MAN SL200 Buses

The buses on this site are actively tracked. The last registration record search was 13 February 2012.

A MAN SL200 demonstrator at City deport 1977. Photo Paul Gourley
MAN SL200 demonstrator

Auckland Regional Council

88 buses with B46D VoV bodies. Numbers 1601-1661, 1663-1670 were built by Hawke 1981-84. 1662, 1671-1688 were built by CWI in 1985. The MAN SL200 has an 11 litre 6 cylinder naturally aspirated diesel moter. Most of the ARA buses had 3-speed Renk automatic transmission. 1627 has a 4sp Voith and 1630 a 4sp ZF transmission. Although the legal owner was Auckland Regional Council the buses were operated by Auckland Regional Authority. Change of ownership from Auckland Regional Council to Transport Auckland Corp Ltd on 12/6/91 is not recorded. TACL operated as Yellow Bus co until 1998 when ownership passed to Stagecoach New Zealand Ltd. Bus 1627 has been named "Tick Tock". It is the only bus in the whole of the Auckland Stagecoach Fleet with a name above the front door. It was named after the workshop supervisor at Roskill, Graeme McKlintock. It has been told that 1627 had a front door problem and it took a long time for Graeme to fix it. Hence the name Tick Tock. 1099 was an LPG fuelled MAN demonstrator used in 1981-82.

