Nissan Nomad TC81

R J Moore # 4

Photo: Anthony Greaney

Between 1968 and 1975 nine (or maybe ten) Nissan Nomad TC81 buses were supplied to New Zealand operators. One was sold to Transport Wairarapa. The other eight went to Dunedin operators. The Wairarapa coach later joined the Turnbull fleet in Dunedin to give Dunedin the full complement.

There may even be a 10th vehicle. The MMB monograph No.3 mentions that they bodied a total of 4 vehicles for Turnbulls. (The missing one being a 45 seater omnibus bodied 1975).

The vehicles are now equipped with a number of different engines. the original motor appears to have been a 4.9 litre diesel. Wheelbases vary from 5.5m to 6.11m

Otago Road Services Ltd

#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
1TC81H4256913/8/70DL8641 H&H Travel Lines Ltd, Invercargill.DL864114/3/83NZMB DP44F "Koremata"
H W Bennenbroek, Tuakau.DL864124/3/87.
R G Worthington, Waihi.DL864111/1/91Movan?
I L Stewart, Tauranga.DL86411/9/92Movan?
O A Crawford, Tauranga.DL864115/12/99Movan?
V M Eastlake, Tauranga.DL864121/8/00Movan to AFC355 28/8/01
E M McNie & L D Talstra, Taumaranui.AFC3553/9/04Movan
4441631974GP1539 Rangiora Coachlines4GP1539.MMB C40F "Aotea"; No LTSA record
5TC81H436661970DL8644 H&H Travel Lines Ltd, Invercargill.DL864419/7/84NZMB DP44F "Kakariki"
Murphy's Buses, Kerepahi.DL864429/5/87I & N Murphy
M A Spykerbos, Rotorua.DL864421/12/95.
C K Tye, Reporoa.DL86441/5/98No CoF
D M Colbert, Papatoetoe.DL864430/4/01No CoF
C K Tye, Reporoa.DL864419/7/01No CoF
Registration lapsed..5/5/03.
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Transport Wairarapa Ltd

This C20Fv composite coach was built for the Masterton-Wellington Airport service introduced in 1969 when NAC ceased services to Masterton.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
??358051969EG2862 Turnbull Motors Ltd, Dunedin36EG2862?.
Ritchies, Dunedin36EG2862?No LTSA record

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Turnbull Motors

Southern Services 1960 Ltd operated as Turnbull Motors to the Otago Peninsula and as Southern Services to Dunedin Airport and Allanton. By 1975 operations were merged into Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd and the buses carried Ritchies colours. Number 34 was sold while still operating as Turnbull Motors. Number 37 and the 10th vehicle if it existed were registered new to Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd.
#Chassis Nbr/VINYearOriginal RegLater Owner#Later RegDate Comments
9441641972GG5954 K H & R F Brierly, Allenton, Ashburton.GG595424/5/02MMB C36F
Number 10 registered new to Peninsular Motor Service Ltd
10436671/3/74GP8537 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd10GP85371/6/77MMB C36F Balclutha then Geraldine
J J Embleton & B J Wiseman, Dunedin.GP853716/2/98CoF exp 09/99
342463720/12/67DL2790 Fiordland Travel.DL279025/2/77Midland B40; Detroit motor F
R J More, Riverton4DL27901/3/77 
R J More Ltd, Riverton4DL279028/9/78Operated at West Arm mid 90s
G A Kennedy, Riverton DL279014/5/96movan?
J E & S M Declifford, Otautau DL27908/12/06 
35?1968DL3451 Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd35DL3451.Midland C36F; No LTSA record
Number 37 registered new to Ritchies Transport Holdings Ltd
37436682/9/75HU5019 R D Macale & S L Smalley, Temuka.HU501918/11/02MMB DP40F; Movan
B N Kenney, Dunedin.HU50193/6/03Movan
B N Kenney, Dunedin.ALAG8R17/2/04Movan

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Last updated 16 January 2006