/08  
N Z Coach Services, Upper Hutt IU94318/1/09unconfirmed; No CoF  
Registration lapsed  11/6/09   
4217705752IX773315/8/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd421IX773321/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt421IX77333/8/00.  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt421IX773329/1/03(North City Bus Ltd)
broken up for spare parts..4/3/05McGrath Buses, Taumaranui  
4227705753IX773215/8/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd422IX773221/8/92 Stagecoach Wellington
withdrawn from use..11/10/97.  
Whakatane Coachlines Ltd.WU27489/2/98.  
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North748WU274830/6/04 Operated by Transbay Coaches, Whakatane
T M Beatie & L Young, Matata WU27483/12/09   
4237705754IX330425/8/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd423IX330421/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt423IX33043/8/00.  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt423IX330429/1/03(North City Bus Ltd)  
Nicholas Coaches, Whakatane.IX33049/5/05 John Dippie Reg on hold 05 
Registration lapsed. 24/1/09  
4247705756IX330225/8/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd424IX330221/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Cityline NZ Ltd, Lower Hutt424IX330229/6/93.  
Wellington City Transport Ltd424IX33021/7/97Stagecoach Wellington  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd424IX330228/8/03Stagecoach Auckland  
A G Pirrie, Waiheke Is.IX33025/6/04Movan  
B J Wilton, Stratford.IX330213/1/06Movan  
K L Chisnall, Stratford IX330215/3/07 Movan CoF exp 02/06 
4257705758IX37818/9/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd425IX378121/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Cityline NZ Ltd, Lower Hutt424IX378128/8/03.  
J A Tribe, Nelson.IX37819/3/05Movan; Reg on hold 05  
4267705757IX36608/9/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd426IX366021/8/92Stagecoach Wellington  
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North101IX36606/4/99.
A R & C A Hunt, Woodville IX36607/4/07Movan?  
T P Gowan, Palmerston North IX366019/7/07Reg on hold 07  
4277705759IX37838/9/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd427IX378321/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt427IX37833/8/00.  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt427IX378329/1/03(North City Bus Ltd)  
P S Mutlow, Rotorua.IX378317/2/05Reg as truck; Reg on hold  
C V Graham, Rotorua IX378318/2/07 Reg as truck; Reg on hold 
P D Staite, Rotorua IX37835/9/07 Reg as truck; Reg on hold 05 
4287705760IX37828/9/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd428IX378221/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Cityline NZ Ltd, Lower Hutt428IX378229/6/93.  
Wellington City Transport Ltd428IX37821/7/97Stagecoach Wellington  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd428IX378228/8/03Stagecoach Auckland  
Hanham's Buses Ltd428IX378212/1/04.
withdrawn from use..10/12/04broken up for spares  
4297705762IX380725/9/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd429IX380721/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Cityline NZ Ltd, Lower Hutt429IX380712/10/93.  
Wellington City Transport Ltd429IX38071/7/97Stagecoach Wellington  
Whakatane Coachlines Ltd?IX380723/6/00.  
G J Merriman & D Merriman-Cobb, Murupara?IX380723/1/03 Movan 
P M Hovell, Gisborne IX380724/4/06 Movan 
4307705761IX380825/9/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd430IX380821/8/92Stagecoach Wellington  
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North100IX38086/4/99.  
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North119IX38084/05.  
G G Scoggins, Woodville IX380810/4/07 Reg on hold 07; To Ashhurst 08 
4317705765IX38174/10/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd431IX381721/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Whakatane Coachlines Ltd?IX381726/7/00   
withdrawn from use?.23/12/04   
4327705763IX38164/10/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd432IX381621/8/92Stagecoach Wellington  
Wellington City Transport Ltd432PA687715/5/90Stagecoach Wellington  
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North102PA687714/4/99.
T Cairns, Wainuiomata PA687728/6/07unconfirmed  
N Z Trolley Bus Museum, Foxton432PA68777/4/08Ian Little  
L D & L A Dahm, Upper Hutt PA687728/10/08Movan  
4337705764IX776518/10/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd433IX776521/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
withdrawn from use?.9/10/02  
4347705767IX776318/10/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd434IX776321/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North103IX776314/4/99.
M J White, Maheno IX776312/1/08CoF exp 05/09 
F K Burnett-Christensen & S J Christensen, Leeston IX776316/10/09  
4357801142IU99311/79 Wellington City Transport Ltd435IU991321/8/92Stagecoach Wellington  
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt435IU99133/8/00.