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
1099292012401241981KA9615 returned to MAN  1982LPG demonstrator on loan from MAN  
1601287003400341/10/81KI6723 The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai DED53914/2/06Stagecoach Training School AK; CoF exp 1/08
scrapped  1/7/08   
160287003500351/10/81KI6724 The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai DEH5785/3/06Stagecoach Training School AK; reg on hold 08  
scrapped  2/12/09   
16037800010011/10/81KI6725 Fullers Group Ltd, Waiheke1603KI672531/12/02   
Go Bus, Hamilton1603KI672503/06Leased from Stagecoach 2006  
Cityline Hutt Valley1603KI672509/07   
Wellington City Transport1603KI672511/07?Returned to AK 04/08  
Museum of Transport and Technology of NZ Trust, Auckland1603KI672520/1/09   
160478000400041/10/81KI6726 Fullers Group Ltd, Waiheke1604KI672631/12/02 
Go Bus, Hamilton1604KI672602/06Leased from Stagecoach  
The Party Bus Co, Whenuapai?DGZ45919/5/06   
J M Sutherland & J B Smith, Warkworth DGZ45925/6/09   
registration lapsed  5/8/10   
160578000200021/10/81KI6727 Fullers Group Ltd, Waiheke1605KI672728/6/04To Swanson 09/05  
Go Bus, Hamilton1605KI672702/06Leased from Stagecoach. Returned 03/06  
The Party Bus Co, Whenuapai?DHL7325/5/06   
W M Brosnan, Waitara DHL7323/8/09Reg on hold 09  
Information not available DHL736/10/10Reg on hold 09  
1606780003000310/11/81KJ1587 Go-bus Hamilton1606KJ158702/06 Leased from Stagecoach 2006  
Cityline Hutt Valley1606KJ158709/07   
The Farmhouse Rotorua Ltd KJ15878/7/08Bob Wang; reg on hold  
Information not available KJ158720/1/11Reg on hold 10  
1607780006000610/11/81KJ1588 The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai DEH5795/3/06Swanson; reg on hold
scrapped  27/7/07   
1608780007000710/11/81KJ1589 Commercial Coach Lines Ltd28KJ15897/9/06Swanson  
Information not available KJ158923/8/11Unconfirmed; reg on hold 10  
1609780008000810/11/81KJ1590 Kiwi Coach Charters, Onehunga KJ159015/12/06Swanson; R J Harris  
Kiwi Coach Charters, Onehunga KJ159010/8/08R J Harris Ltd; CoF exp 11/11  
1610780009000910/11/81KJ1591 Queen Charlotte Sounds Connection Ltd, Picton KJ15911/12/05Swanson  
16117800031003110/11/81KJ1592 Commercial Coach Lines Ltd29KJ159214/12/06Swanson
Information not available KJ159229/12/10reg on hold 11  
16127800029002910/11/81KJ1593 The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai178KJ159313/10/03 "Purple Night"  
scrapped  29/10/08   
16137800028002810/2/82KN4858 Cityline Hutt Valley1613KN4858 09/07Swanson  
Statesman Limousines Ltd, Christchurch MRLIM017/9/08chg plate 19/9/08  
Information not available FGP3904/9/10CoF exp 11/10; chg plate 30/4/10  
registration lapsed  4/12/11CoF exp 11/10  
16147800026002610/2/82KN4859 Commercial Coachlines, New Lynn12KN485819/4/06Shore?
Information not available KN485829/12/10reg on hold 11  
16157800018001810/2/82KN4860 Commercial Coachlines, New Lynn KN486015/5/06Roskill  
16167800022002210/2/82KN4881 Go-bus Hamilton1616KN488102/06 Swanson; on lease from Stagecoach 2006  
N Z Defence Force, Trentham, Wellington KN488128/9/06Army  
16177800024002410/2/82KN4882 withdrawn from use  6/5/05Roskill  
Circle Star Holdings, Riverhead, Auckland?.28/4/05W P Henry; No CoF; Swanson  
16187800020002012/3/82KN5551 J K Henry, Riverhead, Auckland?KN555121/7/06Swanson; reg as truck; CoF exp 06/07
P W Arnold, Albany KN555111/10/08no CoF; reg as truck  
Information not available KN55514/3/10reg on hold 10; reg as truck  
16197800030003012/3/82KN5546 registration lapsed  13/8/01   
16207800021002112/3/82KN5547 B R Larsen, Paeroa KN554720/4/07Swanson; Reg on hold 05 
A S Stuart, Paeroa KN55474/8/09Movan; reg on hold 11 
16217800019001912/3/82KN5548 Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga30KN55486/4/05 Ken Frew Holdings Ltd; Swanson  
Information not available CUQ9617/5/11Still a PSV  
16227800027002712/3/82KN5549 Circle Star Holdings, Riverhead, Auckland?KN55497/4/05W P Henry; No CoF; Swanson
Registration lapsed  15/8/05   
16237800025002512/3/82KN5550 Citibus Ltd, Dunedin318KN55503/11/05Roskill; reg on hold 07
scrapped  7/8/08   
1624780002300235/5/82KQ1181 Citibus Ltd, Dunedin317CZS35027/10/05Roskill; chg plate 2/11/05
K D Boam, Balclutha CZS35030/9/08Reg on hold 08  
1625780003600365/5/82KQ1182 Drive Rite Buses, Mangere KQ118214/3/06Roskill (M B Clapham)
Kiwi Coach Charters, Onehunga KQ118220/4/07(R J Harris)  
Kiwi Coach Charters, Onehunga KQ118210/8/08R J Harris Ltd  
1626780003400345/5/82KQ1183 Citibus Ltd, Dunedin KQ118327/10/05Roskill; did it go to Dunedin?  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd1626KQ11833/11/05Roskill  
J K Henry, Riverhead, Auckland KQ118321/7/06reg on hold 05  
Registration lapsed  8/8/08   
1627780004100415/5/82KQ1184 Wellington City Transport1627KQ1184 09/07Roskill "Tick Tock"  
AAA Superior Cleaning Services Ltd, Christchurch LIMO5711/3/08Reg on hold 08  
1628780004000405/5/82KQ1185 The Party Bus Co Ltd, Whenuapai177KQ118513/10/03 "Purple Day"; CoF 10/08  
Scrapped  18/8/09   
1629780003900395/5/82KQ1186 Auckland Tour & Event Mangement Ltd KQ118615/6/06Swanson  
Auckland School Bus Company Ltd, Pt England?KQ118630/6/09  
1630780003700371/7/82KS1252 Wellington City Transport1630KS1252 Nov 07Swanson
withdrawn from use  12/8/09   
1631780003800381/7/82KS1253 Elifasi Laulavu, Mt Roskill  19/7/06Roskill; CoF exp 12/05
exported to Tonga  19/7/06   
1632780003500351/7/82KS1254 Circle Star Holdings, Riverhead KS12547/4/05W P Henry  
registration lapsed  15/8/05&nsbp;  
Circle Star Holdings, Riverhead CUJ99926/8/05W P Henry; VIN 7A8BL0J0905350035  
Bethlehem Coachlines CUJ99921/9/06(Ken Frew Holdings Ltd)  
J H Morrell, Hastings CUJ99918/12/08Reg on hold 09  
Information not available CUJ99917/1/11Reg on hold 09  
1633780004300431/7/82KS1255 Wellington City Transport1633KS1255 09/07City School bus only  
withdrawn from use  18/6/09   
1634780004500451/7/82KS1256 Circle Star Holdings, Riverhead KS12567/4/05W P Henry  
registration lapsed  15/8/05&nsbp;  
Circle Star Holdings, Riverhead CUJ98722/8/05 W P Henry VIN 7A8BL0J0905450045 
Bethlehem Coachlines21CUJ98721/9/06(Ken Frew Holdings Ltd)
Queen Charlotte Sounds Connection Ltd, Picton?CUJ98710/2/09   
1635780004400441/7/82KS1257 Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd1635CNL85615/3/05Swanson  
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga?CNL8566/4/05Ken Frew Holdings Ltd  
Kiwi Coach Charters, Onehunga?CNL85620/4/07R J Harris  
Kiwi Coach Charters, Onehunga?CNL85610/8/08R J Harris Ltd  
1636780004800483/8/82KT8184 Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga CPA2316/4/05 chg plate 21/3/05; Ken Frew Holdings Ltd  
Information not available CPA23124/12/10Reg on hold 11  
1637780004600463/8/82KT8185 Circle Star Holdings, Riverhead KT81857/4/05W P Henry  
Bethlehem Coachlines, Tauranga KT81853/6/05Ken Frew Holdings Ltd  
M D & G Clark, Glen Eden, Auckland KT818510/12/08 Reg on hold 09; To Whangarei 09 
Information not available VIPBUS27/4/10Reg on hold 09  
1638780004900493/8/82KT8186 Circle Star Holdings, Riverhead KT81867/4/05W P Henry; No CoF  
NZ Busrentals, Woodville CWL729/11/05V A Chalk; change plates 23/8/05  
NZ Busrentals, Woodville IOO7IC13/2/06V A Chalk  
Kawerau Coaches DJZ8021/8/06Graeme Harvey; chg plate 2/8/06; "Kermit"; Reg on hold 09
1639780004700473/8/82KT8187 Alan Henry, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland KT81878/4/05   
registration lapsed  15/8/05   
W P Henry & W Doel, Riverhead, Auckland DMA77619/8/06VIN 7A8BL0J0806470047  
W J & S Doel, Henderson Valley DMA7761/2/07Reg on hold  
Kiwi Coach Charters, Onehunga27DMA7764/3/08R J Harris  
Kiwi Coach Charters, Onehunga27DMA77610/8/08R J Harris Ltd  
16407800042004218/8/82KD3568 Alan Henry, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland KD35688/4/05   
S A Waefer, Kumeu KD356813/4/05reg as truck reg on hold  
J P Waefer, Huapai KD356812/3/07Movan; Reg on hold 08  
16417800056005618/8/82KD3569 Wellington City Transport1641KD356910/07City School bus only  
D J Bridgman, Clive KD356921/8/08Movan  
Information not available KD35699/3/11Movan Reg on hold 11  
16427800057005718/8/82KD3570 Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd1642BWR2099/3/04City School bus only  
Wellington City Transport1642BWR20909/07   
withdrawn from use  18/6/09   
16437800055005518/8/82KD3571 Cityline (NZ) Ltd, Lower Hutt1643KD3571 09/07Roskill; CoF exp 06/08  
S M Lowndes, Hamilton KD357127/8/09Reg on hold 08  
Information not available KD357114/9/10Reg on hold 08  
16447800054005418/8/82KD3572 Commercial Coachlines, New Lynn10KD3572 5/8/05On lease from Stagecoach;Roskill  
Commercial Coachlines, New Lynn10KD357215/5/06   
Information not available KD357214/1/11Reg on hold 11  
16457800053005317/9/82KT8916 Circle Star Holdings, Riverhead KT89167/4/05W P Henry; Reg on hold 04  
registration lapsed  10/8/08   
16467800052005217/9/82KT8917 Wellington City Transport Ltd1646KT891710/07 Roskill School bus only 
withrawn from use  18/6/09   
16477800051005117/9/82KT8918 Auckland Regional Council1647HIRE128/8/90   
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd1647RE740820/12/91Roskill  
Citibus Ltd, Dunedin319RE740827/10/05 
P D Chulis, Dunedin RE740824/2/09Reg on hold 09  
Information not available RE740819/7/10Movan  
16487800050005017/9/82KT8919 Circle Star Holdings, Riverhead KT89197/4/05W P Henry; No CoF
NZ Busrentals, Woodville IOO7IC29/11/05V A Chalk  
Tav's Coachlines, Waiuku DLJ86111/8/06Brian Taverner; chg plate 2/8/06  
Kiwi Coach Charters, Onehunga DLJ8615/4/07R J Harris  
Kiwi Coach Charters, Onehunga DLJ86110/8/08R J Harris Ltd  
16497800060006017/9/82KT8920 Billy B Buses 2004, Albany KT89207/3/06P F Squire;Roskill  
16507800058005817/9/82KT9106 Wellington City Transport1650KT91065/10/96Roskill; CoF exp 10/08  
C B Taylor, Foxton KT910627/5/09CoF exp 09/09  
Information not available KT910614/9/11Movan  
16517800061006127/10/82KX8648 Kiwi Coach Charters, Onehunga KX864816/12/08R J Harris Ltd; Roskill School bus only  
scrapped  18/12/08   
16527800059005927/10/82KX8647 Wellington City Transport1652KX8647 Nov 07Roskill School bus only  
Kiwi Coach Charters, Onehunga?KX86471/4/09R J Harris Ltd  
16537800076007627/10/82KX8646 Citibus Ltd, Dunedin320CZS35127/10/05Roskill; chg plate 2/11/05; CoF ex 06/07