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt435IU991329/1/03(North City Bus Ltd)  
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North435IU993117/3/05 Whakatane; Reg on hold 
J E Paul, Ngaruawahia IU993110/2/10Reg on hold 09 
4367705766IU99322/11/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd436IU993221/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt436IU99323/8/00.  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt436IU993229/1/03(North City Bus Ltd)  
A S Stuart, Panmure, Auckland.IU99328/4/05.  
D B Symon, Dunedin.IU993225/10/05 Reg as truck; Reg on hold 08 
4377801144IU99292/11/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd437IU992921/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
registration lapsed..11/10/97. 
Whakatane Coachlines Ltd.WU275525/2/98. 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd638WU275523/2/01 Rotorua; 437 when leased to Redbus 04/01-08/01; CoF exp 08/01 
M T Gabites, Greymouth.WU275517/11/03Reg on hold 
L M Mexted, Kaiata, Greymouth.WU27559/3/05Reg on hold 01  
4387801145JC243128/11/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd438JC243121/8/92 Stagecoach Wellington
Malcolm Little, Masterton438JC243122/3/99Operated by Tranzit
NZ Coach Services, Upper Hutt438DZU1925/7/07Malcolm Little  
NZ Coach Services, Upper Hutt438DZU19219/9/08Boss Transport Ltd  
4397705768JC243028/11/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd439JC243021/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
S Mellas, Hataitai, Wellington.JC24309/5/05Fire Aoril 2010  
4407801143JA11871/12/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd440JA118721/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
registration lapsed..11/10/97. 
Whakatane Coachlines Ltd.WU27464/2/98. 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd632WU274627/2/01Rotorua  
S P Hoebergen, Hamilton WU274629/7/03Reg on hold 04  
4417801263JA11851/12/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd441JA118521/8/92Stagecoach Wellington  
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt441JA11853/8/00.  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt441JA118529/1/03(North City Bus Ltd)
Transbay Coaches, Whakatane441JA118516/6/05 Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North
J M Dippie, Whakatane JA118526/9/07Movan; Reg on hold 09
4427801262JA119814/12/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd442JA119821/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Cityline NZ Ltd, Lower Hutt442JA119831/10/03.  
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North442JA119817/3/05.  
M A Niotakis, Whangarei JA119817/7/06Reg on hold 08 
4437801265JC25062/79 Wellington City Transport Ltd443JC250621/8/92Stagecoach Wellington  
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North104JC250614/4/99.  
M & H E Leary, Kaiapoi JC250610/3/09Reg on hold 09  
4447801264JC256822/1/79 Wellington City Transport Ltd444JC256821/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Cityline NZ Ltd, Lower Hutt444JC256831/10/03.  
Pete's Quality Autos, Rangiora.JC256819/2/05.  
G L Jelinek, Rangiora.JC256822/8/06Reg on hold 06  
4457801405JC25693/79 Wellington City Transport Ltd445JC256921/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North119JC256927/8/01   
withdrawn from use..31/8/01Body to Volvo Nimon #15  
4467801404JC257022/1/79 Wellington City Transport Ltd446JC257021/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North111JC257023/9/99.
Hawkes Bay Taxis Ltd, Hastings?JC25705/5/09  
4477801402JD1845/2/79 Wellington City Transport Ltd447JD18421/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North106JD18423/9/99.
E R Smith, Wellington JD1846/3/09Reg on hold 09 
4487705769JD1835/2/79 Wellington City Transport Ltd448JD18321/8/92Stagecoach Wellington  
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt448JD1833/8/00.  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt448JD18329/1/03(North City Bus Ltd)
City Connections, Ngaruawahia1JD1839/5/05 Brian Southee
W L Bennett, Taupiri JD1837/12/07Reg on hold 07  
S L Littlejohn, Paparoa JD1839/10/08Reg on hold 07  
4497801408JD1825/2/79 Wellington City Transport Ltd449JD18221/8/92Stagecoach Wellington  
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North105JD18214/4/99.
S W Bell, Avonhead, Christchurch JD18221/8/07Movan; To Waimate 09  
4507801409JD19621/2/79 Wellington City Transport Ltd450JD19621/8/92Stagecoach Wellington  
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North108JD19614/4/99.