G L Docherty, Dunedin CZS35126/10/07Reg on hold 07 
scrapped  8/9/08  
16547800072007227/10/82KX8645 Wellington City Transport Ltd1654KX684523/8/06Wellington training bus
withdrawn from use  18/6/09  
16557800070007027/10/82KX8644 Wellington City Transport Ltd1655KX684423/8/06Wellington training bus
withdrawn from use  18/6/09  
16567800071007129/11/82KX9350 Go-bus Hamilton1656KJ158702/06 Roskill; on lease from Stagecoach  
Billy B Buses, Albany?KX935022/5/06P F Squire  
16577800074007429/11/82KX9351 E Lavulavu, Mt Roskill KX93519/12/08Roskill  
exported to Tonga  29/1/09  
16587800073007329/11/82KX9352 Kiwi Coach Charters, Onehunga?KX935224/4/09R J Harris Ltd;Roskill  
16597800077007729/11/82KX9353 Kiwi Coach Charters, Onehunga?KX935328/7/09R J Harris Ltd;Auckland Training school  
Information not available KX93531/3/11Unconfirmed; Reg on hold 09  
16607800075007529/11/82KX9354 Kiwi Coach Charters, Onehunga?KX935428/7/09R J Harris Ltd;Auckland Training school  
16617800032003227/10/83KD9603 Go-Bus Transport Ltd, Hamilton140KD960307/9/05Diesel/CNG Shore; Reg on hold 07  
withdrawn from use  16/10/08  
16627800086008615/2/85MA6603 Auckland Regional Council1662HIREM6/9/89Diesel/CNG  
Transportation Auckland Corp Ltd1662RD52806/11/91Orewa  
Bethlehem Coachlines?RD528022/5/08Ken Frew Holdings Ltd  
16637800087008721/8/84LT964 Go-Bus Transport Ltd, Hamilton141LT9647/9/05Diesel/CNG; Shore  
withdrawn from use  11/3/11  
16647800088008821/8/84LT965 Taupo Passenger Services Ltd CUU66710/8/05Diesel/CNG; Shore
Waipawa Buses Ltd, Taupo CUU66717/4/07Diesel/CNG; Shore  
16657800089008910/10/84LX1166 Go-Bus Transport Ltd, Hamilton142LX11667/9/05Diesel/CNG; Shore; Reg on hold 07
withdrawn from use  22/9/09   
16667800090009010/10/84LX1165 Go-Bus Transport Ltd, Hamilton143LX11657/9/05Diesel/CNG; Shore  
burnt out  26/11/08While on school bus service in rural area from Hamilton running on CNG  
Information not available LX11652/7/09Unconfirmed; Reg on hold 09  
registration lapsed  8/8/10   
1667780009100917/11/84LX4260 Go-Bus Transport Ltd, Hamilton144LX42607/9/05Diesel/CNG; Shore; Reg on hold 06/08
withdrawn from use  12/4/11   
1668780009200927/11/84LX4259 Go-Bus Transport Ltd, Hamilton145LX42597/9/05Diesel/CNG; Shore  
withdrawn from use  12/4/11   
1669780009300937/11/84LX4258 Taupo Passenger Services LtdM2DAU89315/11/05Diesel/CNG; Shore
Waipawa Buses Ltd, Taupo172DAU89317/4/07CoF exp 12/09  
1670780009400947/11/84LX4257 Go-Bus Transport Ltd, Hamilton146LX42577/9/05Diesel/CNG; Shore; Reg on hold 07
scrapped  13/5/09   
16717800095009515/2/85MA6604 Go-Bus Transport Ltd, Hamilton138MA660413/2/06Diesel/CNG; Shore
scrapped  24/6/11   
16727800096009615/3/85MA7121 Go-Bus Transport Ltd, Hamilton147MA71217/9/05Diesel/CNG; Shore; Urban livery
Information not available MA712130/6/11Reg on hold 11  
16737800097009715/3/85MA7122 Taupo Passenger Services LtdM3DAU89415/11/05Diesel/CNG; Shore  
Waipawa Buses Ltd, Taupo173DAU89417/4/07 
Information not available DAU8949/6/11Reg on hold 11  
16747800098009815/3/85MA7123 Go-Bus Transport Ltd, Hamilton148MA71237/9/05Diesel/CNG Shore; Urban Livery
withdrawn from use  8/3/11   
1675780009900998/5/85MD1200 Kiwi Coach Charters, Onehunga?MD120019/2/09R J Harris Ltd;Shore  
1676780010001008/5/85MD1201 Go-Bus Transport Ltd, Hamilton149MD12017/9/05 Diesel/CNG Shore; Urban livery; Reg on hold 07  
scrapped  8/6/09   
1677780010101018/5/85MD1202 Go-Bus Transport Ltd, Frankton150MD12027/9/05 Diesel/LPG Shore; Urban livery ; CoF exp 12/09
scrapped  7/10/11   
1678780010201028/5/85MD1203 Go-Bus Transport139MD120313/2/06Diesel/CNG Shore; Reg on hold 07  
withdrawn from use  25/8/09   
1679780010301032/7/85MF7339 Kiwi Charter Coaches, Onehunga MF733910/8/08Shore; R J Harris Ltd
1680780010401042/7/85MF7340 J R Angelo, Mt Eden, Auckland MF73402/9/09Shore; Reg on hold 08  
Information not available MF734016/3/10Cof exp 08  
1681780010501052/7/85MF7341 J R Angelo, Mt Eden, Auckland MF73412/9/09Orewa; Reg on hold 09
exported to Tonga  11/3/11 
16827800106010624/7/85MF7607 Wellington City Transport1682MF7607 09/07Orewa 
Ruapehu Aline Lifts, Mt Ruapehu?MF76078/8/08 Used between National Park and Whakapapa Village (Chateau Tongariro)  
16837800107010723/8/85MH6114 Whenuapai Bus Travel Ltd14MH611430/4/97 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd614MH611417/12/99Swanson  
16847800108010823/8/85MH6115 Whenuapai Bus Travel Ltd17MH611530/4/97 
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd617MH611517/12/99   
Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd617ZF976915/6/00   
16857800109010923/8/85MH6116 Wellington City Transport1685MH6116 Nov 07Shore  
withdrawn from use  18/6/09   
16867800110011023/8/85MH6117 Wellington City Transport Ltd1686MH611711/4/07Shore
Information not available MH611720/5/10Still a PSV  
16877800111011123/8/85MH6118 Wellington City Transport Ltd1687MH611811/4/07Orewa
Statesman Limo, Christchurch?SHGA14/5/10chg plate 11/6/10 
Your Way Driver Ltd, Christchurch?FUB67326/8/10chg plate 31/3/11 
16887800112011223/8/85MH6119 Wellington City Transport Ltd1688MH611911/4/07Orewa; CoF exp 05/08
withdrawn from use  11/8/09   

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Imported used from Australia

Bayes Coachlines Ltd

Albany. 1 bus ex Action Canberra

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
52029201221979? Bayes Coachlines Ltd, Albany60TC642822/11/94CAC B42D
Information not available POOHOI20/10/10chg plate 24/11/10; CoF exp 02/11  

Cesta Travel Ltd

Dunedin. 4 buses from Action Canberra fleet

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
57928700321981? Cesta Travel Ltd58TF17816/3/95Smithfield B42D; VIN 7A8BL0J0995320032  
Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch17TF17817/1/97CoF exp 11/09  
Information not available TF178122/8/10Movan; CoF exp 06/11  
58028700311981? Cesta Travel Ltd59TF180010/3/95Custom Coach B42D; VIN 7A8BL0J0795310031  
Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch16TF18007/1/97   
Information not available TF180012/7/10Movan  
58228700281981? Cesta Travel Ltd60TF17736/3/95Custom Coach B42D; VIN 7A8BL0J0995280028  
Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch18TF17737/1/97   
Wellington City Transport Ltd91TF177322/5/07For sale at ACS 03/08  
S L Stratford, Palmerston North TF17732/10/08Reg on hold 08  
58428700361981? Cesta Travel Ltd61TF17756/3/95Custom Coach B42D; VIN 7A8BL0J0995360036  
Leopard Coachlines Ltd, Christchurch19TF17757/1/97   
Wellington City Transport Ltd92TF177522/5/07For sale at ACS 03/08; reg on hold 08
sold for parts  14/5/10reg lapsed 6/3/11  

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