R M Phillips, Dannevirke JD19616/4/08Reg on hold 08 
4517801403JD19721/2/79 Wellington City Transport Ltd451JD19721/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt451JD1973/8/00.  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt451JD19729/1/03(North City Bus Ltd)  
P W Stanley, Taita, Lower Hutt.JD19710/2/05Reg on hold 05  
4527801640JF190327/2/79 Wellington City Transport Ltd452JF190321/8/92Stagecoach Wellington  
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt452JF19033/8/00.
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt452JF190329/1/03(North City Bus Ltd)  
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North452JF190329/1/03.  
M R Collis, Palmerston North JF190319/12/06Reg on hold 07  
4537801406JF190815/3/79 Wellington City Transport Ltd453JF190821/8/92Stagecoach Wellington  
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North112JF190823/9/99.
R & M Maskell Ltd, Carterton JF190828/9/09  
4547801641JF19095/3/79 Wellington City Transport Ltd454JF190921/8/92Stagecoach Wellington  
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North107JF190923/9/99.
V J Price, Tairua JF190929/7/09  
4557801407JF19105/3/79 Wellington City Transport Ltd455JF191021/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt455JF191031/10/03.  
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North455?JF191024/3/05.
M L Nordlof, Ashhurst JF191012/11/07Movan; Reg on hold 09  
4567801643JF19115/3/79 Wellington City Transport Ltd456JF191121/8/92Stagecoach Wellington  
Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt456JF191131/10/03.  
N R Martin, Papatoetoe.JF191125/2/05 Movan; To Rotorua 08; To Te Awamutu 09; reg on hold 09 
4577801642JF19135/3/79 Wellington City Transport Ltd457JF191321/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt457JF19133/8/00.  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt457JF191329/1/03(North City Bus Ltd)  
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North457JF191316/6/05 TransBay Whakatane; Reg on hold 07 
4587705755JF19145/3/79 Wellington City Transport Ltd458JF191421/8/92Stagecoach Wellington  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd458JF191428/8/03Stagecoach Auckland  
Hanhams Buses Ltd, Albany19BTG45512/1/04.
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd, Albany326BTG45517/6/05   
H W Jensen, Feilding BTG4551/10/07Movan  
4597801744IX380625/9/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd459IX380621/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North115IX380623/9/99.  
S R Bartlett, Huntly IX380630/7/08Reg on hold 08; To Marton 10  
4607801745IX38144/10/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd460IX381421/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Whakatane Coachlines Ltd?IX38144/2/98.  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd633IX381427/2/01Rotorua CoF exp 05/01  
Malcolm Little, Masterton?IX381421/6/04Reg on hold 01  
Registration lapsed  28/6/07  
4617802745IX38154/10/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd461IX381521/8/92Stagecoach Wellington  
N G Brandon, Lower Hutt.IX38157/4/99.  
M B Infield, Brooklyn, Wellington.IX38152/8/00.  
J M Allan, Whakatane.IX381515/12/00.  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd637IX38159/2/01 Leased to Redbus 04/01-08/01 as 461 
G V Wood, Paparoa.IX381512/5/03Movan  
4627801747IX776711/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd462IX776721/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt462IX776731/10/03(North City Bus Ltd)
Omnibus Society Inc, Wellington462IX776712/4/05.  
4637802154IX776611/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd463IX776621/8/92Stagecoach Wellington  
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North117IX776616/8/01.
4647802155IU99302/11/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd464IU993021/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Wellington City Transport Ltd464TD544219/10/95Stagecoach Wellington  
Wellington City Transport Ltd464ADN67912/7/01Stagecoach Wellington  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd464ADN67916/5/02Stagecoach Auckland  
Cityline NZ Ltd, Lower Hutt464ADN67916/5/02Stagecoach Auckland  
Fraser Lang, Christchurch ADN67924/3/05Stock car carrier  
J R Eddy, Westport ADN67919/12/08Stock car carrier; reg in hold 09  
4657802156IU99282/11/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd465IU992821/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Newlands Coach Service Ltd, Wellington64NCS6415/11/96.  
Mana Coach Services Ltd, Porirua164NCS642/11/98.  
Jamiesons Motors (Taranaki) Ltd, Stratford?NCS6414/12/01.  
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga39NCS6411/2/03Ken Frew Holdings Ltd  
S J Hodgson, Hamilton&nbap;NCS6428/6/05Reg on hold  
A K Garner, Tauranga NCS646/11/06Reg on hold 05  
C Wikstrom, Gone no address NCS6419/3/09Unconfirmed  
Registration lapsed  3/9/09   
4667802157IU99272/11/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd466KP799821/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North109KP799823/9/99.
M G Morrison & J P Renata, Taumarunui KP79985/2/08  
4677802313JA11881/12/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd467JA118821/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Whakatane Coachlines Ltd?JA11884/2/98.  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd639JA118827/2/01Rotorua  
T M Green, Tangimoana JA118816/6/05Reg on hold 04  
4687802314JA11861/12/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd468LH132221/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North114LH132223/9/99.
A H Kochi, Tawa&nsbp;LH132223/4/08Reg on hold 08.
4697802315JA11841/12/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd469JA118421/8/92Stagecoach Wellington  
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt469JA11843/8/00.
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt469JA118429/1/03(North City Bus Ltd)  
R P Richmond.JA11849/5/05 No CoF Movan at Whakatane Holiday Park 
D A Lynn, Wanganui.JA118426/6/06 Reg on hold 05 Movan 
S G Jamieson, Wiritoa, Wanganui.JA11841/4/08Movan; Reg on hold 09 
4707802316JA119714/12/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd470JA119721/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Nimon & Sons Ltd, Havelock North110JA119723/9/99.
R T Waugh, Katikati JA119730/1/08Movan 
4717802570JA226120/12/78 Wellington City Transport Ltd471JA226121/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
withdrawn from use..11/10/97.  
Whakatane Coachlines Ltd.WU274327/1/98.  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd634WU274327/2/01 leased to Redbus 04/01-08/01 as 471 
G J Steer, Wanganui.WU274324/2/03Movan  
D B Wilson, Tawa, Wellington.WU27438/8/03Movan  
B M Duff, Waitara.WU274329/10/03Movan 
P L Tolhopf, Waitara.WU274330/9/04Movan  
S J Martin, Westport.WU27438/3/06Movan; Reg on hold 08; To Timaru 10  
4727802571JC250515/1/79 Wellington City Transport Ltd472JC250521/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Whakatane Coachlines Ltd771?JC250523/6/00.  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd636JC250527/2/01Rotorua  
G S Daue, Masterton.JC250519/5/04Reg on hold 04
4737802572JD1855/2/79 Wellington City Transport Ltd473JD18521/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Wellington City Transport Ltd473NR391811/7/89Stagecoach Wellington  
Whakatane Coachlines Ltd.NR39189/2/98.  
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd635NR391827/2/01Rotorua  
W & Y Hoeta, Papakura?NR391812/8/03Movan  
R J Waugh, Maheno?NR391823/11/04Movan  
W L Higgins, Kirwee, Canterbury?NR39189/3/05Movan; Reg on hold 06; To Leeston 10  
4747802573JD1815/2/79 Wellington City Transport Ltd474JD18121/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Wellington City Transport Ltd474AZZ45728/11/02Stagecoach Wellington  
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt474AZZ45728/8/03(North City Bus Ltd)  
Madge Coachlines , Whakatane474AZZ45717/3/05Reg on hold  
J M Dippie , Whakatane AZZ45724/10/07Reg on hold 06  
W B Mason , Opotiki AZZ4572/11/09Reg on hold 06  
4757803105JC25205/2/79 Wellington City Transport Ltd475JC252021/8/92Stagecoach Wellington  
Whakatane Coachlines Ltd72?JC252023/6/00.  
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North772JC252030/6/04 Transbay Coaches, Whakatane
M J Sowerby, Tauranga JC252014/9/07Reg as truck  
4767803106JD19921/2/79 Wellington City Transport Ltd476JD19921/8/92Stagecoach Wellington  
Runciman Motors Ltd, Upper Hutt476JD1993/8/00.
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt476JD19929/1/03(North City Bus Ltd)  
J & J M Booth, Ashhurst.JD19910/2/05.  
D I Houlahan, Kumara, West Coast JD1993/9/05 Reg on hold 05 
M T Walker, Kaikohe JD19913/12/07No CoF 
P A Green, Gisborne JD19915/8/08Movan; Reg on hold 08 
4777803107JF190227/2/79 Wellington City Transport Ltd477JF190221/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
D W Drew, Kilbirnie, Wellington477JF190212/4/05 Not complete; Reg on hold 03
4787803108JF1912 27/2/79 Wellington City Transport Ltd478JF191221/8/92Stagecoach Wellington
Runciman Motors, Upper Hutt478JF191228/8/03(North City Bus Ltd)
Madge Coachlines Ltd, Palmerston North478?JF191224/3/05.  
R A Hastie & K M Brown, Palmerston North JF191229/3/06 Reg on hold 06; To Featherston 10  

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